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◆ 2008 年完形填空 第二节 读写任务 ( 共 1 小题, 满分 25 分 ) 阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇 150 词 左右的英语短文。 Hi, I am Mike. I just went through my first year of college. The toughest.

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Presentation on theme: "◆ 2008 年完形填空 第二节 读写任务 ( 共 1 小题, 满分 25 分 ) 阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇 150 词 左右的英语短文。 Hi, I am Mike. I just went through my first year of college. The toughest."— Presentation transcript:



3 ◆ 2008 年完形填空 第二节 读写任务 ( 共 1 小题, 满分 25 分 ) 阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇 150 词 左右的英语短文。 Hi, I am Mike. I just went through my first year of college. The toughest part on me at first was the general adjustment.1 went to a very small high school where my mom was a teacher and she did practically everything for me. But at the college I needed to know some basic life skills. such as balancing a check—book,

4 laundry, and the things you have to be able to handle that I never thought of in the high school! It was really tough for me at first and I got badly homesick. Once that first semester was over and I got used to the college life, I loved it—good facilities, helpful instructors, and a good library. The Students’ Union organizes various parties every week. I also go to cinemas and concerts, and often spend Saturday nights in pubs and clubs.

5 One thing I think is important is to get yourself active in things. I was on the dance team in college and met a ton of people that way… it was so much easier to make friends when you had a common ground.

6 [ 写作内容 ] 学校最近组织了一次中美学生交流活动,你参 加其中的 “ 大学校园生活 ” 讨论。听完 Mike 的发言 之后,你准备写一份发言稿,题目是 “Preparing Myself for College Life” ,内容要点包括: 1. 以约 30 个词概括 Mike 的发言要点; 2. 然后以约 120 个词谈谈你理想的大学生活,内 容包括: (1) 对中学生活的感受; (2) 理想的大学生活; (3) 中学生活和大学生活的差别,以及你打算如 何适应。

7 [ 写作要求 ] 1. 在作文中可以使用自己亲身的经历或 虚构的故事,也可以参照阅读材料的内容 但不得直接引用原文中的句子; 2. 作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。 [ 评分标准 ] 概括准确,语言规范,内容合适,篇章 连贯。

8 [ 参考范文 ] Mike said it was tough to accomplish the general adjustment but he began to enjoy himself after that due to various activities. He advised freshmen to be active in order to make new friends. As far as I am concerned, I’m preparing to enter a university and leaving the high school where I’ve been studying for three years. I really had a great time in this school where I grew from a naïve kid to a grown-up.

9 I think I will absolutely miss my life here and miss every single person that I met here. But in the meantime, I am looking forward to my new life in the college. I sometimes daydream that maybe I’ll bump into a handsome boy, have fire friendly roommates and be taught by a group of fabulous teachers. It would be wonderful if this ideal daydream come into reality!

10 However, life is like a box of chocolate and you’ll never know what’s inside until you open it. Of course the college life will greatly differ from my previous life in high school. But I’m an active girl and I’ll do what Mike taught us to——take part in various activities. I’m sure I’ll make a lot of new friends and with them; I will be absolutely able to adjust the differences in a short time! (2008 年考场满分作文 )

11 ◆ 2007 年完形填空 第二节 读写任务 ( 共 1 小题, 满分 25 分 ) 阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 Dear Ari, As you sleep in my arms, I'm amazed at how light you feel. I stare at your tiny body, so fragile that a sudden wind could lift you up into the air. I love this feeling of protecting you and dreaming of all I have in store for you.

12 I intend to bring you up to be brave and successful in an often difficult society. That's why your mommy and I have named you Ari, which means "lion". It's our hope that you will grow strong and eagerly grasp every opportunity to do well for yourself and others.

13 Before you came into the world, we had spent months imagining what you'd be like. Would you be a boy or a girl? Would you look like Mommy, Daddy or your elder brothers? Anyway, we would find out soon. Finally your mother's labor came. And several hours later, we met the first time. I held you high up in the air. I then was able to cut your umbilical cord ( 脐带 ) and put you in your mother's arms. She still had enough energy to radiate the love while she pressed you to her face.

14 And here we are tonight. As I hold you close, you sleep so peacefully. I press my ear to your chest and hear your strength. I am listening to the first beats of a lion's heart. Welcome to the world, Ari. Love, Daddy

15 [ 写作内容 ] 假设你就是信中的 Ari ,父亲在你出生的时候 写了这封信。今天是父亲 50 岁生日,你准备以 写信的方式,祝贺他的生日。以下是信的内容 ( 信的开头和结尾已经为你写好 ) : 1 .以约 30 个词概括父亲在他信中对你的期望; 2 .以约 120 个词表达你对父亲的感恩,并包 括如下要点: (1) 读信后的感受 ; (2) 以你自己成长的经历说明你的感受; (3) 表达你对父亲的感激和祝福。

16 [ 写作要求 ] 1. 作文中可使用自己的亲身经历或虚构的故 事,也可以参照阅读材料的内容但不得直接引 用原文中的句子; 2. 信中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。 [ 评分标准 ] 概括准确,语言规范,内容合适,篇章连贯。

17 [ 参考范文 ] Dear Daddy, Happy birthday to you! I’ve just read the letter you wrote to me when I was born. In your letter, you described your eagerness to see my coming to the world and expressed your hope about my growing up. You hope that I can grow strong and brave and can seize every chance to succeed. I was deeply touched / moved when I read your letter. It’s the first time that I’ve realized your deepest love for me.

