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Federico García Lorca: Don Cristóbal and Doña Rosita, or Sir Christopher’s and Rozika’s tragicomedy (1923) Spanish hungaricum! Teasing love in one act.

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1 Federico García Lorca: Don Cristóbal and Doña Rosita, or Sir Christopher’s and Rozika’s tragicomedy (1923) Spanish hungaricum! Teasing love in one act

2 FRIEND 1 Ladies and Gentlemen, attention! Please Son, shut your little mouth, and you, little girl, sit down, by all that’s unholy.

3 FRIEND 2 Now hush so the silence can grow as clear as if it were in its own spring. Hush so the dregs of the last whispers can settle down.

4 FRIEND 3 Now the silence is talking. Because invisible is stronger than visible! The language is the house of existence! Men lives poetically! Poets and intellectuals are the guards of this house. Here is the noise!

5 FRIEND 4 But one day, through the keyhole, I saw a star twinkling like a little fresh violet of light all aglow. Then I told my friends about it, and we ran away over the fields, looking for the plain people, to show them the things, the little things, and the least little things of this world.

6 FRIEND 5 The great performance entitled „Tragicomedy of Don Cristóbal and Miss Rosita” is about to begin. Spanish hungaricum! Teasing love in one act. It’s like a burlesque Puppet show in six pictures with a warning. This is what you hear now, is the warning.

7 CLOUD-CHASER Be ready to put up with the mean temper of that little fist shaker Cristóbal, and to weep over the sad lot of Miss Rosita. Let’s begin! And now, wind! Fan all these astonished faces, carry every sigh high above the mountaintops and dry those fresh tears in the eyes of the young ladies who have no sweethearts.

8 ACT 1, SCENE 1

9 SCENERY FIRST ACT A downstairs room in Dona Rosita’s house. A large window with a wrought-iron grating, and a door.

10 GRATED WINDOW 1 Through the grates a small orange-grove can be seen.

11 GRATED WINDOW 2 No! Through the grates two orange woods can be seen!

12 SCENERY When the courtains going up, right now she is sitting at a large frame, embroidering. Embroidery frame, come in!

13 EMBROIDERY FRAME Come Rosita, do embroidery!

14 ROSITA I’m coming, running. Here I am already! So where should I sit?

15 SCENERY Oh, I’ve forgotten. I am the chair. I’m the only one who can say: used to be a human, but now a chair. Hey, stop moving around, start sewing!

16 ROSITA One, two, three, four Ouch! The finger! The finger! Four times I’ve pricked myself. You should poke me on Facebook! It’s certainly true that embroidery is hard work.

17 EMBROIDERY FRAME Oh! Ouch! It is truly difficult. Very difficult. Especially for me! Hey, stop pricking me! Don’t tickle!

18 ROSITA I’m bored with embroidering! I’m bored with you! So, get out! Out! One, two! Go! Go! Go! Oh how I’d like to get married! I’d dress up with a yellow flower and a veil trailing through the whole street. Oh oh oh! My love! Here is the part where Rosita runs to the grate. I say: Rosita runs to the grate.

19 SCENE 2

20 MOTHER Rositaaaaaaa!

21 ROSITA Wha-a-at?

22 MOTHER I was wondering if you were doing your embroidery... What are these stupid grates doing here? Let them go away!

23 GRATED WINDOW 1 & 2 Alright, so, we’re away. Where we’re needed, and where we aren’t. He!

24 MOTHER Why are you not embroidering? Work my daughter, for that’s how we make our living! Oh, how we need the money! Of the five bags full of money we inherited from your uncle the priest, there’s not this much left!

25 ROSITA Oh, my bishop uncle! And oh, how he could whistle. I say: How he could whistle! Like a canary! What’s if, the canary sings?

