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EReg Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities Eucaris European Car and Driving Licence Information System ALB National Conference.

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1 EReg Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities Eucaris European Car and Driving Licence Information System ALB National Conference Hans van der Bruggen Bucharest, Chairman EReg 21 November 2013 Acting Chairman EUCARIS

2 2 Introduction  Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities  Central vehicle registration or driver registration authorities of EU/EFTA Member States  Subjects concern registration, information and documentation of vehicles and drivers  Cooperation based on voluntary cooperation between the committed organisations  On 25 April 2012, the EReg AISBL (an International Non–Profit Association) was founded. This is a legal entity under Belgium law

3 3 Origin / history / milestones  early 90’s: First form of cooperation in the field of data-exchange (EUCARIS)

4 EUropean CAR and driving licence Information System EUCARIS

5 WHY INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION ?  Harmonisation of technical requirements vehicles (EU, UN)  Accessibility of Central and East European countries  Abolition of internal borders of EU countries  Growing import within, to and from outside EU  EU Directive 1999/37 (harmonisation vehicle documents)  Directive on free movement of people, work and goods

6 EUropean CAR and driving licence Information System  Started 1994 (BeNeLux) because of abolition of internal borders  No central database/system (no costs for it and no dependence of it)  Every country stays responsible for its own national database  Member States install the possibility that other MS may and can retrieve this national database/registration (online and 24/7)  MS have the possibility to send via the system information to other MS’ registration  Shared costs for application and system development  Extremely cheap to introduce new functionalities because the basic technology is already available in nearly all Member States  International connections via national registration authorities  National registration authorities are providers for all kind of national users, like police, customs, tax and other enforcement authorities (national hub)  Non profit system only from and for governmental authorities (no private companies or organizations are involved) EUCARIS

7 EUCARIS at the moment Technical information of vehicles 19 participants + 5 observers stolen vehicles found in refused re-registrations in million enquiries in 2012 Driving licence information 9 participants (24 users) refused re-registrations in 2012

8 Original aims of the system:  Prevention of fraud and crime related to import / export of stolen vehicles  Facilitation of the registration process of imported vehicles  Facilitation of the exchange of driving licences - System is used by registration authorities, police, customs, tax, governemental enforcement authorities, etc. - System is developed by (some) Member States for (all) Member States and in meantime adopted by EU/EC Nowadays: - General exchange mechanism for all transport related data between all registration authorities of Europe  Accurate records in national databases What is EUCARIS? Aims of the system  Prevention of insurance fraud

9 EUCARIS technology or system in use at the moment EUCARIS TREATY (2000) - 19 PARTICIPANTS - TECHNICAL VEHICLE AND DRIVING LICENCE DATA - REGISTRATION AUTHORITIES (indirect: police, customs, tax) Council decisions (Prüm 2005) - 17 >> 27 (31) Member States (September 2011 > 2013) - VEHICLE DATA (technical and personal, incl. insurance) - POLICE Bilateral agreements/treaties for collecting traffic fines from foreigners - D >> F, NL, CH, A - F >> D, CH, B, L, (NL and more) - B >> F, NL, L - NL >> D, CH, B, L, (F, PL) - more

10 EUCARIS generic framework/technology/basic system: authorisation, encryption, signing, logging, routing, MCI, queuing, retry, helpfiles, translation, statistics EUCARIS Treaty Technical vehicle & driving licence data Prüm/ Council Decisions Vehicle-, owner- holder and Insurance info Bilateral treaties / File transfer Personal and (traffic fines) RESPER Driving licence data TACHO net Tacho- graph cards Mileage Kilometres and miles data eCall Techn. vehicle data One technical framework for different legal frameworks PTI Technical vehicle data of inspect. results ERRU Transport under- takings CBE CoC Personal CoC and data vehicle manufact. data to reg. (traffic authorit. offences)

11 Budget proposal General 1-VDL / Treaty2-Prüm5-ERRU7-RESPER8-eCall9-CoC10-CBE 11- Salzburg Budget 2014 Budge t 2013 Oper Re lOperRelOperRelOperRelOperRel Ope rRelOperRel Ope rRel Ope rRel Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland 1 (Police) Finland 2 (TRAFI) France 1 (Police) France 2 (ANTAI) Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg 1 (SNCT) Luxembourg 2 (Police) Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Overview Contributions 2014, to be agreed by the Participants ’ Board on 19/20 September 2013, Sweden

