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Healing the brain with Light Energy By: Dr Lew Lim November 2014.

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1 Healing the brain with Light Energy By: Dr Lew Lim November 2014

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3 One year ago, Rudy was not allowed out on his own. Today, he drives on his own

4 Rudy’s MMSE Scores (Alzheimer’s)

5 Our cells desire light Click here to view

6 Source: Giuliani et al. Low infra red laser light irradiation on cultured neural cells: effects on mitochondria and cell viability after oxidative stress. BMC Com Alt Med 2009, 9:8. In vitro post-oxidative stress. 670nm, 3 mW, 20 sec/day, 5 days Healing of Neurons with Light

7 Over 1 million results as well as many research studies if you google: “low level light therapy”low level light therapy “low level laser therapy”low level laser therapy

8 Alternative transcranial light therapy devices They cannot reach the hippocampus – key for memory function Expensive and very hard to use

9 Picture source: OpimMeadow. Flickr Intranasal: Path of low resistance to mid-brain Key regions Transcranial

10 Source of picture: Atlas of human anatomy: Key memory and regulatory areas are inaccessible from the skull

11 Barriers at transcranial areas

12 Intranasal device to reach the brain Vielight 810 Infrared

13 The Default Mode Network is Important Source: Sandrone S, and Catani M Neurology 2013;81:e172-e175

14 Problem locations of Alzheimer’s Source: Buckner et al, Journal of Neuroscience 2005

15 Parkinson’s is affected Normal With Parkinson’s Source: Elemeren T. et al. Dysfunction of the Default Mode Network in Parkinson Disease. Arch Neurol. Jul 2009; 66(7): 877–883.

16 Key Target Locations Source of illustration:

17 Source: Barolet D. Light-emitting Diodes (LED) in Dermatology. 2008 810nm 630nm 660nm 810 nm Optical Penetration Depth

18 810nm: Highest nerve absorption and regeneration Source: Prof. Juanita Anders Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences 810 nm seems to bypass the shallower nerves and deposits deeper in (5 inches)

19 810 nm: Minimal blood and water absorption Source: Prof. Juanita Anders Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences 810 nm mainly passes right through blood serum to reach the brain

20 Source: Sagittal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) image of a human head (Courtesy of the Oxford Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain, Department of Clinical Neurology, University of Oxford, UK) Penetration Achievable

21 Ando et al. Comparison of Therapeutic Effects between Pulsed and Continuous Wave 810-nm Wavelength Laser Irradiation for Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice. Plos One. Oct 2011 Neurological Severity Score Area under curve Effect of 10 Hz Alpha wave Pulse Mode

22 Literature on Alpha Brainwaves (8 – 12 Hz) Concentration Clarity Calms Imagination Higher awareness Better sleep De-stress Immune system Learning Memory

23 Vielight Neuro Cranial-nasal light therapy using 810 nm, pulsed at 10 Hz, for 25 minutes

24 New Vielight “Neuro” Light, portable and easy to use Comprehensive phototherapy Scientifically superior and more affordable than the alternatives.

25 Vielight science advisors and clinical research team leaders Prof. Francisco Gonzalez- Lima, University of Texas, Austin (for Alzheimer’s research) Assoc. Prof. Michael Hamblin, Harvard University Prof. Juanita Anders, US Uniformed Services University All are recognized worldwide as thought leaders in light therapy for neurologic conditions, backed by numerous published works. Prof. Timon CY Liu South China Normal University

26 Independent controlled studies Boston University Vielight 810 Infrared Ongoing studies PTSD

27 Differentiating 810 Infrared and Neuro Vielight 810 InfraredVielight Neuro Treats key regions Everyday use as prophylaxis Very convenient Safely used for all brain conditions Some risk of temporary headache Low cost at $499 Comprehensive treatment Use once every 2 days only Not as convenient Designed for difficult conditions More tendency for headache Higher cost at $999 Available since 2012 Available in early 2014

28 Other Vielight intranasal light therapy devices 655 Prime uses Laser $399633 Red uses LED $299 Mainly for the body in general: Immune system Vascular system Systemic pain

29 END © Lew Lim, Vielight Inc.

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