26 MOTHER I don’t know, my daughter!

27 ROSITA It’s a male-aria.

28 MOTHER But daugter, what’s that you’re saying? Have you gone crazy? Or are you completely stupid?

29 ROSITA No, no I’ve made a mistake…

30 MOTHER Oh, Rosita, how deep in debt we are. What will happen to us?! If you’d at least consider getting married…but I suppose, just now…

31 ROSITA Why, that’s just what I have been considering.

32 MOTHER Really? Well, it stands me in good stead. So you agree then.

33 ROSITA Yes, mother.

34 MOTHER And you won’t change your mind?

35 ROSITA No, mother.

36 MOTHER And you’ll always do as I say?

37 ROSITA Yes, mother.

38 MOTHER Well, that’s all I wanted to hear. I’m saved from ruin. saved!

39 ROSITA What does it mean, „I’m saved from ruin, saved?!” Because, my sweetheart, Cocoliche, has even less money than we do. Much less. He inherited from his grandmother only a box of quince jelly…nothing else! Oh, but I love, love, double love him! Dirty old money. That’s for the rest of the world. I’ll take love. Bars, come here! Cocoliche! Cocoliche!

40 SCENE 3

41 The bar-way is painted green (singing) The bar-way is painted green. I go there every blessed evening. My dear, I couldn’t bear waiting for you, once more waiting, The bar-way had to be closed.

42 GRATED WINDOW 1 You’re stupid! Can’t you see that it’s not green and not a gate, but a window!

43 GRATED WINDOW 2 You’re stupid! Can’t you see that it is a school notice board! We brought it from class 9.B…

44 GRATED WINDOW 1 Ah! Really?

45 GRATED WINDOW 2 Of course! Clear: the sun shines through it, or the lamp light. Clear, that you’re so dark.

46 COCOLICHE Halt, who goes there?

47 ROSITA A friend.

48 COCOLICHE Well, they may do her good.

49 ROSITA And would you have had the heart to go?

50 COCOLICHE I couldn’t have. By your side, my feet become lead.

51 ROSITA You want to know something?


53 ROSITA Oh, I don’t dare.

54 COCOLICHE Say it! Out with it!

55 ROSITA I don’t wanna be a shameless woman.

56 COCOLICHE You do it well.

57 ROSITA It’s like…

58 COCOLICHE Poke it out!

59 ROSITA Let me hide behind my fan and grid.

60 COCOLICHE Oh, please!

61 ROSITA I’m going to marry you.

62 COCOLICHE What? What have you said?

63 ROSITA Just what you heard.

64 COCOLICHE Oh, Rosita!

65 ROSITA And right away...

66 COCOLICHE Right away I’m going to write to Paris for a baby...

67 ROSITA Listen, not to Paris. I don’t want it to talk like those people with their: je-je-je


69 ROSITA We’ll write to Madrid.

70 COCOLICHE But does your mother know about this?

71 ROSITA And she’s given her permission.

72 COCOLICHE Oooh Rosita! Come! Come! Come closer.

73 ROSITA Cool down!

74 COCOLICHE It’s like my sole is being tickled. Come closer!

75 ROSITA Nope, nope. I’ll kiss you from a distance.

76 GRATED WINDOW 1 Wow! They’re kissing from distance. WOOOW!

77 GRATED WINDOW 2 But someone’s ringing! Ooops! Oh, I’m the bell! Brrrrrrrrrrr. Giling-galang, bim-bam. It depends on what kind of bell they have.

78 ROSITA It always happens! Somebody’s coming. Good bye till tonight.

79 SCENE 4

80 CRISTOBITA Stop! You horse! Ha! Stop!

81 HORSE It was a horse-throw. Haha…

82 CRISTOBITA Oops how I hurt myself.

83 HORSE Yyyeeeeessss!

84 CRISTOBITA No doubt, she’s the best-looking girl in the village.

85 HORSE Yeeeeeeeeeee!

86 ROSITA Thank you very much.

87 CRISTOBITA I’ll take her, definitely. She looks about three feet high. A woman should be just that tall, no more, no less. But what charm. She has almost, almost caught my fancy. Gidday-up, driver.

88 HORSE I’m not taking him anymore! It was enough to bring him in. He can go on foot if he wants! Or you know what, now you take me. Let’s see how it is when the horse is riding!

89 ROSITA Oh, is that so? „I’ll take her.” What an ugly-looking and bad-mannered gentleman! I’m sure he is that kind of idiot.

