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Welcome to the 2014 CFC Coordinator & Keyworker Mini-Clinic Skull Session.

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1 Welcome to the 2014 CFC Coordinator & Keyworker Mini-Clinic Skull Session

2 Today’s Review Welcome – Thank you for being here! The Basics of CFC CFC Overview and Structure Agency Coordinator Role Agency Keyworker Role 2014 Website – Big Role Campaign Materia l

3 Today’s Review The BIG PICTURE for Success Leadership Engagement The Value of Special Events Creating Visibility for your CFC Effort Making the “Ask” Emphasis on PARTICIPATION

4 Today’s Review Universal Giving Online Giving Options Approaching Younger Co-Workers Recognition Opportunities 2014 Campaign Goal and Your Dept/Agency Goal

5 Campaign Overview The Basics of the CFC

6 33 County Giving Area Adams, Athens, Brown, Coshocton, Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Gallia, Guernsey, Highland, Hocking, Jackson, Lawrence, Licking, Logan, Madison, Marion, Meigs, Morgan, Morrow, Muskingum, Perry, Pickaway, Pike, Ross, Scioto, Union, Vinton, and Washington counties in Ohio. Cabell, Wayne and Wood counties in West Virginia.

7 Structure Sets Policy & Procedures Conducts Local Campaign Manages Local Campaign (Principal Combined Fund Organization) Leadership of LFCC (Local Federal Campaign Committee)

8 Loaned Executive (LE) Responsibilities Jan Pitts, Lisa Thompson, Connie Ferrell, Trevor Payne (USPS), and Regina Baldridge (PT – Parkersburg, WV) Act as a liaison between Agency and PFCO. Deliver all material needed for employee campaigns including pledge cards, brochures, report envelopes, and campaign posters. Ensure the CFC’s impact is demonstrated through the use of agency tours, agency displays, speakers, and the use of the campaign video. Assist Agency Coordinators with planning, organizing and conducting employee campaigns and meetings. Follow-up with CFC Agency Coordinators weekly or as needed and assist in management of the campaign by working with the PCFO team.

9 Agency Coordinator Role Primary contact with Loaned Executives and PCFO Develops, schedules and implements the Agency campaign (via awareness, marketing and special events). Develops and implements a schedule for employee “ask” meetings to educate employees about the CFC. Assures that related “off-site” offices in the Agency are included in the campaign. Reviews and analyzes the giving history and past campaign activities of the agency. Recruits and trains campaign team (i.e..Keyworkers - one for every 15 to 20 employees).

10 Agency Coordinator Role Distributes all campaign materials, collects and audits pledge forms in timely fashion. Communicates campaign progress & results to assigned LE. Coordinates pick-up of report envelopes with LE to be taken to the PCFO for processing. Completes the campaign during the specified time period with follow- up as necessary. Communicates and distributes important recognition opportunities for donors as well as Keyworkers and Captains.

11 Obtain support for the campaign from the Agency Head - CRITICAL Know the facts about CFC – bring the message “home” to your Agency Recruit your team – Captains (if necessary), Keyworkers, Helpers Engage your Agency through events, communications, VISIBLE marketing, and passionate Keyworkers and Captains Get to know your Loaned Executive Train and support your team & engage your LE for help Drive employees to the campaign website for more information Encourage online pledging (easy, fewer mistakes) Elements of a Successful Coordinator

12 Agency Keyworker Role Liaison between employee and Agency Coordinator Key to any successful campaign with Agency with large number of employees Must be willing to personally ‘reach out’ and become a passionate ambassador for the Campaign Ideally, 1 Keyworker for every 15-20 employees

13 KEYWORKER: An assistant to the Agency Coordinator – assigned to a defined number of coworkers – responsible for communicating the CFC message, providing campaign materials, asking for support and help in collecting pledge forms. Critical to the campaign success of larger agencies Connect - 1 Keyworker per 15-20 co-workers Be BOLD!! – Keyworkers must not be timid when asking for support Process – Keyworkers insure EVERY employee has a pledge form Thank – Keyworkers need to insure they THANK every donor, provide campaign pin upon making a pledge to donate Keyworker Training & Recognition

