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University of St Andrews Using Lean in the Library.

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1 University of St Andrews Using Lean in the Library

2 University of St Andrews Overview What is Lean? How have we used it in the Library in St Andrews Lessons learned

3 University of St Andrews What is Lean ? What is Lean ? Originated in Toyota- Toyota Production System Is not just about business process review but a methodology for changing organisational culture’. Respect for people Continuous improvement Processes designed around what the customer wants –Ignoring organisational silos –End to end process reviews

4 University of St Andrews What is Lean? Identifies waste in a process, efficiency gains come from eliminating waste. Those who do the job are the ones in the best position to suggest changes to it. Managers role is not ‘command and control’ but is to facilitate changes suggested by those doing the job.

5 University of St Andrews Lean is not….. Just business process review – but a framework for culture change A computer programme or about IT A silver bullet –quick fix – rapid cost cutter

6 University of St Andrews Process outline Identify area Scope and set challenging target Gather data to understand the current process Blitz –Map current process, identify waste –Redesign the process without the waste Implement solution Re-measure and review Start again!

7 University of St Andrews Library Projects Library Projects Library Cataloguing –10 weeks to 2 days Re-shelving –3 months to 4 hours.

8 University of St Andrews




12 Lessons Learned Start at the beginning i.e. with acquisitions People need to learn how to interact with Lean Ensure you have management commitment You have to keep at it ( its not a one off intervention) Bench marks are a useful starting point but you need to set harder targets

13 University of St Andrews Challenges Being ‘Leaned’ seen as a punishment Quantifying the intangible (our service can’t be measured) Identification of failure seen as criticism of past (or existing management!) Perception of removing or down grading jobs Time intensive- results in short term backlogs Unclear incentives for getting engaged Embedding culture change

14 University of St Andrews Summary Summary Beware of the blockers –Including the passive ones Get the scope for review right –Ignore the silos Lean is not a quick cost cutter or an easy fix Lean will give you: –Customer focussed services –Engaged and motivated staff –Challenge to management practice and requirements –Higher standards –Efficient and effective processes with results that matter

15 University of St Andrews Contact Heidi Fraser-Krauss Director of Business Improvements

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