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JEFFREY JONES DOG BREEDS. AUSTRALIAN SHEPARD These medium sized dogs are slightly longer than they are tall. They are solid and muscular. They are often.

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2 AUSTRALIAN SHEPARD These medium sized dogs are slightly longer than they are tall. They are solid and muscular. They are often compared to the Border Collie. Their gait demonstrates the agility and stamina that a sheepdog would need.

3 AUSTRALIAN SHEPARD HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female18"21"Female35 lbs.70 lbs. Male20"23"Male35 lbs.70 lbs.

4 AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOGS Dogs of great stamina and endurance, Australian Cattle Dogs are a picture of strength and agility, with intense watchful eyes. They are compact and symmetrical and should look well-muscled, with a double coat.

5 AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOGS HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female17"19"Female35 lbs.44 lbs. Male18"20"Male35 lbs.44 lbs.

6 BEAGLE They are sturdy and bold little dogs that are the very essence of quality. They have kindly expressions and are compact and athletic. They stride out freely, covering the ground well. They have short coats that are dense and weather-resistant.

7 BEAGLE HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female13"16"Female17 lbs.31 lbs. Male13"16"Male17 lbs.31 lbs.

8 BASSET HOUNDS Basset Hounds are big dogs on short legs! With their exaggerated length of ears, wrinkly skins and droopy eyelids these dogs are easily recognized. They are heavy, long and low dogs, who have a smooth, free action. They have charm and their expressions are intelligent and aristocratic.

9 BASSET HOUNDS HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female13"15"Female40 lbs.60 lbs. Male13"15"Male40 lbs.60 lbs.

10 BORDER COLLIE The Border Collie is a truly well proportioned dog with agility and perfect balance. The coat can either be smooth or of medium length with a thick water-resistant undercoat. When working, this breed will usually be seen in the crouched position, with their alert eyes fixed on the job in hand.

11 BORDER COLLIE HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female20"21"Female31 lbs.37.5 lbs. Male21"21.5"Male37.5 lbs.44 lbs.

12 BOSTON TERRIER The Boston is a small happy dog that can be a little boisterous at times. They have a short, square muzzle and a square skull. They are short coated and short tailed. The chest is not as deep as the other bull breeds that they have descended from. They have thin ears that stand erect at the corners of their flat skull. The thighs of this dog are strong and well-muscled. They carry themselves with an impression of determination and strength.

13 BOSTON TERRIER HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female15"17"Female10 lbs.25 lbs. Male15"17"Male10 lbs.25 lbs.

14 BOXER The boxer is a medium sized dog, very muscular, sturdy and deep chested. They have a short muzzle and a slightly upturned chin. The head and muzzle have wrinkly skin, which gives the boxer its unique appearance. When this dog moves it covers the ground quickly.

15 BOXER HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female21"24"Female53 lbs.65 lbs. Male22"25"Male60 lbs.70 lbs.

16 BULLDOG The overall look of the dog should be powerful and vigorous with a short, sturdy (not stout) body and a peculiar rolling gait. One of the distinctive elements of the Bulldog is its loose skin, especially at the head, neck and shoulders. Another distinctive feature is the massive skull.

17 BULLDOG HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female12"14"Female50 lbs.55 lbs. Male12"14"Male50 lbs.55 lbs.

18 CHIHAHUA- SMOOTH COAT The smallest of dogs, with an apple-domed skull and smooth, fine coat. HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female6"9"Female2 lbs.6.5 lbs. Male6"9"Male2 lbs.6.5 lbs.

19 DACHSHUND- MINIATURE This is a long backed, short-legged dog of diminutive size. While small, the Dachshund is still muscular and powerfully built with a deep, broad chest and well-developed forelegs. The forehead blends into the muzzle creating an elongated look to the skull. The eyes are dark, almond shaped and intelligent looking. The ears are high set and long.

20 DACHSHUND- MINIATURE HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female4"7"Female9 lbs.11 lbs. Male4"7"Male9 lbs.11 lbs.

21 COLLIE- ROUGH Rough Collies are dogs of dignity and beauty with sweet, expressive and intelligent looks. They are perfectly balanced and with their abundant coats and elongated, narrow, chiseled heads, they are easily recognizable. Their action is smooth and appears effortless, with great drive coming from their hind legs.

22 COLLIE- ROUGH HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female20"22"Female50 lbs.66 lbs. Male22"24"Male59 lbs.75 lbs.

23 COCKER SPANIEL American Cocker Spaniels are small-bodied, compact dogs. They are workmanlike dogs and well balanced. They are noted for their rounded head and full, silky coat with feathering on ears, chest, abdomen and legs. They move in a smooth, coordinated way and appear to cover the ground effortlessly.

24 COCKER SPANIEL HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female13"14.5"Female22 lbs.28 lbs. Male14"15"Male22 lbs.28 lbs.

25 DALMATIAN The breed stands out for it's unique spotted coats; black or liver spots on a white background. Their outline is square, showing them to be well- balanced, strong, muscular dogs. They have wonderful freedom of movement taking long strides, showing smooth, powerful and rhythmic action.