90 SCENE 5

91 MOTHER Oh my daughter, my joy is complete. Your wedding’s all arranged!

92 ROSITA How grateful I am to you, and Cocoliche will be so grateful too! Right now…

93 MOTHER Cocoliche? Cocoliche is a pig’s eye! What do you mean? I’ve just given your hand to to Don Crosbita, the one with the billy club, who has just proposed you here in his carriage.

94 ROSITA Well, I won’t have him. And as for my hand, you can’t take it away from me. I already have a sweetheart…I don’t want anyone else!

95 MOTHER Well, there’s nothing more to be said. This man is very rich, he suits me, otherwise tomorrow we’ll become poor.

96 ROSITA Then, we’ll become poor.

97 MOTHER I dictate here. What I have said, I have said, that’s all. Don’t say a word.

98 ROSITA But I…

99 MOTHER Quiet!

100 ROSITA As far as I’m…

101 MOTHER Silence!

102 ROSITA Oh, oh! So she can dispose of my hand, just like that, and I have to put up with it because the law is on her side. I refuse to marry that Cristobal!

103 MOTHER What’s all this shouting? Be quiet!! What’s the world coming to? Are children going to tell parents what to do? Where would it drive us?

104 ROSITA All right then, I’ll be quiet!

105 MOTHER Have you ever seen anything like this? It’s incredible!

106 CRISTOBITA Good bite, delicious bite. Do you like it?

107 GRATED WINDOW 1 Yes, Sir, beautiful. But I’m just Grated Window 1.

108 CRISTOBITA I’m asking the good person, because you are just an emotionless piece of wood. A stick. But the girl! Her mouth is a bit big, but her body…

109 GRATED WINDOW 2 But Sir!

110 CRISTOBITA We can handle people in two ways: we don’t know them, or we kill them.

111 GRATED WINDOW 1 Oh, my God!

112 CRISTOBITA Luscious, delicious little girl!

113 GRATED WINDOW 2 You would deserve better, if you didn’t fight!

114 CRISTOBITA I see, that you like her. She will be mine! Only mine!

115 Surely, you will be mine / Only mine, / Only mine! / I don’t have anything, only hope, / Only hope, only hope/ Wedding ring could sparkle on her hand / She could laugh mockingly at me! / Surely, she will be mine / Only mine, / Mine! In the spring I just sang, / Crying, if she loved me. / In the spring I was crazy for her, / But I didn’t win her heart. / Now it is snowing on the old island, / And the winter wind is shaking the trees. / My soul catches alight again, / My heart hopes again!

116 SCENE 6

117 ROSITA Well, it was missing. I hate it, I’ll drink petrol, I’ll eat a match. I’m prostrate too. I ran out of time. I say: I ran out of time!

118 WALL CLOCK 1 We will be the wall clocks. So, come inside, because time is running. Waow! Time is running!

119 WALL CLOCK 2 Now, we will be wall clocks, to help Rosita.

120 WALL CLOCK 1 & 2 Tik-tak-tik-tak.

121 WALL CLOCK 1 The clock isn’t in a hurry, hey, hey, slower! Tik-tak- tik-tak.

122 WALL CLOCK 2 That’s how time runs. Because EXISTENCE IS TIME.


124 WALL-CLOCK 1 Rosita, be patient. Who knows what will happen?

125 WALL CLOCK 2 While it’s sunny here, it’s rainy somewhere else. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Sometimes up, sometimes down.

126 WALL CLOCK 1 I come every day, because I don’t go away, just run here. I’m always now!

127 WALL CLOCK 2 I, since I’m here every day, will reALL you of this when you’re old and have almost forgotten this moment. Rosita, be patient.

128 WALL CLOCK 1 & 2 Bim! Bam!

129 WALL CLOCK 1 Well, as we have time well, we are going out!

130 ACT 2, SCENE 1

131 ROSITA We’re in Rosita’s house. Namely in our house, at home. I spin into the scene sadly, desperately. I spin, I whirl while I’m dancing, I die in this giddy dance.

132 COCOLICHE Why wouldn’t you come out?

133 ROSITA Because I’m on the balcony.

134 COCOLICHE Oh, I see. This way you’re really ont he balcony! This balcony so high up? Why are you crying? I haven’t hurt myself.

