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Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A. 2003. Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A. 2003 QUATTROCODE.

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1 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A. 2003

2 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A QUATTROCODE

3 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Quattrocode Quattrocode is an automatic electronic key-cutting machine for duplicating laser and dimple security keys.

4 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Silca has skilfully applied the most advanced electronic technology to Quattrocode and Silca Quattrocode Program and created an innovative key- cutting system which guarantees: constant precision ease of use safety for the Operator life-time reliability functions which check and safeguard the tools and component parts of the machine. Quattrocode

5 Copyright Silca S.p.A Quattrocode Key cutting has been automated, including certain operations which up till now could only be carried out by hand, this means time-saving and also assures high precision for the finished item.

6 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Worn Keys A common problem in cutting sidewinder (laser) keys and dimple keys. With such keys it is necessary to correct discrepancies with absolute precision. Quattrocode does this by decoding the key, comparing the resulting measurements with these contained in a file relating to the original key and making any necessary adjustments so that a key which is identical to the original can be made.

7 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Machine Calibration Calibrating the Quattrocode is an automatic process, so for the first time absolute precision can be guaranteed eliminating variations caused by the operator’s handling of the machine. With Quattrocode the cutting process no longer depends on time-consuming manual calibration of the machine, which also requires a certain amount of skill. Incorrect settings may lead to imperfections in the finished item.

8 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A The evolution of security cylinders increasingly requires key-cutting by code. Quattrocode and Silca Quattrocode Program together constitute the first automated key-cutting system which can refer back to cutting parameters for the cylinder stored in the program, whichever cutting method is selected from those available on Quattrocode. Data may be added to the Silca Quattrocode Program file so that a personal database is formed for all the operations carried out by the user. Data Files / Database

9 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Software Quattrocode is run by the Silca Quattrocode Program, innovative dedicated software which, together with the key-cutting machine, has made it possible to create a new way of reproducing keys. Selection of the lock system from the file Selection of the cutting method

10 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A The program comprises simple successive windows and has been designed to provide all the help necessary to optimise the cutting of dimple and laser keys. Software Selection of the lock system from the file Selection of the cutting method

11 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Besides checking the data read during decoding and the possibility to create personal files, the program also displays diagrams oh the keys and the cutting parameters so that they can be modified, if necessary. Software Selection of the lock system from the file Selection of the cutting method

12 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Self-Diagnosis Quattrocode is able to carry out fully automatic self-diagnosis on its component parts and warn the Operator of any faults.

13 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Decoding Quattrocode is also an electronic decoder which makes it possible, by means of Silca Quattrocode program, to eliminate the need to take measurements for the purpose of checking any discrepancies in the key to be duplicated. Instructions on the machine display

14 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A This process has been fully automated and the measurements read are shown on the display together with those for the original so that differences can be seen immediately. Decoding Display of the depths read from the key

15 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Safety With Quattrocode the Operator can work happily in complete safety (protective shields, emergency cut-out button, control sensors, etc.) and the machine is designed to safeguard the tools from breakage or damages caused by improper use. Quattrocode selects the appropriate tools to use and is able to test their presence.

16 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Automation Quattrocode carries out many operations automatically. These are: automatic recognition of the clamp and the consequent cutting method; opening/closing of the tool grips; automatic recognition of the presence of tools and their settings, automatic selection of the appropriate speed for the cutter to be used. Automatic calibration of the jaws

17 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A With Quattrocode Operator may choose from a number of cutting methods. Cutting Methods

18 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Cutting Methods Cutting can be carried out: 1) by decoding the key to be copied 2) by entering the direct code for the key (cuts) 3) by entering the indirect code for the key (for the series available). A high quality peformance is ensured from Quattrocode and Silca Quattrocode Program with all the available cutting methods

19 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A With Quattrocode you will be able to provide your Customers with a perfect key, even after a long time or in the absence of the original. Personalization

20 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Is made possible by the fact that you have at your disposal a flexible instrument for filing all the data relating to the keys cut by you. Personalization

21 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Personalization It is also possible to build up sets of cutting data for individual Customers and store them in a special file. At your request Silca is able to provide dedicated functions for producing personalized keys.

22 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A POWER SUPPLY:Single phase 220V (110V - 60 Hz) MAX. ABSORBED POWER:1.5 Amp (350 W) (110V: 3 Amp (350W)( CUTTER MOTOR:Two-speed single phase CUTTING TOOLS:in HSS (high speed steel) or Widia (hard metal) CUTTER SPEED:6000 rpm (+/- 10%) (HSS) / rpm (+/- 10%) W (hard metal) MOVEMENTS:On three axes with preloaded recirculating ball screws activated by step motors on ground roller guides. Cutting tool spindle released and locked by a step motor. CLAMP:Universal ‘J1’ (standard) for key lock grip, reversible mobile jaw for locking special ‘Z’ profile Mercedes keys. RUNS:X axis: 55 mm Y axis: 55 mm Z axis: 55 mm DIMENSIONS:Width 390 mm / depth 530 mm / height 570 mm WEIGHT:60 kg. NOISE RATING:Noise pressure: Lp (A) = dB (A) Technical Data

23 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Technical Data ACCESSORIES PROVIDED Quattrocode is provided with a set of accessories for use and maintenance of the machine (tools, hex. wrenches, fuses, etc.), found in the tool box provided: INCORPORATED KEYBOARD Pads, illuminated segment display for scrolled messages.

24 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Technical Data SAFETY DEVICES Emergency button, Plexiglas protective shield, device for automatic recognition of the clamp, devices for “reading” the presence of tools, and decoders, diagnostic program for testing vital electronic parts. The machine complies with regulations for the safety of electrical items CEI 74-2 (IEC 950) e CEI 44-5 (IEC 204-1). PERFORMANCE Tested to work in temperatures from 10° to 40°C. Electronic cutting cycle counter and decoder. Cutting time from a minimum of 20 sec. to a maximum of 90 sec. According to the complexity of the system. The internal memory has a capacity of from 40 to 150 cutting and decoding processes.

25 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A Technical Data CUTTING TOLERANCES Axes X, Y, Z cutting tolerance 0,03mm. ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY The electronic parts comply with the regulations on electromagnetic compatibility FCC 15-j and VDE 0871.


27 Quattrocode Copyright Silca S.p.A The personal computer (not included) to be used for transmission of the operating program to the Quattrocode should have the following minimum specifications: - Model: IBM(*) or 100% IBM compatible - Microprocessor at 12 MHz or over. - Operating System: MS-DOS version 3.30 or later - RAM: minimum 640 KB - Floppy disk unit: 1 x 1.2 MB (5 ” 1/4) or 1 x 1,4 MB (3” 1/2) - Minimum Hard Disk capacity: 5 MB - Serial port: RS Parallel port (printer): Standard - Video screen: VGA Monochrome Recommended specifications: - Pentium 90MHz microprocessor - Version MS-DOS Video VGA-Colour (High Resolution Graphics) Proper operation of the program and data transmission from the personal computer to the Quattrocode key-cutting machine cannot be guaranteed unless the personal computer ‘BIOS’ is 100% IBM compatible. *IBM is a registered Trade Mark by International Business Machine Corporation. Personal Computer Calibrating the machine

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