26 DALMATIAN HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female22"23"Female50 lbs.55 lbs. Male23"24"Male50 lbs.55 lbs.

27 DOBERMAN PINSCHER This is a moderately large, powerful, yet still elegant animal. The coat is smooth and short and can come in various colors with tan markings. This dog appears to be square in the body; they are built for endurance and speed. The body carriage should be proud and the dog should have a likeness to a thoroughbred horse.

28 DOBERMAN PINSCHER HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female25"27"Female70.5 lbs. Male27"28"Male70.5 lbs.99 lbs.

29 ENGLISH SETTER This glamorous and elegant breed is both symmetrical and of substantial build. They are the epitome of strength, grace and stamina. Their long, flat coats are silky and well-feathered. They have a free, graceful action that suggests speed and endurance.

30 ENGLISH SETTER HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female24"25.5"Female55 lbs.66 lbs. Male25.5"26.5"Male55 lbs.66 lbs.

31 GERMAN SHEPHERD Their appearance should be of a muscular, alert dog with a noble and aloof attitude. The dogs are agile and well balanced in the fore and hindquarters and carry themselves with pride. Although substantially built, these dogs are not square but made up of smooth curves, the length being greater than the height.

32 GERMAN SHEPHARD HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female21.5"23.5"Female66 lbs.75 lbs. Male23.5"25.5"Male75 lbs.79 lbs.

33 GOLDEN RETRIEVER This breed is known for its lustrous, golden coat of resilient quality and medium length. The Golden Retriever has a friendly and intelligent expression with perfect symmetry and superb, flowing movement covering the ground with long, powerful strides.

34 GOLDEN RETRIEVER HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female22"24"Female60 lbs.70 lbs. Male22"24"Male66 lbs.75 lbs.

35 GREAT DANE The Great Dane is a large sized dog that is very muscular and strong. The head is rectangular and long in appearance. They have a short dense coat. They give the appearance of being very noble and dignified.

36 GREAT DANE HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female28"30"Female101 lbs.119 lbs. Male30"32"Male119 lbs.136 lbs.

37 GREYHOUND Greyhounds are the racehorses of the canine world, incredibly fast and aristocratic, graceful and elegant. Generously proportioned and upstanding, these dogs are symmetrical and strongly built. With their long, straight forelegs, they cover the ground in low, free strides at great speed, being propelled by muscular hind legs that come well under their bodies.

38 GREYHOUND HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female26.5"28"Female59 lbs.66 lbs. Male28"30"Male66 lbs.70.5 lbs.

39 IRISH SETTER This Sporting's outstanding attribute is its rich, chestnut to mahogany colored coat. It is a silky, flat coat with feathering at the legs, ears and on the tail. Balanced and elegant, the breed strides through the show-ring, or alongside its owner, with its head held high. They are quite muscular dogs and should not carry any excess weight.

40 IRISH SETTER HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female24"25"Female59 lbs.67 lbs. Male25"26"Male59 lbs.67 lbs.

41 LABRADOR RETRIEVER Labs are very active, strongly built dogs with good bone and substance. Their heads are broad with soft, intelligent eyes. They have a double coat: the undercoat being weather-resistant and the outer coat being short and dense with no feathering. Their tails are totally unique being 'otter' like and their movement is straight and true both front and back, covering the ground freely.

42 LABRADOR RETRIEVER HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female21"22"Female55 lbs.70 lbs. Male23"24"Male65 lbs.85 lbs.

43 MINIATURE SCHNAUZER The Miniature Schnauzer is a small sized dog. They are sturdy and muscular with an alert outlook. Their eyebrows, moustache and leg hair gives them a very distinctive appearance.

44 MINIATURE SCHNAUZER HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female13" Female15 lbs. Male14"14.5"Male17 lbs.

45 POINTER Pointers have a lithe, athletic frame. Their whole appearance is one of graceful curves. Pointers are muscular dogs, covering the ground smoothly and at good speed, with a driving hind action. Their coats are perfectly smooth, straight and short with a tremendous sheen. They carry their heads nobly and proudly.

46 POINTER HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female24"26"Female57 lbs. Male25"27"Male66 lbs.

47 PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI The Pembroke Corgi is a small sized, sturdy little dog that is set low to the ground. Their straight, medium length coat is waterproof. They are customarily docked and have a fox like face.

48 PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female10"12"Female22 lbs.24 lbs. Male10"12"Male22 lbs.26 lbs.

49 ROTTWEILER Rottweilers are medium to large, compact dogs known for their solid black, flat-lying coats with clearly defined rust-colored markings. Although they have double coats, the undercoat is very fine and not visible through the outer one; which is coarse and of medium length. They are one of the strongest and most powerful dogs in the world for their size.

50 ROTTWEILER HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female22"25"Female84 lbs. Male24"27"Male110 lbs.

51 SHIH TZU The Shih Tzu is a long coated, sturdy little dog. They move in quite an arrogant manner with their tails carried over their backs.

52 SHIH TZU HEIGHTMINMAXWEIGHTMINMAX Female9"10.5"Female9 lbs.17 lbs. Male10"10.5"Male9 lbs.17 lbs.















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