135 ROSITA I can’t marry you!

136 COCOLICHE Rosita!!!

137 ROSITA You’re the apple of my eye, but I can’t marry you.

138 COCOLICHE Do you enter a monastery? Have I done anything wrong? Oh, oh, oh!

139 ROSITA You’ll find out about it later. Good-bye. I’m going into the house.

140 COCOLICHE Oh no, no, no, no! Now, I can stand up, I don’t need the balcony.

141 FIRST BOY Oh, we don’t need this grated window right now. Why are you crying? Come on Cocoliche.

142 SECOND BOY Don’t be sad, let’s go to a party!

143 FIRST BOY We can’t leave you here. Let’s go to the Raktár, to the Zátony, to the Piros!After the night, we’re going to the Fekete Sas Café. Really. We will ask for money for this advert.

144 SECOND BOY Come on, come on.

145 SCENE 2

146 CRISTOBITA So the deal is settled. Agreed?

147 MOTHER But that can’t be done, Don Cristobita.

148 CRISTOBITA Who’s that just said no to me? This nightstick has already killed a lot of people, Frenchmen, Hungarians, Italians… I have the list at home. Obey me! – or you’ll be dancing to the same tune as the rest of them! I haven’t used it for a long time and it can easily start in my hand.

149 MOTHER Yes…sir.

150 CRISTOBITA Now, take the… money. Oh, no! I don’t give my billy to you! Your daughter costs me a lot. A lot! But well, in the end business is business.

151 MOTHER Oh, my God!, oh, who am I giving my daughter to!

152 CRISTOBITA Stop screaming! Shut up! Come on, let’s tell the priest.

153 MOTHER Let’s go. Woe is me!

154 ACT 3, SCENE 1

155 CLOUD CHASER Third picture. Rosita’s friends are rehearsing for the hen party in the pub. I am the bartender. Cloud chaser, in Hungarian sorrow-forgetter. The pub’s name: Better than home. Come on girls! The party is on! They run in screaming and singing, and dancing violently.

156 GIRLFRIEND1 Hey! With another text singing.

157 CLOUD CHASER Would Your Grace like something to drink?

158 CURRITO Oh, no.

159 GIRLFRIEND 1 Why are you covering yourself so much, naughty boy? Have you been around here for some time?

160 CURRITO Ah me! No!

161 GIRLFRIEND 2 It sounds as if you sighed.

162 CURRITO Ah me! No!

163 GIRLFRIEND 3 Do you want something here?

164 CURRITO Ah me! No!

165 GIRLFRIEND 4 Why do you keep saying, Ah me! No!

166 CURRITO Ah me! No! … I know.

167 GIRLFRIEND 5 Who are you?

168 CURRITO Ah me! No! … I know.

169 CLOUD CHASER You’re not normal.

170 CURRITO Ah me! No!... I know. But I’m trembling inside. Oh my God! I shouldn’t have come. But I’ll stay for a bit.

171 CLOUD CHASER Who is this? One thing is for sure: he is crazy!

172 SCENE 2

173 COCOLICHE Cloud chaser give us some wine till it comes out of our eyes.

174 CLOUD CHASER There it is, drink until you fall!

175 FIRST BOY We can’t let you be sad! Get it?

176 SECOND BOY That’s right! Get it?

177 FIRST BOY Look how many beauties there are here! One is nicer than another.

178 COCOLICHE Beautiful girls, beautiful girls, I think I’ll throw up! Vomit! (singing) „Fürge róka lábak, surranó kis árnyak / Hipp- hopp, jön Vuk.”

179 GIRLFRIEND 1 Oh! Oh! Don’t be sad, sir!


181 GIRLFRIEND 2 Stop sighing!

182 COCOLICHE Leave me alone!

183 GIRLFRIEND 3 Tell me something nice!

184 COCOLICHE A beer!

185 GIRLFRIEND 4 Tell me something nicer!

186 COCOLICHE Another beer! You wench!

187 GIRLFRIEND 5 Get yourself together! Be happy!

188 COCOLICHE I don’t want to!

189 CLOUD CHASER Hey, don’t cry, come to mommy!

190 COCOLICHE No! Oh, no! I only want Rosita!

191 SCENE 3

192 FIRST BOY I drink to Dona Rosita.

193 CURRITO To Dona Rosita!

194 SECOND BOY And may her future husband burst like a balloon!

195 ALL Burst apart! Like this! Boom! Boom! Boom!

196 CURRITO Stop here! I’m a stranger here and I’d like to know who this Dona Rosita is to whom you drink so merrily.

197 COCOLICHE And just what is it to you who the lady is?

198 CURRITO More than you might think.

199 COCOLICHE Very well, then. The lady is Donna Rosita, who lives there on the square, and she’s my … yes! My sweetheart!