18 Once when I was ill, you rushed me to the hospital and stayed with me the whole night. Each time I felt depressed, you would encourage me with a smile. But when our teacher advised us to help parents (to) wash feet, I thought nothing of it. How silly I was to take it for granted that you make every effort to bring me up and give me everything! I feel ashamed that I failed to notice your tiredness, unhappiness or even illness.

19 Today is your 50th birthday, on which I thank you again from the bottom of my heart and wish you could enjoy a long and happy life. Love, Son / Ari


21 读写任务是要求考生首先阅读一篇短文, 然后按照要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。要 求先用约 30 词概括短文全文或短文某个方面的 内容,再用约 120 词就某个主题发表观点。发表 观点时题中本身有内容要点提示。具体来说, 这类试题有以下几个特点: 1. 长度:阅读文章长度约 200—250 词。高考 考试说明中的示例 1 阅读短文 203 词,示例 2 阅 读短文 228 词; 2007 年高考题阅读短文 240 词; 2008 年高考题的阅读短文为 187 词。 2. 难度:较高考阅读文章或教材阅读文章 更容易,一般没有生词。

22 3. 主题:与学生的学习或生活密切相关,为所 有考生所熟悉。 4. 内容:写作内容要点明确,所有考生都有话 可写。但表达方式及例证随考生而定,开放的 程度较大。 5. 概括:可以是用约 30 词概括全文,也可以 是概括其中的某个小段落、某个人物或某个方 面。 2008 年高考题要求概括全文内容,而 2007 年高考题却只要求概括小一段内容 ( 父亲的期望 ) 。

23 特别提醒: 从近两年高考改卷的实情来看,对 字数的要求似乎是略多一些词并不影响得分。以 上两年高考题的范文都是来自考场的满分作文, 2008 年的有 221 词, 2007 年的有 202 词。因此,写 作时以表达思想为主,不必拘泥于字数多少。但 我们建议,在平时训练中,概括部分以 25—35 词 为宜,发表观点部分以 110—150 词为宜。 6. 短文都来自于外国网站: 2008 年 : 12932AAk5fLK 2007 年 :


25 1. 七个解题步骤 (1) 审题,明确题目要求:通过审题明确文 章主题、写作内容、主要时态和主体人称等问题。 其中主体人称,就是要确定以第几人称进行写作, 2007 年高考中曾有相当数量的考生在这方面出错, 同学们需特别注意。 (2) 阅读,抓住内容要点:阅读短文,找出 文章的内容要点。 议论文的内容要点是:论点、论据和结论。 记叙文的内容要点是:时间 (when) ,地点 (where) ,什么人 (who) ,做了什么事 (what) ,结 果怎么样 (how) ,这是记叙文的五要素。

26 (3) 概括,转述作者观点: 用自己的话转述原文内容要点。 议论文 —— 用自己的话表达论点、论据和结论 句; 记叙文 —— 用自己的话将记叙文的五要素串联 起来。 ( 有时只需写出某人做了什么,结果怎样 ) (4) 过渡,引出自己观点: 写了摘要后,用句过渡的话,再引出自己的观 点 ( 赞成或反对 ) 或引出类似的故事。 (5) 例证,论证自己观点 议论文 —— 在提出自己的观点后,就用具体的 事例来论证自己的观点。

27 记叙文 —— 编写与阅读文章主题相同但情节不 同的故事 ( 亲身经历或虚构 ) 。 (6) 结论,注意前后呼应 (7) 润色,使其锦上添花:一查人称是否符合要 求;二查语法方面的问题,包括用词、时态等方 面的错误等;三查逻辑关系,看前后观点是否一 致;三查是否使用一些较为高级的句型,如非谓 语动词结构、 with 短语结构、定语从句、倒装句 型、恰当的连接词、短语动词等(特别提醒:此 条不强求,据近两年阅读情况,只要能用简单句 表达完要写的内容,就可得该题的 60% ,即 15 分, 大大超过省平均分了)。

28 2. 写作模板 (1) 标题。 ( 有时不一定要求拟标题 ) (2) 第一段:用一两句话概括所给短文内容要点, 约 30 词。建议控制在 25—35 词之间。 (3) 第二段:议论文 —— 过渡词引出主题句 —— 自己的观点 —— 例证,约 100 词。 记叙文 —— 过渡词 + 与阅读文章主题相同但情 节不同的故事,约 100 词。 (4) 第三段:即总结句,套语配名言来进行点题, 要前后呼应,三位一体,约 30 词。

29 3 .套用语句 (1) 摘要的开头语 According to the passage, we know… The writer states that… The author thinks /argues … The story/passage is about… The writer/author tells us about The story mainly tells us that…

30 (2) 摘要后过渡语:在写完摘要之后,要有过渡 词或过渡句,才使上下文自然衔接。 ●议论文的过渡语 ①表示赞同 I agree with the statement that… I do agree with the author… I fully support the statement above because I am very sure… I’m for the writer’s idea that… I quite agree with the writer’s idea. I can’t agree more with what the writer said.