14 Recognition As Coordinator, YOU are responsible for recognizing the efforts of your Keyworkers. It is strongly encouraged to create some form of recognition from yourself and/or Dept. Head. Nominate a “Keyworker of the Week” award throughout the campaign – post in a public place (monitor, daily news) Provide a certificate of appreciation for all Keyworkers at the conclusion of the campaign – presented by Dept. Head Keyworker Training & Recognition

15 Campaign Website This PPT is on the website

16 Campaign Materials

17 Campaign Website Find all key print materials on the website

18 2014 Central Ohio & West Virginia CFC Charity Guide

19 Charity Poster

20 Pledge Card


22 Completing the Pledge Card Instruct employees to use black ballpoint pen, write in all capital letters and to press firmly! 3-Part Form: 1.Top page goes to your Payroll Office. 2.Middle page (white carbon copy) goes in the Report Envelope. 3.Bottom page (pink carbon copy) to donor as confirmation receipt.



25 Campaign Website Find downloadable documents here

26 Campaign Report Envelope

27 75.00

28 Key Points Separate Civilian from Military Pledge Cards when adding pledges Contribution Type Vs. Special Events “TOTAL” Row should represent what is in the envelope DO NOT sign on “Envelope Picked Up By:” line DO NOT SEAL the envelope until reconciled with your LE 75.00

29 The Big Picture to Success 1.Leadership Engagement 2.The Value of Special Events 3.Creating Visibility for CFC 4.Making The Ask

30 Leadership Engagement Must communicate with CO or Director or Dept. Head (set a meeting to discuss CFC) Must have CO or Dept. Head support for CFC Ask them: “What are you COMFORTABLE DOING ON OUR BEHALF”

31 Leadership Engagement If not getting support – contact LE Ask them to make a personal pledge – then promote it via email, photos, social media See “10 Ways Agency Leadership can Support…”

32 The Value of Special Events Your likely not to make your budget with Special Event revenue….. But you just might because… 1.Special Events create awareness for the overall campaign (signage, email, social media, intranet messaging, other) 2.Special Events create ‘residual benefits’ via added payroll and one-time gifts

33 The Value of Special Events In some weird, unorthodox way, Special Events at work allow us to goof off – just a little – which is HEALTHY!! Create a strong team for your Special Event planning Plan your Special Event 3-4 weeks in advance to properly coordinate Creativity – makes the most SUCCESSFUL and most MEMORABLE events

34 Creating Visibility for CFC Posters should be seen everywhere possible EM notice from CO or Dept. Head supporting the campaign Regular postings on bulleting boards Elbow way into the newsletter or PR communications Create Internal Competitions among divisions, either side of hallways, floors etc…

35 Creating Visibility for CFC Place an easel at each main entrance Regular Emails (coordinated with you, Keyworkers and management) Inter-building TV Montor schedule HOLD SPECIAL EVENTS Then promote the pictures from the event – DO IT IMMEDIATELY

36 Making the Ask Making “The Ask” is not for the weak. You must be able to walk up to strangers and ask them for money (or their support at the least) For most people, asking for money (especially if from their supervisors) is incredibly difficult Start with friendly colleagues first – to get comfortable and practice your ‘pitch’

37 Making the Ask Focus on Participation – not dollar amount Connect: share your story or stories of others that you’ve heard during your role as Coordinator or Keyworker – why people give Manager/Staff meetings – Awesome opportunities to engage and ask many at 1 time

38 Making the Ask Make sure your team/co-workers are aware of the Department Goals (or your Keyworker Goals) – Revenue and Percent Participation and Per Capita If you receive a $10 or more donation at a Special Event function, ask them to fill out a pledge form – or you do it for them – it helps participation numbers

39 Making the Ask Encourage Payroll Deduction – because it translates to 4-5X larger gifts Remember – it is OK if they say “No” – show respect – your role is simply to ask Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

40 Making the Ask For more tips and ideas, download the “2014 Coordinator Training Manual” on

41 2014 GOAL: Increase Participation Level vs. Dollar Level 1997 - 51.7%$211/donor 2007 – 29.8%$282/donor 2012 – 19%$340/donor 2013 – 12.1%$385/donor FOCUS ON PARTICIPATION!!!!!!

