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What is the relationship between these animals?.

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1 What is the relationship between these animals?




5 Shapes: Wedge, sharp, flat teeth Names: incisors, canines, molars

6 Human teeth- 3 shapes- wedge, sharp, flat snip, tear, grind food

7 What do you notice about the rabbit, beaver, squirrel and porcupine skulls?

8 Rabbit skull

9 Beaver skull

10 Squirrel skull

11 Porcupine skull

12 Look at the cheetah, leopard and leopard seal skulls. Notice that all the canines & molars are sharp and pointed.

13 Cheetah skull

14 Leopard skull

15 Leopard seal

16 Look at the grizzly bear, and chimpanzee. They have all 3 tooth shapes like humans.

17 Grizzly bear skull

18 Chimpanzee skull

19 Review of teeth Herbivores: wedge front, no canines, flat molars Carnivores: wedge front, sharp canines, sharp molars Omnivores: wedge front, sharp canines, flat molars

20 Today we will break into small groups to look at some real skulls. Your job will be to determine whether the animal is a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. There are 3 -4 different skulls… Activity: Skull identification

21 Activity quiz after “real” skull id

22 Quiz after looking at skulls Can you identify the skull as herbivore, carnivore or omnivore based on teeth? THEY ARE ALL MIXED UP!


24 Snowshoe hare


26 Beaver


28 Lynx


30 Muskrat


32 Mink


34 Timber wolf


36 Red fox


38 Moose


40 Caribou


42 Mountain goat

43 Review What have you learned today? Can you name 3 shapes of teeth? Can you name 3 types of teeth? Can you tell me which teeth a herbivore has? A carnivore has? An omnivore has?

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