31 ②表示不赞同 I partly agree with what the writer said. In some way, I agree with …, but… I fell such an attitude is negative, and that it can bring … Some people argue as if it is a general truth that …But to be frank, I cannot agree with them. This opinion sounds right but is hardly practical. What the writer said sounds reasonable. But… I don’t agree with the writer’s view. I’m strongly against the writer’s idea. It is definitely not like that. As a matter of fact, …

32 ③表达自己观点: In my opinion, … As far as I am concerned,… As for me,… From my personal angle alone… From my personal point of view… According to my experience, I think that…

33 ●记叙文的过渡语 This story reminds me of another story that happened to… This story reminds me of a similar experience of... I also went through such an experience. I have a similar experience. …have a similar experience as… (3) 总结句开头语 In conclusion,… /In short,… /To make a long story short,… /In general,… /In a word,… /In belief,… /On the whole,… /All in all,…

34 4. 提高作文档次五招 (1) 表达精练简洁:表达不要罗嗦,若能用非 谓语动词做定语或状语就不要用定语从句或状 语从句。 (2) 避免低级错误:避免语法和拼写的低级错 误,避免被扣印象分。 (3) 保证赏心悦目:注重字体的美化,保持卷 面整洁,提高印象分。 (4) 句子错落有致:根据表达需要,交叉使用 将长句与短句、简单句与复杂句。 (5) 句式多种多样:多样化句式,方能显示较 强的语言功底,大大提高作文档次。

35 ①用 it is/was…that... 强调句式。 ②用作状语的介词短语开头的完全倒装句或 用以 only in this way 等开头的部分倒装句。 ③用 with 的复合结构 (with+ 宾语 + 宾补 ) 作状语。 ④用非谓语动词简化状语从句或并列结构。 ⑤用 what 引导的名词性从句。 ⑥用独立主格结构。 ⑦恰当运用感叹句、被动句等。

36 ⑧适当运用 I guess, however, in my opinion, fortunately, personally 等 插入语。 ⑨尽量用短语代替单词来表达同样的意 思。 ⑩恰当使用关联词语,做到过渡自然, 结构紧凑,篇章连贯。 ( 见 “ 专题导练五 ”)




40 Get rid of depression Teenage depression is a rising problem, which will do lots of harm if not treated. From the passage, we know some symptoms of depression and advice on reducing and curing it. Now our high school students will meet more and more stress, most of which come from piles of homework, taking examinations and entering key universities. Proper stress can serve as effective motivation of study, but too much stress tends to cause depression among teenagers.

41 It is often reported that some high students have serious mental problems and even commit suicide because they fail to get effective psychological treatment. Since life is unlikely to be smooth, we should find our own ways to reduce our stress and get rid of depression, such as, taking physical exercise, listening to music, reading humorous stories, talking with friends and so on in our free time, for we all know that out-letting our pressure is also very important to us.


43 It’s not so difficult to be successful In this text, the writer tells us his experience of becoming famous in the field of sports, through which he is trying to tell us that it is not so difficult to be great. Generally speaking, most of us are eager for success and greatness. However, it is up to us whether to be great or not. Great people can be found everywhere around us. If we turn to them for help modestly, they will do what they can to help us.

44 With the help of masters, we can avoid unnecessary mistakes and take a short cut to be successful. Besides, if we want to be great, we should spend a lot of time and energy because we cannot achieve our goal without hard work. What’s more, we should make plans and stick to them and never give it up until we become successful in our work.


46 Don’t leave today’s work for tomorrow The passage argues that people who lack determination leave today’s work for tomorrow and they achieve little success by showing us the example that without strong will John failed to quit smoking. In my opinion, we can’t leave today’s work for tomorrow, because for different days we have different things to do. So if we fail to make up our mind to complete today’s work and leave it for tomorrow, we’ll gradually pile up too many things and will never get them done.

47 Still more, only the people without determination and will-power will find all kinds of excuses for the things they should have done today. That John found excuses for leaving quitting smoking for tomorrow and couldn’t make it in the passage is a good lesson for us. In addition, leaving today’s work for tomorrow is a bad habit, which will make for a person’s laziness. As students, having a lot of things to learn and homework of different subjects to do every day, we can’t afford to waste time, so the earlier we plan our time and get down to the work, the better results we will get.


49 When I was a child, I had to depend on my parents. But as time flew, I gradually made my decisions and finish work by myself. When I meet difficulties or challenges in life, I encourage myself to fight against them, not retreat. If I fail, I never give up. Some young men don't try their best to make themselves valuable to human beings. They can not gain achievements unless they see their weakness and change their course. They are nothing now, and will be nothing as long as they live, unless they accept the advice of their parents and teachers, and depend on their own efforts.

50 Depend on yourself The author tells us that he is disappointed at people’s selfishness because they are not willing to help others. But he is sure that one must learn to depend on themselves when they are growing up. We middle school students should form the habit of depending on ourselves. Depend on yourself is what nature says to every man. Parents can help you. Teachers can help you. Others still can help you. But all these people only help you to help yourself.


52 Never give up! To build a considerably impossible bridge between Newyork and Long Island, John died and Washington was badly injured. But Washington tapped out his instructions with his finger on his wife’s arm until the bridge was finally completed. In fact, many famous persons in the world lived through a hard time and got their achievements. We can find lots of examples in our daily life. Thomas Edison, a great inventor, achieved his success after hundreds of failures. Helen Keller, a girl who couldn’t hear and see anything,

53 made her great efforts to overcome all the difficulties she met with in her lifetime, and became a famous educator and writer. From these facts, we can learn that never giving up will bring you a great success, which John and Washington taught us. I was moved by the story, which shows that one man’s spirit, and his determination should not be defeated by circumstances. Personally, I think hardships cannot defeat us if we never give up.


