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Semi-invasive biopotential & activity in rodents.

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1 semi-invasive biopotential & activity in rodents

2 on each subject the following 8 signals are available: 2 eeg, each sampled at 1kHz 2 emg/ecg, each sampled at 500Hz 3 axis acceleration, sampled at 80Hz on each axis 1 global acceleration module available at 80Hz, computed from 3 axes rodent PACK is a semi-invasive telemetry device to monitor biopotentials and activity on rats

3 rodent PACK consists of 3 main parts electrodes implanted in the subject and linked to a connector permanently glued onto the skull transmitter housing amplifiers, transmission electronics and batteries, to be coupled to the head connector prior to experiment receiver to read transmistted data and to provide calibrated analog outputs

4 radio transmission range, 5m or more transmission duration with same batteries: 70 hours (cost of batteries: 3€ ($4US) / pair) group housing: multiple animals in same cage 20 to 40 animals in same room with no required shielding analog outputs: connects at no extra cost to any existing software features

5 noise free, high quality eeg signal eeg electrodes are rigidly welded on the head connector which is itself solidly linked to the transmitter, therefore animal movements trigger no flexible wire movement and cause no artefact 3-axis acceleration allowing activity and posture assessment very low recurring cost no transmitter refurbishment is ever necessary batteries cost 3€ per recording advantages

6 low investment cost to record simultaneously from 4 rats, your complete hardware investment is less than 13k€ ($18kUS) even lower investment cost by scheduling your recordings, you may further decrease cost for example, conducting a study on 16 subjects split in 4 groups of 4, only requires a total hardware investment of 14k€ ($20kUS) open system if you already own a preferred acquisition/analysis software, you may use it at no extra cost : rodent PACK is provided with analog outputs and immediately connects to any recording platform more advantages

7 5s of data from a rat cortex, hippocampus, emg, total acceleration data traces from rodent PACK

8 50 s of data from a rat cortex, hippocampus, emg, total acceleration data traces from rodent PACK

9 does the device alter subject behaviour? after an acclimation of under 24 hours, the rats ignore the device. They do not « touch » it nor do they try to rub it on the cage sides how long can the implanted electrodes and glued connector stay in place ? rats equipped with this types of electrodes and connectors have been routinely used for many years in tethered systems rats used for our tests were implanted 12 months ago and are still in good health. No special precautions were taken during this period to keep the skin-to-glue junction clean or sterile frequently asked questions

10 power in up to 6 adjustable frequency ranges absolute and relative power values versatile scheduling of analysis, epoch lengths, overlap factor, windowing power spectrum analysis with eeg module within ecgAUTO software

11 3-D display of average spectrums over time power spectrum analysis with eeg module within ecgAUTO software

12 sleep scoring module define threshold values applicable to any parameter from any input software applies logical rules to attribute 1 out of 4 sleep stages to each epoch trend graph displays parameters as well as sleep stages user may, on the fly, adjust thresholds and see the effect on sleep scoring

13 from top: cortex hippocampus muscle sleep score active wake quiet wake REM sleep SW sleep sleep scoring module

14 from top: cortex hippocampus muscle data table (one line per 20s epoch)

15 visit our websites for complete product descriptions, case studies, a knowledge base, & frequently asked questions: website

16 please contact us to see how we can help you meet your telemetry research goals! contact us!


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