200 FIRST BOY And since she’s marrying Don Cristobita today, this lad is so sad…


202 CURRITO I beg your pardon. I was just wondering because I once had a sweetheart who was called Rosita too…

203 SECOND BOY And now she isn’t your sweetheart anymore?

204 CURRITO No. Nowadays, women prefer giants sawn to halves. Goodnight!

205 GIRLFRIEND 1 No! No! Don’t go away!

206 CURRITO I’m going!

207 GIRLFRIEND 2 Stay here! Let’s talk!

208 CURRITO I’m not talking!

209 GIRLFRIEND 3 Tell me something nice!

210 CURRITO Rosita!

211 GIRLFRIEND 4 Tell me something nicer!

212 CURRITO Rózsika!

213 GIRLFRIEND 5 So, how do you like me?

214 CURRITO Not at all!

215 CLOUD CHASER You’re such a big stub, a loon!

216 CURRITO I need only Rosita as well!

217 SECOND BOY Gentlemen, Don Cristobita is on his way here to the tavern.

218 COCOLICHE Now it’s time to knock his face in.

219 CLOUD CHASER I don’t want rows in my tavern, get out of here.

220 SCENE 4

221 CRISTOBITA Bakk! Brrrummm! You’ve plenty of wine, haven’t you?

222 CLOUD CHASER Oh, you scared me.

223 CRISTOBITA And cheap, eh? You’re all a bunch of thieves. Say it, „A bunch of thieves.”

224 CLOUD CHASER A bunch of thieves. I only took over the tavern so that I could steal too. The ancestors have stolen enough already.

225 CRISTOBITA Tomorrow I’m going to marry Miss Rosita and I want a lot of wine so I can … drink it all myself.

226 CLOUD CHASER I don’t want to give you any.

227 CRISTOBITA You’re not going to give? Here is my stick, I will teach you!

228 CLOUD CHASER Oh sweet Don Cristobita, Don Cicamica! I’m going to give you wine, as much as you want. You don’t have to pay for it.

229 ACT 4, SCENE 1

230 WEARISOME I’m Wearisome, who speaks a lot. The female cobbler, with a small c, who wouldn’t know, it’s an occupation, the craftsman works with leather and make simple shoes. This is the whole workroom. It seems that I worked well because everybody is wearing shoes.

231 CURRITO Now I’m glad that I came, I’m unveiling myself. Well, do you recognize me?

232 WEARISOME Why are you showing yourself? Are you proud of that lining?

233 CURRITO Yes, Currito from the harbour. Do you remember now?

234 WEARISOME Ah! – No! Well! Yes – though!

235 CURRITO You say she’s getting married?

236 WEARISOME Tomorrow, to a certain Don Cristobita, a rich, lazy old man, such a brute that even his shadow breaks things. I just did Rosita’s wedding shoes. Why did you leave her?

237 CURRITO I don’t know. I got tired of life here. I went to London to be a babysitter, waiter, bartender and receptionist. But I realized that the world is very boring everywhere!

238 WEARISOME So what do you plan to do?

239 CURRITO I want to see her.

240 WEARISOME Impossible. You don’t know Don Cristobita.

241 CURRITO Well, I want to see her, cost what it may. Please, give me her shoes. I wanna bring them to her.

242 WEARISOME Well, okay!

243 CURRITO Thank you, thank you so much! Oh my Rosita’s little shoes! Just your snowhite feet are missing from them! Oh Rosita, Oh Rosita! Whatever, she’s gonna be mine… just mine…

244 ACT 5, SCENE 1

245 FIGARO Picture 5. In the barber shop. I am Figaro. Here.

246 MRS. FIGARO I am Mrs. Figaro. There.

247 FIGARO and Mrs. FIGARO Figaro here / Figaro there.

248 FIGARO Something’s going on! Without a doubt, something’s going on!

249 MRS. FIGARO I’ll find out what’s going on. Barber’s shop is the clearing houses for news. This razor you see here helps break the shell on ay secret. By combing little roads through the forests of hair, we find out what thoughts are going on inside.