55 Do it by yourself From the passage we know that do-it – yourself exists commonly in our daily life. However, we can not do everything by ourselves. So we should keep the balance between cooperation and do-it-yourself. We students should form the good habit of do-it-yourself in daily life since we are children. We should do what we can on our own but not depend on others. At home I help parents with some housework, such as cleaning the house, cooking meals, washing clothes and dishes and so on.

56 Nevertheless, some goals can not be achieved on our own. Instead, we need help and cooperation with others to reach our goals. After all, we have the limit of time, energy and ability. As for me, we can learn to gain independence through do-it-yourself. If so, we will not attach ourselves to our parents and others. What’s more, do-it-yourself gives us more experience of doing things and learn the truth of life.


58 Confidence makes no Limit Dear Tom, Today, I read a passage talking about the topic we are interested in. Let's share it. It mainly tells us a story of Ashrita, who challenges himself to his limits and sets many Guinness World Records. He draws conclusions that everyone’s capacity is unlimited and can do better than expected. I absolutely agree with Ashrita's opinion. If we want to achieve success, what we need is selfconfidence. Instead, if you lose heart, you really can't succeed.

59 It reminds me of an experience in a school sports meeting. Two years ago, I took part in the 800-meter race. Because I had caught a bad cold before that, it seemed impossible for me to finish the painstaking event. But my classmates’ cheer encouraged me not to lose heart. I eventually rushed to the finishing line. I lost the match, but I was full of joy of fulfillment.

60 It’s the competition that impressed me a lot. I’m very grateful and excited for my perseverance. From then on, I changed much from a girl lacking confidence into the one who faces everything actively. In my opinion, giving up means losing everything. As long as you stick to your strong will and great courage, success belongs to you forever. Yours truthly Wang Hua


62 Cooperation is needed everywhere The passage tells us that nowadays cooperation is needed in many fields or situations. Cooperation requires us to work together because it makes people united, make our job done easily and encourage us to face difficulties. We students need cooperation. Firstly, it can help students to complete the collective tasks efficiently. Secondly, we can help each other in the course of the task. Thirdly, we can learn from others and depend on each other if necessary.

63 Once I was too proud and too independent to work together with others in a proper way. But everything changed one day. There was a time when I met with a problem. I was in such trouble that I turned to one of my classmates for help. We cooperated closely and in the end we made it! It is due to cooperation. Cooperation is needed everywhere. But it does not mean depending on others when the job can be done by yourself.


65 Be grateful to those helping you One day, a crane thanked the young man who helped her, turning into his wife and making beautiful cloth for him to sell and get money. The tale shows that expressing one’s gratitude is a lovely quality. I had such an experience of helping others. One evening, when a man was sadly walking along the street, our car passed and he stopped it and said he needed a ride badly. My father and I did as asked. He felt a little surprised. Seven days later, we got a letter from the man, saying,

66 “I got your car number and knew about your address with the police’s help. So, I write to you to thank you so much for helping me so that I was able to meet my dying wife just before she passed away. God bless you for helping me.” In fact, nobody can tell when he is in trouble. If everybody just looks on, what will our world be? From the story above, I think, “If so for a crane, why not for man?” Nowadays, we do need the atmosphere of helping each other, which will be beneficial to building our harmonious society.


68 We should accept criticism This passage states no matter how competent we are, we will be criticized if we have done something wrong because we are inexperienced. Our teachers and parents may warn us against possible troubles. Sometimes, however, people really dislike criticism. They will make excuses when criticized because they feel they will lose their face if they admit that they are wrong. Or they will refuse to correct their mistakes because they think their seniors are splitting hairs. These people will regret if they refuse to accept other’s criticism.

69 As a student, to accept criticism is very important. When they refuse to accept criticism, on one hand, they will never find their shortcomings. If they do not think over other people’s words, they will never know what others see in them. On the other hand, they will become bad-tempered and rude. They will not respect their seniors. These are all bad behaviors for us students.


71 Dear editor, I am a reader from China. I recently read a news story in your paper that reports an ATM pays double the amount of money withdrawn from customers’ accounts, and therefore, many people come and wait in line to draw money there. As a Chinese reader, I do admire the good manners of the gentlemen and gentle ladies, but I do think they lack honesty as citizens, which is essential to our society. In this point, they behave the same like some people in China.

72 As we all know, honesty is the best policy. If we want to have each other’s belief, we need show our honesty. But actions speak louder than words. Judging from this report, I have come to realize we all lack the awareness of honesty, both in China and the UK. In China, there is a similar story which causes a heat discussion; some people think the customers are innocent, while some believe they are stealing money. And the court believes their behaviors are illegal. I agree to this opinion. How about your opinions? Yours sincerely, Li Hua


74 Dear Amy, I am writing this letter to share my feelings and thoughts on “peer pressure”. You told me about your conflicted feelings on the first school day after a holiday. You don’t know what clothes to wear, whether to be the same as your friends or to be your own person. I suffered the same worry as yours in China. Although we don’t have to be upset about clothes because all of us are required to wear school uniform, we are living under the peer pressure in other aspects, such as, hairstyle, schoolbags, shoes, stationery and even whether to find a boyfriend (girlfriend) or not. In our class, almost all the students wear the same brand of sneakers, Adidas, no matter rich or poor.

