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DURAFILTER NORTH AMERICA Industrial Fluid Power Specialists 2008.

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1 DURAFILTER NORTH AMERICA Industrial Fluid Power Specialists 2008

2 DCI offers sales, service and technical assistance in the hydraulic industry, drawn from a vast resource of knowledge gained from more than 30 years in the industry “CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SECOND TO NONE” DURAFILTER NORTH AMERICA

3 From providing you with the finest quality filter elements to helping you find solutions to your most demanding needs, there is no filtration problem that we can not help you solve. Whether one of our DURAFILTER crossovers or OEM filter element will fill your need or a custom filter is required, you can be assured on prompt delivery and the highest quality product at the best possible price. We export all over the world Our export experience allows us to provide superior service, quality and a competitive price. DURAFILTER NORTH AMERICA

4 We offer a complete range of industrial filter elements and accessories that range from : Duplex Filters High Pressure Line Filters Spin-On Filters DURAFILTER crosses over all major OEM Filter Manufacturers such as: Return Line Filters Filler-Breather Filters Suction Filters DURAFILTER crossovers are all manufactured to many ISO standards and to all OEM Manufacturers specifications EPE Mahle Pall Parker Donaldson Denison Fairey Arlon Hydac/Hycon Filtersoft MP Filtri PTI Norman Purolator Separation Technologies Stauff Taisei Kogyo Vickers Mann & Hummel Profitlitch Boll & Kirsch Internormen Seebach Microfilter Bosch Regeltechnik Diagnetics Finn Fleetguard Fram Schroeder Moog DURAFILTER NORTH AMERICA

5 DURAFILTER NORTH AMERICA is the exclusive North American distributor for Bolenz & Shäfer (BSD) piston accumulator systems. BSD Piston Accumulators are manufactured according to DIN/ISO 9001 standards and can be used in the following applications: As an energy accumulator As an energy reserve To maintain a constant pressure To avoid pressure pulsation As a shock absorber As a resilient element DURAFILTER NORTH AMERICA

6 BSD Accumulator units (consisting of piston accumulators and auxiliary pressure vessels) are designed and manufactured complete with all necessary safety and control equipment. Nearly all capacities are possible. BSD Piston accumulators can be found where ever high performance and minimum maintenance is required. They are used in extreme climates, around the clock, taking up minimum space and conserving energy. BSD piston accumulators are available in a full product range designed to provide reliability and safety in every hydraulic system. DURAFILTER NORTH AMERICA

7 BSD is the only producer of piston accumulators providing more than 50 years experience in engineering and production. This leading position in technical expertise is demonstrated by the attention to detail in the design of BSD piston accumulators..... DURAFILTER NORTH AMERICA

8 DURAFILTER NORTH AMERICA bladder/diaphragm accumulators are also available, as well as replacement parts, i.e. bladders, diaphragms, gas valves, etc… Please contact us for any inquiries you may have DURAFILTER NORTH AMERICA

9 Please send all your inquiries to: DURAFILTER CANADA INC. 3045 Southcreek Road Unit 53 Mississauga, ON L4X 2X7 Canada Phone: (905) 624-1610 Fax: (905) 624-2409 E-Mails Or visit us online at DURAFILTER NORTH AMERICA 1623 Military Road Unit 667 Niagara Falls, NY 14304 USA Phone: (866) 376-8095 Fax: (866) 385-9978

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