250 FIGARO Don Cristobita is coming; Don Cristobita, the shillelagh endorser.

251 MRS. FIGARO This is wonderful! But I knew it. What a wonderful thing! Don Cristobita has wood head. Huhh, what a big boor!

252 FIGARO Don Cristobita has wood on head. Incredibly boor!

253 CRISTOBITA I want to shave right now, yes sir, because I’m going to get married! Brrr! And I’m not inviting any of you because you’re all of you a band of thieves. Figaro!! (singing)

254 ACT 6, SCENE 1

255 SAINT ROSE Dona Rosita’s home. There are two wardrobes opposite each other.

256 FIRST WARDROBE 1 & 2, AND SECOND WARDROBE 1 & 2 On the top of the wardrobes there are spacious ventages.

257 FIRST WARDROBE 2 Near the wardrobes you can see the portrait of Saint Rose of Lima.

258 ROSITA Everything is lost! Everything! Oh! Oh! When will I see my dear?

259 CURRITO Your little feet, Rosita, / Oh, if I could see that! Surely that will be mine…

260 ROSITA Oh, my patron saint, Saint Rose, help me! What’s this voice?

261 SAINT ROSE I don’t know, whose voice it is…

262 ROSITA Who you are?

263 CURRITO A man from the crowd.

264 ROSITA But… don’t you have a face?

265 CURRITO I do have. Your beautiful eyes know very well this face. Look at me!

266 ROSITA But, Currito! Are you here? What do you look like?

267 CURRITO Yes, Currito. Who went into the world, and now has come back to marry you.

268 ROSITA No, no! Oh, my God, get out of here! I’m a bride and I don’t love you; you had already left me once. Now, I love Cristobita. Go away! Go away!

269 CURRITO My Rosita!

270 ROSITA They are coming! Go away, you!

271 MOTHER What’s going on here?

272 CURRITO I’ve brought Rosita’s bridal shoes to try on, because Wearisome couldn’t come. Oh, it seems I forgot them at home. But these are lovely shoes too.

273 MOTHER Well, just try them on! What a beautiful picture!

274 SAINT ROSE Yes, I’m a beautiful picture. It’s almost alive. Hah! Lifelike.

275 CURRITO Pull the skirt upper, please.

276 MOTHER Be well-behaved, daughter: pull it upper a bit more.

277 ROSITA I’ve pulled up.

278 CURRITO Oh, what a gorgeous, fine ankle! / This ankle will be the cause of my death.

279 ROSITA Such a vicious guy! …oh,oh,oh! Don Crosbita is coming. I can hear his steps. Lighten my mind, Saint Rose!

280 SAINT ROSE Hide him, hide him to the wardrobe!

281 ROSITA Of course, to the wardrobe!

282 SCENE 2

283 CRISTOBITA Brrrrrrrrr! I smell human scent! Who is inside? If you don’t show me I’ll snap you.

284 ROSITA You speak weirdly, Cristobita!

285 CRISTOBITA I don’t want you talking to anybody. Anybody! I’ve already told you! Oh, what a tasty bite! What toothsome legs you have!

286 ROSITA I, Cristobita...

287 CRISTOBITA We’re getting married right away... Look: haven’t you heard that how I kill anybody with my club? No? Well, you’ll see it! Like this: boom! boom! boom! I’m going to tie ribbons on my club.