75 This phenomenon gives great pressure to the students from poor families, and finally may lead to worse stories, such as, stealing or dropping out school. So I’ve made up my mind to be above the peer pressure. As an old saying goes, “Follow your own course, and let people talk.” We should be more confident about our own styles and taste. It is diversities that make the world more wonderful, don’t you think so? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours truly, Li Ping


77 Don't run away from home According to the passage, our pressures from surroundings make us feel very bored and upset. Some people want to run away from home so that they won’t face so many stresses. Since I was a child, I have lived with my loved family for 18 years. When I was suffering punishment from my parents, I often thought it was unfair for me and didn’t want to speak to them any longer. But I never had the decision to run away from home. I knew clearly that living alone was not so simple as I expected. What’s more, my parents love me so much, so do I.

78 I don’t think running away is the best of way to solve your problems or find your way out. As far as I am concerned, it is foolish for us to run away from home because we won’t get the real independence and freedom. Not until it is too late will we realize what we have done is very absurd. We should lessen our stresses in a proper way. Don’t be discouraged under stress. Home is the best place where we grow up.


80 Silence the Negative Voice The author tells us that when people say we’re not good at something, we should move past the negative voice by giving us a story about Arthur Miller who became a great dancer through hard work although he was told he danced badly when young. An example that jumps into my mind is about my father. When he was young, he was interested in drawing. One day with great excitement he showed his drawing to my grandmother and told her seriously, “I’m going to be an artist when I grow up.”

81 He expected her to mirror back his enthusiasm with “great”. Instead she replied, “I’m afraid there’s no good in your drawing.” It really upset him but fortunately he didn’t give up. Following his dream, he took every opportunity to practice drawing and now he’s a famous artist. From what has been mentioned above, we can safely draw the conclusion that we should silence the negative voice and try our best to realize our dreams.


83 Say no to violence online From the news report, we know a school student in Finland killed 10 other students with a gun and then shot himself. The motivation and plan of this shooting is greatly influenced by the violent video clips on the Internet. With its widespread, the Internet brings people especially teenagers harm as well as benefits. It is very easy for people to get addicted to the Internet because it can provide the varieties and huge amount of information and the imaginative and free cyber space. However, compared with adults, teenagers haven’t formed the ability to tell right from wrong.

84 So they are easily exposed to the bad influence of the violence and pornography online. Some teenagers even follow the bad examples and regard those violent acts as cool behaviors, which results in the rising rate of teenager crime. I think teenagers should be better guided by their parents and teachers when surfing on line. Besides, more regulations and laws should be set up to check what can be posted and what can not on the Internet. Only in this way can the circulation of violence on line be slowed and reduced.


86 My dream---outdoor life The passage tells us that the writer’s daughter’s special outdoor life. And he thinks it is important for children to have outdoor life, which makes difference in children’s life. As for me, I feel that my life is so dull that I am not satisfied with my life any more. Therefore, I want to have my own outdoor life which can broaden my horizons. Outdoor life has lots of advantages.

87 Firstly, we can learn more things that can not be learned in classes. Moreover, outdoor environment gives us healthier condition, in which we can have fresh air, cool water and so on. Most importantly, in outdoors, we can devote ourselves to studying more easily. Of course, indoor life is also important, but we should pay more time on our outdoor life. The life full of freedom, equality and fresh air, real natural things, is my dream life. I’d like to live such a special outdoor life.


89 Participation enriches your school life The passage introduces the student associations in Leiden. Student associations can enrich student life and develop their different skills. Augustinus is one of the biggest student associations, which holds a variety of weekly programmes. There are no less than 40 student associations in our school including IT Association, Echo Band, English Corner, Chess Association and some others.

90 All the associations hold activities or performances every Wednesday afternoon after the last period. My favorite one is English Corner. There I not only can practice and improve my English, but also can make a lot of friends who love English. The organizers often invite some English native-speakers to English Corner and organize some games and speaking competitions among the participants as well, which makes English Corner more popular and interesting.

91 The high school life is very busy and stressed for most Chinese students. But if you can join in some students associations, you can forget your pressure for a moment and develop your organizational, communicative and social skills along with your academic performances.


93 Is there real friendship between boys and girls? Michellita, a Brazilian girl, thought there was no real friendship between boys and girls because of the unhappy experience between her and a boy. In my opinion, there is real friendship between boys and girls. Friendship between opposite sex is beneficial to the psychological health. Boys and girls are born to have different characters and their own advantages. So boys and girls can learn from each other and help each other in the way of living and thinking when getting along.

94 As for the worry of falling in love, I think if you are conscious of the direction and development of your friendship, you can get the relationship under your control. I am always feeling very blessed that I have kept very pure and sincere friendship with a boy since the primary school. We understand and help each other all the way. Therefore, whether there is real friendship between boys and girls depends on their attitude and sometimes luck.


96 Are men smarter than women? The study shows that men are smarter and at the same time more stupid than women. Women are doing better in academics than men maybe because the education system favors women’s learning style. Some insists that men are smarter than women in general. As is often the case, boy students learn arts of science much better, including physics, math, and chemistry and so on. What’s more, many boys are naughty and don’t spend much time in their study, but they can still do quite well in exams.

97 However, others hold the view that women are smarter. As is stated in the passage, women are securing more firsts and seconds, while men more thirds. Besides, much more girl students are admitted to universities than boys. In my opinion, there is not much difference between men and women in IQ, but they do have different learning styles. Generally speaking, it's not their IQ but their hard work that really matters.


99 Is it good for students to be given extra lessons? The passage tells us that recently American schools have made some changes to extend students’ learning periods at school. It concludes that it is the educator not the time that has the largest effect on the students’ learning. The same thing happens in China. Students are being given more and more extra lessons during weekends and vacations. As we all know, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages.

