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Integrative approach to study the effects of cosmophysical factors on functional state of human health. International Project Khorseva N.I. 1, Grigoryev.

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1 Integrative approach to study the effects of cosmophysical factors on functional state of human health. International Project Khorseva N.I. 1, Grigoryev P.E. 2, Poskotinova L.V. 3, Kilessa G.V. 4, Glivenko A.V. 2 1 Institute of Biochemical Physics named after N.M.Emanuel RAS, Russia, Moscow 1 Space Research Institute RAS, Russia, Moscow 2 Crimea State Medical University named after S.I.Georgievsky, Ukraine, Simferopol 3 Institute of Physiology of Natural Adaptations Ural section of RAS, Russia, Archangelsk 4 National University named after V.I. Vernadsky, 95007, Ukraine, Simferopol

2 The aim of this work to develop the software that enables a comprehensive evaluation of the functional state of a human and assess the relationship between subjective mental state and objective psychophysiological and physiological parameters, their monitoring and comparison with environmental (cosmophysic, meteorological, ecological) and other factors.

3 Objectives : 1.Select the diagnostic techniques in the form of a software product that can be installed on any PC. 2.The group of selected methods should fully reflect the possible changes of the CNS to environmental factors, including cosmophysical. 3.The minimum execution time of the test without significant efforts of the patient. 4.The possibility of daily use of psycho-physiological tests, taking into account the acquisition of skill. 5.Descriptiveness, validity and accuracy of obtained measurements and results.

4 Main components of the software complex, which enable to estimate… Phasical activity of subcortical structures (hippocamp): sustainability of voluntary attention (correcture test) Rate of reaction on external stimuli: Simple audio-motor reaction Functional state of motor zones and interhemispheric communication: Ten-fingers random tapping Limbic system activity: Psychoemotional state (semantic differential questionnairy) Indices of hemodynamic (SBP, DBP,HR, PP, KI)

5 SAMR, 1,5 min Correcture test, 2 min random ten-fingers tapping, 2,5 min Indices of psycho-emotional state, 3 min Hemodynamic indices, 3-5 min Database: more than 80 parameters for each person per session -Capability of pairwise comparison of studied parameters. -Cross-correlation matrices The Comparison between parameters of Space weather and complex parameters, cross-correlation matrices

6 Structure of the functioning of local software within the framework of an information texnology “universal monitoring of ecological health” Examples to the visualizations of the results We have developed the information system (IS) based on the results of long-term pilot experiments and analysis of time trends of daily monitoring of psychophysiological parameters, uploaded on a web-portal "Universal monitoring of environmental health" IS has many advantages, including: the availability and affordability, there is no need to purchase additional devices, sensors and software. Architecture of IS makes it easy to upgrade with new modules and techniques and to expand their scope, as a basis for implementing a wide range of scientific and practical tasks per request of prospective customers and / or partners. In addition to IS, we created the separate software product called "Local Universal Monitoring" which provides a registration of additional psycho-physiological parameters as well as enhanced interpretation of the results. The recorded parameters can be transferred to the website "Universal monitoring of environmental health" for their further processing. Global Universal Monitoring Local program Local Universal Monitoring LUM Examples of the visualizations of the results



9 Examples of empirical results received from the data obtained with the software (UMON and LUM)

10 Latent time alterations of the simple Audio-motor reaction (SAMR) (pic.А, B) and the number of delay responses (pic. В) In the range of ±4 days to the effect of geomagnetic disturbances (Null day). X-direction – time (days) before and after geomagnetic disturbance; Y-direction – parameters of audio-motor reaction Group effect B А C Examples of individual effects Simple audio-motor reation

11 Variations of voluntary attention efficiency(А), accuracy index (B) and the number of wrongly deleted characters(C) In relation to the dates of geomagnetic disturbances. X-direction – time (days) before and after Geomagnetic disturbances; Y-direction – corresponding indices of the voluntary attention Indices of voluntary attention А Group effect BC Examples of individual effects

12 1.Presented Informational system can be used to assess the health state of a man by means of rapid methods implemented in the software, installed onto a PC. The data of regular testing can be transferred to the server database and provides a basis for the further analysis and issue of results and recommendations in the user interface on website The local program additionally implements a number of psychophysiological techniques and provides rapid diagnosis of the functional state of the subject. 2.The monitoring data of the health state, space weather and other factors allow for a comprehensive analysis of the health status of the subject with respect to its individual standards for each indicator, identify the relationship between indicators of test and parameters of space weather, taking into account the time lag between them. The results obtained are the basis for the prediction of the human condition in relation to the influence of socio- psychological factors and Space Physics.. 3.Preliminary conclusions and recommendations obtained in an automated way, are the basis for the further processing of information by experts, physicians and other professionals. The information system has the potential for a variety of researches based on its technology, as well as to implement the rapid diagnosis of people whose professional activity is connected to the specific requirements for their health state.

13 Thank you for your attention! with the hope for further collaboration…

14 General algorithm of «program-client» of

15 Spinal cord Cerebrum Structural components of CNS 0,0167 - 0,0139 Hz α- rhythm 8-12 Hz Cranio-sacral rhythm, micro alterations of skull and spine size are synchronized to the rhythms of cerebro-spinal fluid circulation (0,1 – 0,17 Hz) motoneurons neurons synapses neuroglia Brain neurons ЭМП КНЧ

16 Цит. поФотекова Т.А., Ахутина Т.В. Диагностика речевых нарушений школьников с использованием нейропсихологических методов/ Пособие для логопедов и психологов. - М.: 1999АРКТИ. - 115c

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