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The Life of Tutankhamen By: Salma Sherif Grade: 6.

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1 The Life of Tutankhamen By: Salma Sherif Grade: 6

2 Who is Tutankhamen? King Tutankhamen was a Egyptian Pharaoh of the 18 th dynasty. He’s original name was Tutankhaten. He was born on 1341 BC. He had the role of the pharaoh in 1333 till 1324 BC. His Father was Akhenaton His Mother was Kiya and his stepmother was Nefertiti. Tutankhamen died in the year 1323 BC.

3 Reign or his Royal Role He became pharaoh at the tender age of nine, he was called the boy king for this reason.In 1337 BC and reigned during the 18th Dynasty when the Egyptian Empire was at its height. Tutankhamen ruled Egypt for eight to ten years.

4 Tutankhamen’s cause of Death The cause of his death is a mystery, in early 2005 results of a set of CT scans on the mummy were released. The team of Egyptian scientists led by Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Zahi Hawass, who conducted a CT scan on the mummy.CT scansEgyptian Supreme Council of AntiquitiesDr. Zahi HawassCT scan There were X-rays taken in the year 1968, revealed a dense spot at the lower back of the skull interpreted as a subdural hematoma. Such an injury could have been the result of an accident.skullsubdural hematoma The following are some of the theories of his death: 1)Maybe he was murdered 2)It was not a natural cause Scientists discovered a small, loose, sliver of bone within the upper cranial cavity, which was discovered from the same X-ray analysis. other scientists suggested, that the loose sliver of bone was loosened by the embalmers during mummification, but it had been broken before. A blow to the back of the head (from a fall or an actual blow), caused the brain to move forward, hitting the front of the skull, breaking small pieces of the bone right above the eyesmummification It is still a Mystery all of these are theories.

5 The Burial Tutankhamen was buried in a tomb that was small relative to his status. His death may have occurred unexpectedly, before the completion of a grand royal tomb, so that his mummy was buried in a tomb intended for someone else, perhaps Ay. This would preserve the observance of the customary seventy days between death and burial.Ay

6 Some of Tutankhamen’s Treasure The king’s golden inner coffin. The funeral mask. The inlaid circlet was found on the head of the mummy when it was unwrapped.

7 Thank You Hope you Knew who is Tutankhamen. Pop Quiz Who is Tutankhamen? answers at the end of the page. Answer: He was an Egyptian pharaoh in the 18 th dynasty

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