42 Additional Important Stuff 1.On-Line Giving formats/systems 2.Universal Giving 3.Approaching Your Younger Co-Worker

43 Online Giving There are currently 3 online giving options… 1.Nexus 2.Employee Express (EEX) 3. myPay

44 Nexus Nexus is a non-government run third party online pledging system. It is available for ANY FEDERAL employee from any department/agency.

45 Employee Express EEX is an automated government payroll system that empowers Federal employees to initiate the processing of their discretionary personnel-payroll transactions electronically. EEX is limited to select departments – refer to the home page for a department listing.

46 myPay An automated government payroll system for employees of the Department of Defense (DoD) ONLY that empowers Federal employees to initiate the processing of their discretionary personnel-payroll transactions electronically. Government Intranet access only

47 Campaign Website Link to online giving tools from here

48 2014 – Universal Giving New for 2014 after 3 year pilot study HUGE talking point with Co-Workers Available via ON-LINE PLEDGING ONLY Must be directed to NEXUS (preferred) or for research Warning – may be somewhat cumbersome

49 Approaching Younger Co-Workers “Millenials” = 18-33 year old workers They give to many causes – small amounts They STRONGLY support their friends and those in their social media circle May appear disinterested but WRONG! The generally are proud of their techno smarts – so let them us it!

50 Approaching Younger Co-Workers Social media helps create the image of how they want others to see them Your story must be COMPELLING to get their attention Engage them early in the giving process Instead of asking them for money, ask them for their VOICE

51 Approaching Younger Co-Workers Ask them to participate in a small leadership role that will look good for them (i.e. ask them to participate at a manager’s meeting where you can speak about CFC) Ask them to help you – “LIKE” and “TWEET” cool things that will help the campaign NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THEIR INFLUENCE

52 Recognition Donor Level Department/Agency Level

53 Donor Levels & Recognition Items Bronze $240 - $479 Silver $480 - $719 Gold $720 - $959 Platinum $960 - $1,199 Diamond $1,200+

54 Depart/Agency Recognition 1.Departments/Agencies are recognized that achieve a minimum of $40 average donation “Per Capita” Levels are: Gold, Silver and Certificate

55 Dept/Agency Recognition 2.Department/Agency % Participation 3. Department Revenue Goal Dept/Agency “Three-Star Recognition for achieving all 3

56 Percent Participation New to 2014 Each Department/Agency will be given a goal for employee participation Depts/Agencies achieving or surpassing goal will receive recognition certificate

57 Campaign Website Find recognition info here

58 The IMPACT of the Federal Employee on our Community Nearly $208 Million put into our communities in 2013 $1,082,214 pledged in 2013 $385 average per Donor $32.08 per month Supports nearly 3000 Charities across the country Donor-driven – support what moves you

59 STILL NOT SURE WHAT YOU ARE IN FOR? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Contact your Loaned Executive or the PCFO office. We are all available to you to answer your questions and to make your role as fulfilling as possible.

60 2014 CFC GOAL $1,160,000 From 3,088 DONORS

61 Campaign Website Resources and Downloads Resources Forms Training

62 WEBSITE RESOURCES & DOWNLOADS - RESOURCES 2014 Charity Guide 2014 Campaign Poster (both versions) 2014 Campaign Video 2014 Coordinator Training Manual 2014 Coordinator Training PowerPoint (this presentation)

63 WEBSITE RESOURCES & DOWNLOADS – FORMS Fifth Third Bank – Cash conversion letter Donor Recognition Awards Form Gift/Prize Request Speaker Request Form Nexus – User Tutorial EEX – User Tutorial MyPay – User Tutorial

64 WEBSITE RESOURCES & DOWNLOADS – TRAINING What your contribution can DO PCFO & LE Contact List Sample – Encouragement Letter from Director/Head Ideas on Increasing Participation Keyworker Training Package Acronyms & Terms Campaign FUNDRAISING ideas

65 Questions?


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