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Scholarships 101.  To gain a greater understanding of the scholarship process.  To understand when a scholarship is right for you and you are right.

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1 Scholarships 101

2  To gain a greater understanding of the scholarship process.  To understand when a scholarship is right for you and you are right for it.  To avoid the pitfalls and traps associated with applying for scholarships.  To successfully apply for and receive scholarship funds.

3  Access to a computer  A little planning  A lot of research  Time to prepare applications

4  Academic  Activity  Skills  Personal Characteristics  Interests  Major  You Never Know

5  High School – Guidance Counselor  Colleges and Universities – check the EMCC Scholarship website often  Library or Chamber of Commerce  Internet – Updated Frequently  Clubs – Whether or Not a Member  Religious Organizations  Employer – Yours and Your Parents  Newspaper

6  Apply Early and Often – see College websites and scholarship information for deadlines, usually late Fall, early Spring of the year before you are to start school  Apply ONLY if You Meet the Criteria  Complete the Application  Neatness, Spelling and Grammar COUNT!

7  Read the application! - Must you attend a particular school (or type of school) to receive the scholarship? - Is there a GPA requirement? - Is there a class level requirement (freshman, sophomore, etc.)? - Is the scholarship based on your college major/area of academic emphasis?

8  Scholarship application – online or paper  Personal Essay (s)  Letters of recommendation  Academic transcripts

9 Erin Blomstrand English Professor Estrella Mountain Community College

10  Various Names  Requirements and question(s)/prompts vary  Opportunities to explain: ◦ Personal information ◦ Educational goals ◦ Professional history  Admission committees rely heavily on essays ◦ Provides reasons why you should be awarded the scholarship ◦ Measures your ability to communicate, and think clearly and critically ◦ Indications of your ability to judge

11  Persuade the committee that you are the best candidate for the scholarship  To set you a part from other applicants, test scores, and grade point averages

12  What impression do you want your readers to have of you after reading your essay?  Unknown  Conduct an Audience Analysis Inventory  Adapt your writing to your audience

13  Read the application question(s)/prompt  Re-read the application question(s)/prompt  Break down the application question(s)/prompt: ◦ Describe your most meaningful achievements and how they demonstrate your leadership ability, your contributions to public service, and your long-and- short-term goals as well as how your education has contributed to who you are today.

14  Utilize various prewriting techniques to help you reflect  Techniques like: ◦ Free writing ◦ Graphic organizer ◦ Listing ◦ Discussion/Interview

15  Return to the application question(s)/prompt  Write a draft in which you answer the question(s)/prompt  Ignore: ◦ Length ◦ Spelling ◦ Grammar ◦ Logic ◦ Transitions  Focus on getting onto paper what is in your head

16  Re-read the application question(s)/prompt  Read your draft for ◦ Content ◦ Structure ◦ Consistency (logical progression of ideas)  Make necessary changes

17  Submit your revised draft to EMCC Writing Center or to a friend for review  Double check grammar, spelling, and punctuation  Double check application question(s)/prompt, length, and anything else required in essay  Save essay in a Word format such as Rich Text Format (RTF) that is easily opened

18 You have completed an essay that can be used for future scholarships or applications!

19 Marylyn Bradley Professor, Estrella Mountain Community College

20  Required as part of the scholarship application process.  Provide a way for scholarship committee to learn about you/your achievements from a third party.  Give judges an expanded picture of the nominee’s academic and leadership accomplishments as well as civic involvement.  Make a difference in attracting extra attention to your scholarship application.

21 Choose someone who:  Has worked with you closely.  Has worked with you long enough to write from real knowledge.  Is relevant to the scholarship you have chosen.  Has a positive opinion of you and your abilities.  Has an personal style that is warm and supportive.  Not a family member or friend.

22  Advisors or counselors  Leaders of organizations where you have volunteered  Mentors  Religious leaders  Teachers  School principals and administrators  Employers  Read the scholarship rules for specifics.

23  Letter must be from a current community college faculty member who has had you in class and can speak about your academic and leadership abilities  Should give specific examples of how the student has demonstrated intellectual capability and teamwork skills inside the classroom.