100 Extra lessons give us more chances to seek help from teachers and to learn systematically, which finally helps us do better in exams. However, too many extra lessons can also bring some weaknesses. It can make us more dependent on teachers. Besides, it will spare us little time and freedom to develop our own interests, do some outdoors activities and make friends. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We don’t want to be dull boys. We want to develop different interests and skills as well as learning knowledge.


102 The author in the passage told us a story that a 5-year-old brother decided to donate his blood to save his sister who had a rare and serious disease though he misunderstood what the doctor said. Different people have different opinions about donating blood. Some people think it is a good thing. However, others don’t insist on donating blood. As to me, I am in favor of the first idea. The reasons for my choice are as the following:

103 First, when it is right time, that is, when somebody may lack of blood and almost lose his or her life, we will donate blood in time to save his life. Second, we all are in the same family, so we should help each other. Third, if we can make some safe rules about donating blood, there is no problem in donating blood. It makes us feel safe. From above analysis, I believe donating is a good thing.


105 My opinion on reading The passage is about what the writer thinks about reading. In his opinion, the main purpose of reading is for pleasure. On the whole, I agree with the writer. Reading is of great use to all of us, particularly reading good books, no matter how old we are. First, reading really gives us a lot of fun. We may forget our unhappiness while reading. Besides, we can enlarge our knowledge and broaden our views by reading. We can also learn something that can’t be learnt in class.

106 I think a good book is a good friend. In my spare time, I enjoy reading a lot of good books and magazines, such as Wisdom backpack, Reader’s Digest. The book that impressed me most is Story of My Life by Helen Keller, from which I have learned a lot about how to face difficulties in life. I hope that we young people can make better use of our time and read as many good books as possible.


108 The passage mainly talks about different opinions on selecting “Three-Goods” students in schools. Some people believe that the practice should be stopped while others disagree. There are still some other people who suggest that new standards be included. In a way, what Mr Gu said sounds reasonable, but I don’t quite agree with him. As we know, most students need their idols at school and “Three-Goods” students can set good examples for them to follow. Besides, selecting “Three Goods” can encourage more students to work harder and behave better.

109 In our school, selecting “Three-Goods” students is a long-term practice. In the past, academic performance was paid more attention to, but now some changes have been made, especially the standards. The school not only focuses on the students’ studies but also on their behaviors and other abilities, such as arts and science. In my opinion, the practice of selecting “Three-Goods” students is necessary but a new system is needed. Only in this way will it have a better effect on the students.


111 How to protect yourself in an earthquake According to the report, a strong earthquake hit Sichuan province. Many people died, injured, or were listed as missing. Government began to help the homeless people. Earthquakes occur without any warning and may be so violent, but you can protect yourself in the majority of situations. (1) If an earthquake happens while you are watching television, lie down and curl up in the fetal position next to a sofa, or large chair.

112 (2) If you are in bed during the night and an earthquake occurs, simply roll off the bed. A safe void will exist around the bed. (3) If you are trapped in debris move as little as possible so that you don't kick up dust. Cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or clothing. (4) Tap on a pipe or wall so that rescuers can hear where you are. Shout only as a last resort. (5) Try to get into an open area away from trees, buildings, walls, signs and power lines if outdoors.


114 It is reported in the passage that scores of people were killed or injured in two separate fires. One happened at the Mingdian Western- style Restaurant in Dongguan City and the other in an apartment building in Wenzhou City. A serious fire may destroy a whole building or even a whole city, leaving people homeless. What’s worse, it can injure or kill people. Just in a very short time, the property that you have struggled for a whole life may be burnt to ashes.

115 In our daily life, taking precautions is of very great importance to prevent fires. At school, we can never use electrical appliances or light candles in the dormitories or classrooms. When it comes to home safety, we should always remember to turn off the gas before going out. Keep a fire extinguisher available at any time at home. In case of fire, first of all you should keep calm. If possible, use a piece of wet cloth to cover your nose and escape the building using the stairs instead of the lift as soon as possible.


117 Union is strength A father asked his sons, who often quarreled with each other, to break one stick and a bundle of sticks which were tied together to show them the importance of unity. I am deeply moved by the lesson the father gave, in fact such cases are often seen in our daily life. In our school, there are always some basketball matches between classes. Teamwork plays a very important role in them. One team is sure to fail if its members don’t play as a team, so the five players must be well organized and play together.

118 Besides the players, all our classmates go and cheer for them. Even if our team loses the game, we all give our players encouragement instead of complaints. It’s our support that inspires them to try their best and never give up during the matches. Therefore, as a member of the class, we should make every effort to make our class a warm family. In conclusion, we are strong when we stand with one another and thus it is hard for us to be defeated, just as the fagot in the story mentioned above.


120 Keep your promise The writer tries to tell us that once we make a promise, we must keep it and never break it. If we break it, we’ll lose respect and friends. Please try to imagine: one day you have an appointment with your friend to go somewhere and ask your friend to wait for you. But you forget it! Your friend has waited for you for a long time there and in the end he gets very angry. What’s more, you do not say sorry to him. After that, he no longer trust you and keep away from you, you must feel very upset.

121 On the contrary, if you always keep your promise, the people around you will think it worth to keep friendship with you. So you will be able to make more and more friends. In my opinion, keeping a promise is very important. If you keep your promise, you will be able to let other believe in you and you have more opportunity to lead to success. It you can’t, you lose your chance to gain other’s trust and it will cause you trouble.


