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1 Using Library Resources to Enhance the Student Experience Timothy J. Foley, Director, Client Computing & Library Services Lehigh University.

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1 1 Using Library Resources to Enhance the Student Experience Timothy J. Foley, Director, Client Computing & Library Services Lehigh University

2 Lehigh Overview 2 Founded in 1865 4700 undergrads, 1200 grads, 450 faculty, 1200 staff Four Colleges (Arts & Science, Engineering, Business, Education) Research Extensive Ranks 31 st out of 262 national universities in US News and World Report’s annual survey

3 What I will cover Organization Structure to Enhance Services Portal Developments – Content Development – Led by a Librarian MyLibrary Parent Portal, Alumni and many more Information Literacy Initiative and Digital Library Projects – Information Literacy Initiative – Digital Library and its uses Religion Studies Physics and Philosophy History Earth and Environmental Science Beyond Steel 3

4 Integrated Support Model (cont.) Client Services – Librarians, Computing Consultants, Instructional Technologists, Enterprise Consultants, Help Desk, Residential Networking, Media Services, Security – Cross functional teams assigned to support each college and the administrative offices – At times it feels like herding cats – but it does workherding cats Digital Library Team and Special Collections Award winning Lehigh Lab Umbrella – led by Faculty Development and a Faculty Fellow 4

5 5

6 MyLehigh Campus Portal Enhancing student life, academics and community Targeted information channels Student & course information integrated Innovative first year applications – Online student orientation – Course advising before students arrive – Calculus readiness exam – College-based information – Housing selection – Pay deposits on-line – On-line mentors 6

7 Lots more portal developments Parent Portal Alumni Portal Board of Trustee Portal (Piloting with Audit committee) Graduate Portals modeled after our First Year Student Portal 7

8 8 Library Resources 1.2 million Books 8,400+ E-Journals 90+ Electronic Databases Some Digital Library Sites Beyond Steel Illuminated Manuscripts Lehigh Valley Geology & History (1939-1940) Copernicus I Remain for more:

9 9 MyLehigh+MyLibrary - Use of the campus portal for personalized electronic resources

10 Key features of MyLibrary Librarians set up default choices for subject pages Look and feel resembles the rest of the Lehigh portal Users can customize subject lists or select titles from outside their discipline All electronic resources cataloged in SIRSI library catalog, with standard subject headings “Fund code” approach – assign specific department codes to track funding by subject area User classes harvested out of Banner 10

11 11

12 MyLibrary Portal Usage November 2007 3500 unique visitors – 38% Undergraduates – 49% Graduates – 13% Faculty and Staff Visits by College – Engineering 33% – Arts and Science 22% – Education 22% – Business 14% – Undeclared 9% See 12

13 Quotes from our clients Wow! Major kudos to you all for the great new journalism collection portal-thingy! There are journals there that I didn't realize we had electronic access to. Thanks so much for making it easy to find what's available in our hard-to- categorize field of research. I find the … product a real asset to the Portal. I am now drawn to use the Portal in a full-service way which just wasn't available before. Thanks to all who helped motivate this addition to the Portal. 13

14 Navigating Information Literacy Initiative Develop student skills to: – Find and credit appropriate resources – Use appropriate research strategies Develop faculty skills to: – Teaching to avoid plagiarism – Model Lehigh assignments highlighted – Inform faculty of existing research skills of Lehigh students How Middle States defines it: – Information literacy is an intellectual framework for identifying, finding, understanding, evaluating and using information. Middle States Standard 11 See 14

15 Research Skills Assessment (RSA) Results 15 Category200620052004 Defining Research Needs 81%95%91% Accessing Information 68%65%63% Locating Relevant Information 79%80%81% Critically Evaluating Information 67%73% Employing Ethical Principles 87%85%41%

16 Illuminated Manuscripts – Book of Hours Designing religion assignments around 14 th to 16 th century prayer books 16

17 17

18 First Contact – I Remain 18 Archive Project – transcription and interpretation of early American letters from “I Remain” project. Used Teams LX tool (Blackboard) to create collaborative web documents & synchronous communications tools for class sessions


20 Copernicus and Brahe 20 The Problem of the Planets Co-taught by Physics and Philosophy Professors

21 21

22 22

23 Beyond Steel 23 Video1Video2

24 Two Volumes of local 1941 PA Geological Surveys 24

25 Summary Innovation organizational structure Librarian expertise to enhance student experience – Content and organizational skills – Client Services skills to understand the needs of our clients Use of unique Lehigh resources – Special Collections materials used in creative ways for instruction – Digital Library to make resources available to all 25

26 Any Questions? Contact Info: Timothy Foley 26

27 27 Philad. June 17, 1764 Dear Mr. Strahan I received your favor per Capt. Walker, which I shall answer fully per Hammet, who sails in about ten days. I think I am slighted lately per Mr. Becket. Pray enquire and tell me the reason, that if I have been in fault I may amend. I left some receipts with you for subscription monies to books. I wish you to enquire about them, particularly Stewart's Athens. My love to Mrs. Strahan and your family. I am, dear friend, Yours affectionately, B. Franklin We are all well, and as happy as other folks for the present. ************************** Back Kennedy Letter about elections

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