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Who really caused the Whitman massacre. by Matthew Pence.

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1 Who really caused the Whitman massacre. by Matthew Pence

2 There are many preventives on events in history. There are two main perspective about who cased the Whitman massacre. One point of view is from the Whitman and the other is from the Cayuse Indians. Both perspective leading up to the Whitman Massacre are impotent. I will begen with Whitman and then the Cayuse Indians perspective.

3 The Whitman’s perspective in 1831 four Cayuse Indians went to talk to William Cark. The Whitman though that the Indians wanted to know all about Whitman's way’s. These is from Washington our home.

4 In 1836 Narcissi and Marcus stared the mission. The mission is seven miles away from what we now as Walla Walla. They stared to bleed schools and teach mostly about god. They alsow tried to show tem how to farm.

5 In 1842 the Organ Trail stared and many settlers came. The settlers were happy to rest and stop at the mission. The Whitman mission was a good stopping place for travelers and settlers that were going to fortvangover.

6 In 1847 the white men were killed by Cayuse Indians. According to Eliza Spalding who was 10 years old Dr. Whitman was getting medicine and then was hit by a tomahawk and killed. That than singled the white people.

7 In 1854-1856 the white men massacre began. The massacre lasted there days. The Indians and white people were both killed. These is at Cayuse attack.

8 The Cayuse Indian’s perspective in 1831 is that four Indians were sent to tell William Clark that the Indians wanted to know a little more about the white people. The main thing they wanted to know about is their god.

9 In 1836 white people wen't to the Indians land and started the mission. The white people wanted the Indians to learn how to farm and to only know one god. The Indians were un willing to change to cushion. They wanted stay doing there own way. These is fond at the Cayuse war.

10 In 1847 disuse started to come from the Organ trail. The Indians did not like the settlers on there land.

11 In 1847 the Cayuse Indians thought that Dr. Whitman was trying to kill them with Posen. The Cayuse Indians killed them because he was Poisoning them. That singled kill anyone in there path.

12 In 1854-1856 the massacre lasted three day. The Indians toke women and children. They gave them back for 64 blankets, 61 ponds of gun potter, and 7 guns.

13 I believe it was both of there fault. I say it is that because they killed euchre.

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