123 Success results from hard work The passage mainly tells us that American people respect those who succeed through their own efforts, and that even those who are rich will try to do everything themselves and take pride in it. Having read this passage, I felt surprised that Americans though considered the wealthiest in the world, still focus so much on succeeding through their own efforts and I felt somewhat ashamed of some of my friends who never think of achieving their goals by working hard themselves. Instead, they hold the view that if they are to succeed,

124 their parents or relatives must help them in some way or another. Even worse, some girls think that marrying a rich man can help get what they want in life, like money, fancy clothes and so on. They never dare to take up challenges and easily give up in face of difficulties. As far as I’m concerned, success should result from our own hard work. What should be kept in mind is that only if we really work hard can we be well armed to face hardships of all kinds and succeed eventually.


126 My view on food safety The passage tells us that the eggs suspected of being laced with melamine, which were added into dairy products and caused 4 deaths, have been removed by retailers and this raised further worries about food chain in China. The fake and poor-quality food has harmed greatly the interests of the buyers and caused great losses to the producers. Moreover, sometimes the poor-quality as well as the contaminated food can cause great harm and even deaths to the consumers who pay a lot of money for it. Besides, this may also ruin the reputation of the enterprises, and some of them are even made bankrupt.

127 Therefore, in my opinion, some drastic measures must be taken to prevent the production and sale of these poor-quality and contaminated foods. First, laws should be made to stop the production of these foods, and the producers and sellers of these foods should be punished severely. Second, our government should enhance the administration and supervision on foods. Third, people should learn more knowledge about food safety and refuse to buy any illegally-made or contaminated foods.


129 Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing this letter to apply for the position of volunteer in 2010 Asian Games. From the news article, I know the Volunteer recruitment for the Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou has launched, and my heroine Chen Xiexia has registered as the first volunteer. As a high school student in Guangzhou, I feel very proud that our city will be the host city of 16th Asian Games. I think it will be a best opportunity for the whole Asian world to know the modern Guangzhou. Since I was born and grew up in Guangzhou, I know the local customs and culture very well. If I become a volunteer,

130 I will show those foreign guests around Guangzhou, introducing the famous local food to them. Moreover, I have a good knowledge of English and a good command of Japanese. So there will be no difficulty for me to provide language service to those foreign guests. Most importantly, I love sports very much and I am very warm-hearted. Therefore, I think I am qualified to be a volunteer for the Asian Games. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours truly, Li Ping


132 Dear Sir, Please consider me as an applicant for the position of the Senior IT Manager which you describe in the advertisement. I know you need a senior manager who masters a professional knowledge of JAVA programming and computer science and has an overall sense of managing and making decisions. Relevant working experience and degree are also a must.

133 I would be interested in exploring the possibility of obtaining such a position within your firm. I think I'll prove to be a real find for you. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer programming from University in June, 1998. Since September, 1994 I have been participating in Professional Training Program as Programmer Trainee and have gained a great deal of experience in computer applications. Details of the academic courses I have taken are contained in the enclosed resume.

134 Although I have a work experience of 10 years as IT manager in a high-tech company, I am willing to work hard and learn and challenge myself to a new height. May I have an appointment for an interview with you to discuss my qualifications in detail? I’d very much appreciate the chance to talk to you and to get your opinion on whether I am qualified for the job you offer. If you can grant me the honor to work for your company as a secretary for two months, I'd feel obliged. Thank you for reading my application letter. I’m eager for your early reply. Sincerely, Li Hua


136 Dear Mr. John Smith, Thank you for your letter of 29th of September. I learn from your letter that you’re dissatisfied with the poor facilities in our hotel, especially the air- conditioner and the bathroom, as well as the unprofessional behavior of our working staff. I am very sorry to hear that you had such an unpleasant stay in our hotel. I am investigating the points you raised in your letter and I will be checking the behavior of our staff here. This is the first time we have received a complaint of this nature and I am surprised and shocked at your experience.

137 The Luxury is a five-star hotel, which prides itself on the quality of its service. I will be training staff on how to deal more professionally with our guests and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience the poor service may have caused you. We appreciate your constructive comments, which allow us here at the Star to improve our service to our guests. I can assure you this will not happen again. I am enclosing a voucher for a free 2-night stay at our hotel so that you can experience the very best of what we have to offer. I look forward to receiving you again at the Luxuary very soon. Yours sincerely, Li Hua


139 A shameful lie The author’s little son told a lie by saying that his sister pushed him and made his clothes dirty but she didn’t. Finally he told the truth and apologized to his sister. This reminds me of my story which happened last Wednesday. Feeling tired and cold, I stayed 30 more minutes in bed after being awakened by the alarm. As a result, I was late for school that morning. Unfortunately the head-teacher was in the classroom when I arrived.

140 He asked me why I was so late. I thought quickly and said that I had been caught in a traffic jam. He didn’t scold me but just told me to be careful on the way. I couldn’t calm down to study with mixed feelings of what I had done. I’ve told myself to be honest. It’s obviously wrong to tell such a lie. But I was afraid of being scolded. Maybe the best way is to go to school on time in the future.


142 Try to solve the problem actively The author tells us his unfortunate experience of losing his job recently. He hasn’t told his parents about it because he believes that he should and he can solve it by himself. This reminds me of my experience. Last term my English teacher asked me to lead my classmates through the reading exercises in the morning. However, when I did it, they began to talk, sleep or even eat snacks if the teacher was not in the classroom.

143 At first I felt really depressed. But anyway I made up my mind to solve the problem actively. Maybe I couldn’t help the students who had little interest in English, so I focused my attention on the students who wanted to improve. Once I started making connections on those students, they did improve and the other students paid more attention to my lessons. Naturally I became a better teacher and we all made rapid progress in English.