288 ROSITA Yes, it’s really nice. I’m gonna go presently…

289 CURRITO Open it!

290 SCENE 3

291 ROSITA Oh! Nobody! I don’t love anybody but you all the world.

292 COCOLICHE My love!

293 CURRITO I suspected as much! You’re such a devil woman.

294 COCOLICHE What does it mean?

295 ROSITA I’m going crazy!

296 COCOLICHE What are you doing in that wardrobe? Come out in the open like a man!

297 ROSITA Cristobita is coming! Mercy on us, Cristobita is coming!

298 CURRITO O-o-o-o-pen!

299 COCOLICHE Let him come, at least he’ll see, how well the fiancéé and her lover get on.

300 ROSITA I’ll explain later, my love. Run!

301 CRISTOBITA Rosita... Little one!

302 ROSITA It’s too late. But where?

303 SAINT ROSE There is the other wardrobe! Hide him there!

304 ROSITA Of course! Here! I’m gonna die!

305 CRISTOBITA I’m gonna die?

306 ROSITA It was,… the guests. Let’s go to the wedding!

307 SCENE 4

308 CURRITO I’m gonna explode!

309 COCOLICHE So, you’re the lover of that creature? I’ll meet you face to face later.

310 CURRITO Whenever you say, stupid!

311 COCOLICHE If this wardrobe weren’t made of iron... They hold me with iron grid!

312 CURRITO Hahaha! Really, they have iron grid, too…

313 COCOLICHE I’d gladly bite your nose off! The ceremony is about to start.

314 CURRITO Ungrateful, ungrateful woman!

315 SAINT ROSE There’s no need to weep little friends. Don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid! There’s the ground under you, there’s the sky above you and there’s a ladder in you.

316 SCENE 5

317 CRISTOBITA Oh, my Rosita! Oh, my Rosita! I’m nice, aren’t I? I’ll give you a kiss! What’s that? Could it be that this house is hounted?

318 ROSITA No, no, Cristobal! It’s the termites in the wardrobe. Listen!

319 FIRST WARDROBE 1 & 2 AND SECOND WARDROBE 1 & 2 ssh…ssh…ssh…

320 CRISTOBITA The termites are really noisy… I would like to be full of wine, and I could drink myself. And I’d always drink and drink.

321 SCENE 6

322 ROSITA Saint Rose, help me; don’t let him wake up!

323 SAINT ROSE Yes, I’m going, guard his dreams.

324 CURRITO Open up!

325 COCOLICHE Don’t open mine! I want to die here!

326 ROSITA Be quiet, for heaven’s sake!

327 CURRITO I’ll go away and you’ll never see me again.

328 ROSITA I never loved you. You’re a wanderer.

329 ROSITA I let you out, too! My sweet, little Darling! The tall tree of my garden!

330 COCOLICHE My sweetest beloved!

331 CRISTOBITA Ah! What? This is impossible! Br-r-r-r!

332 CURRITO Patience, my dear. Patience. This pin in my hand is the dagger!

333 CRISTOBITA I’m beating you to death, crumbling you up, breaking your bone into little pieces.You’ll pay for this Miss Rosita, you evil woman! You cost me a great deal of money! Brrrrr! Bimm! Bamm! Bumm! I’m choking with anger! Bumm! Bamm!

334 CURRITO I have a pin in my hand indeed. Stop jumping, I’m gonna punch you!

335 CRISTOBITA Ahrrrrrr! Brrrrrr! You keep your lovers in pairs? Brrr! Impossible! Oh! Oh! Oh, my little belly! It’s you’re fault I’ve burst! I’ve died! Oh, I’m dying!

336 ROSITA Mom! Mom! He’s dead! Good heavens! What a compromising situation.

337 COCOLICHE He doesn’t have any blood!

338 ROSITA No blood?

339 COCOLICHE Look! Look at what’s coming out of his belly button! Sawdust! Cristobita wasn’t a real person! He was just a puppet. A red balloon. Who wanted to buy a wife, and he’s burst!

340 ROSITA What? Oh, don’t even tell me! How disgusting! Wasn’t a real person?

341 MOTHER What is it?

342 COCOLICHE Loo! He wasn’t a real person! He was just a puppet!

343 MOTHER He’s burst!

344 ALL It’s over, it’s over, Cristobita is dead!

345 COCOLICHE Now I’m feeling like my chest is covered with bells, lots of little hearts. I’m like a flowery meadow!

346 ROSITA My tears and kisses are yours, you’re a carnation. (singing)


Download ppt "Federico García Lorca: Don Cristóbal and Doña Rosita, or Sir Christopher’s and Rozika’s tragicomedy (1923) Spanish hungaricum! Teasing love in one act."

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