24  Letter must be from a mentor or supervisor who was directly involved in the activity that the applicant writes about in his/her essay. ◦ Letter should focus on the merits and impact of the activity discussed in the applicant’s essay. ◦ If the activity discussed in the essay is a group project, the mentor should discuss the role the student played in the project and its success.

25 AS SOON AS APPLCATION IS AVAILABLE ◦ Submit Recommender names and contact information in your application ◦ Recommenders receive instructions and access code by email ◦ Letter writers submit online recommendation letter directly into student application ◦ Often college administrative approval is also required before applications can be sent in. ◦ 2-4 weeks lead time is best. Allow time for steps to occur. Early Start is Critical

26 AS SOON AS APPLCATION IS AVAILABLE  Ask Recommender politely and formally. ◦ You are asking a significant favor. ◦ Explain Recommendation process carefully. ◦ Follow-up to assure that all needed information has arrived. ◦ Monitor completion through your online application. ◦ Follow-up as needed to meet submission deadline. The more complex the application, the more time required.

27 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE  Start early ◦ 2-3 weeks of lead time is best (48-72 hr minimum)  Ask politely and formally. ◦ This is a significant favor that you are asking.  Allow time for follow-up and submission.

28  If you’re mailing the application, ◦ Check back 2-3 days before the letter is due to be mailed to make sure it is ready for you to mail.  If the letter is to be sent directly by the writer, ◦ Check back 2-3 days before the letter is due to be mailed to make sure it has been mailed or faxed.

29 Give your letter writer information  Your contact information  The deadline for each letter you need  The type of scholarship for which you're applying  Specific focus or details to be included  Any special forms  Self-addressed stamped envelopes

30 Give your letter writer information  Information you would like emphasized in the letter ◦ Course of study ◦ Career interests ◦ Campus or community activities ◦ Honors and awards received ◦ Personal characteristics ◦ Any other information you consider relevant Details and Positive Tone are Important

31 “Good Examples” Show How Well The Writer Knows the Applicant: I had the pleasure of directing plays in which John played major roles during each of his three years at Arizona Western Community College. Over the last three years I coached Jane as she worked her way up from JV to varsity tennis champion.

32 “Good Examples” Describe qualities observed in the applicant: John's discipline and dedication were extraordinary — not only did he never miss a practice; he came early to warm up and always worked out for an additional hour after school. Jane made herself available to other actors and actresses for impromptu rehearsals and practices, thus inspiring the rest of the cast to even greater efforts and success.

33 “Good Examples” Rank students vis-a-vis other applicants: He was in the top 10% of his class. She has the best analytical skills of any economics student I have taught in recent years. Offer mild criticism in positive tone: The only fault I have encountered in him is his shyness. His natural modesty sometimes hides a young man of remarkable strength and broad interests. Detailed – Engaging – Positive - Relevant

34  More than just good manners  Share results whether successful or not  Positive relationships may result in other benefits or referrals later

35 One way to think about the time spent researching scholarship opportunities is to consider you are getting paid for this research.

36  If you spend ten hours finding and applying for a scholarship and you receive a $500.00 award, you just made $50.00 an hour!  Even if you don’t get awarded a scholarship, you will have refined your research and writing skills.  Once you have completed one application, you can often “recycle” your essays.  You can save yourself additional time by asking your references if you can use their letters of recommendation for multiple scholarships.

37 Don’t waste your money on scholarship search services that promise to help you tap into vast amounts of unclaimed financial aid funds. There are many web sites that provide the same information for FREE.

38  Available in Spring 2013  Has an Early Deadline – March 30  Pool for Many Scholarships  hips/apply.php

39  Alternative way to search for scholarships  Online Scholarship Database  Usually takes 15 minutes to sign up  Your matched with scholarships you qualify for  Free service!

40 1. Select a Search Engine to register with 2. Enter your personal profile ◦ Family information ◦ Educational goals ◦ Specific information about you 3. Receive lists of scholarships you qualify for

41  ◦ Free Preparing for College and Scholarship Search Engine  ◦ Free Scholarship Search Engine  ◦ Free Preparing for College and Scholarship Search Engine

42  Please go to the following website:   Click on Quick Links  Choose Scholarships  See What is available right now at EMCC

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