145 Self-esteem changes our life Inspired by the writer’s words, the former beggar turned into a wealthy and successful merchant. With this instructive story, the writer tries to show us the magic of self-esteem in our lives. Such successful stories can be seen or heard all over the world, of which my neighbor Mr Li is one example. Mr. Li was caught in a traffic accident and had one leg cut off when he was still a boy. He had been quite down for a while. However,

146 his mother’s words inspired him and he was determined that he should not remain so forever and that he should live with dignity and self- esteem though others may look down upon him. He found himself interested in computer and made up his mind to devote all of his effort to it. With many years going by, he gradually made his fame in computer program designing. Now he is a well known program designer in our city. Such is Mr. Li, an excellent and successful example of self-esteem.


148 Never give up The story mainly tells us how Xue Xiao survived the earthquake and got the name “Cola Boy”. The reason why Xue could survive and be remembered by all Chinese is that he didn’t give up his life and always kept an optimistic attitude. Although I am much luckier than Xue without going through the terrible earthquake, I have to meet and conquer some difficulties in study and life. The high school where I am studying is boarding school. Before I entered it, I had never lived alone without the care of my parents. Thus, the first week of boarding school life was almost unbearable.

149 At that time my first thought was to quit the boarding life and go back to live at home. But after a period of adaptation and my painful perseverance, I gradually got used to every aspects of new life. Meeting difficulties is process of pains and challenges, but conquering difficulties always bring us the sense of accomplishment which nothing can surpass. Therefore, I believe nothing is impossible to a willing heart.


151 Value relationships We seldom have the right attitude towards the relationship which exists and is helpful in our daily life. It is not until friendship is away that we begin to know how to treasure it. As for me, I also have the similar experience, when I was in junior middle school. My deskmate, Lihua, who was once my best friend, transferred to the other school because of his parents’ job change. I was very sad for a long time. I wasn’t brave enough to express my gratitude to him for his help with my English because I didn’t have a good relationship after I quarreled with him over his breaking my favorite toy. At that time, I didn’t forgive her although she apologized to me.

152 There is no doubt that it was my own fault. I should have accepted her apology. What’s more, she didn’t mean to break it. Not until Li Hua was leaving did I realize I was selfish. I can get another new toy but I can’t get another Li Hua again. It seems to me that we should treat our friends with more forgiveness no matter what happens.


154 Be confident all the time The author tells us her experience of how she overcame difficulties to join an orchestra successfully. She concludes that confidence helps to realize her dream. There is no denying that confidence plays an important role in our life. A convincing example that jumps into my mind is about English speaking. When I was a beginner, I was too timid and nervous to talk with my classmates in English. Fortunately my English teacher told me it was beneficial to speak English loudly in public and encouraged me to have a try.

155 So I did. Needless to say, it brought me a lot of confidence and I made great progress. It was also with the same confidence that I won the first prize in the English Speech Contest held in our school last month. From what is mentioned above, we can safely draw the conclusion that confidence really makes a difference. Therefore it’s wise for us to stay confident all the time.


157 First aid knowledge required In the passage the author introduces a way to know about giving first aid by keeping DR ABC in mind, which are short for some specific steps to do first aid. As far as I’m concerned, first aid knowledge should be known to us all. Take myself for example. I know a little about giving first aid and when emergencies take place, I know what to do instead of standing by at least. In P.E. lessons, teachers may tell us what to do when we get hurt, and which virtually helps us a lot. That’s where I acquire my first aid knowledge.

158 Indeed, everyone is supposed to know how to give first aid. As many unpredicted accidents occur nowadays every day, we don’t know what will happen next and absolutely things are not under our control all the time. In case tragedies should take place, we can learn to be careful to avoid them; but once it comes to us, we must know how to deal with the situation. That’s why first aid knowledge is required. In a word, all of us ought to know first aid and carry it out precisely when it is needed. Only in that way can we limit the damage to the least degree.


160 This passage introduces to us that Fudan University allocate housing to sophomores according to the result of survey on students adaptability, with an aim to creat harmony in the dormitory. The practice has its advantages. As everyone can expect, it can creat a good harmony and favourable environment in the dormitory, since the stuents in the same room share similar temperaments, hobbies, habits and so on. This will largely decrease the unavoidable conflicts caused in daily life. However, if we students have the chance to choose whom to live with,

161 we will certainly choose someone who we can easily get along with, and this will limit us to develop a very important ability, that is, dealing with people with different personalities and characteristcs. And this is vital in our future life. In my opinion, it is unnecessary for schools or universities to adopt this dormitory arrangement plan. In fact, they should allow students chances to get along with people of all kinds, and provide students with some practical instructive courses on communication skills at the same time.


163 A poor boy got help from a young woman. Years later, he saved her life as a doctor and didn't charge any money for the treatment as a payment for her kindness. After I read the story, I was shocked by the kind-hearted strangers. How great they are! This story reminds me of a similar experience. One day, on a bus, an old lady suddenly fell from her seat. At this moment, everyone on the bus got up from their seats and ran up to her.

164 Having checked the situation of the lady, we decided to send her to the hospital. So the driver drove the bus to the hospital and all of us stayed with the lady till the doctor announced that there was nothing serious with her. In my opinion, the modern society is in great need of kind-hearted people, because there are so many people in trouble. As long as everyone is given their love, this world will become a better human.




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