12 Budget proposal 2014 (2) Total contributions Donators Gibraltar Iceland Isle of Man Jersey Romania (RAR) European Commission P.M. Overall As already stated earlier in this document please be aware of the fact that it is possible you have to pay entrance fees for specific user groups in addition to your contribution of Entrance fees can be applicable when you enter an User Group for the first time in 2014 and functionality has been delivered earlier for the specific User Group and already paid for by other countries (sometimes during more years). See the table on the next page for the fees currently applicable and the countries that already paid the specific fees in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and are expected to pay in 2014.

13 13

14 EUCARIS architec ture Closed Network NL UK Police Customs Other enforcement authorities Technical Vehicle Inspection Centres Registration Authority B DE ES SE NAP Nationale Autopas Car-Pass B = DIV NL = RDW



17 Use of the system

18 Statistics / All network inquiries since , , , , , , , , ,355, Q1/ Q1/ Q1/ Q1/ Q1/ ??.???Q1/ (+) >

19 Inquiries Vehicles 2010 – 2011 by 2009 Q3/Q Q1/Q22011 Q1/Q2 Belgium Germany Estonia Jersey Great Britain Gibraltar Hungary Iceland Luxembourg Lithuania Latvia Netherlands Romania Romania Slovakia Sweden Total

20 Inquiries Driving Licences Q3/Q Q1/Q22011 Q1/Q2 Belgium /- Germany Estonia Jersey Great Britain Gibraltar Hungary Luxembourg Lithuania Latvia Netherlands Total

21 Statistics / Signals Vehicle stolen 4.42% 4,04% 2,58% 2,45% 5,77%8,56% Documents or plates stolen 0,12% 0,09% 0,10% 1,07% 1,77%2,91% Export 84,91% 86,61% 85,91%80,93%69,65% 60,45% Vehicle scrapped 0,78% 0,72% 0,57% 1,50% 1,47% 2,69% Registration inactive 2,57% 2,87% 2,43% 6,52%11,17% 12,31% Registration number changed 0,15% 0,08% 0,11% 0,09% 0,05% 0,15% Duplicate documents issued 0,03% 0,03% 0,04% 0,86% 0,53% 0,71% Waiting for inspection 0,20% 0,57% 0,28% 2,70% 2,07% 3,39% Registration suspended 1,42% 2,94% 6,28% 3,86% 6,84% 6,38% Other / not specified 5,39% 2,03% 1,70% 0,01% 0,68% 2,47% Total 100,0% 100,0%100,0%100,0%100,0% 100,0% To be discussed and analysed in detail during a next EUCARIS User Conference

22 Technical support during implementation Technical support during operation

23 23 Origin / history / milestones  early 90’s: First form of cooperation in the field of data-exchange (=EUCARIS)  : Informal meetings in Helsinki, Stockholm, Berlin and London  29 June 2005: Advise Mr Willy Maes (EC/DG-TREN)  May 2006: Meeting Cyprus: decision to found an European association  May 2007: Meeting Amsterdam: chairmanship > NL, Working Plan , Year Plan 2007, start Topic Groups  May 2008: Meeting Malta: establishment of EReg structure: Constitution  and Rules of Procedure  May 2009: Meeting Stratford on Avon (UK): historical clash and break through with EC  May 2010: Meeting Luxemburg: evaluation EReg , decision to formalize the EReg structure by creating a legal body under Belgium law, Working Plan  May 2011: Meeting Warsaw (PL): new subjects and Topic Groups  May 2012: Isle of Man: confirmation about the AISBL (since 25 April 2012)  May 2013: Bern (CH): Working Plan , MoU EReg- AAMVA (USA)  June 2014: Helsinki (FIN): Change Chairmanship to Mr. Camille Gonderinger (Lux)

24 24 Organisational structure

25 Legal base EReg  Since 25 April 2012, EReg is an AISBL (an International Non–Profit Association). This is a legal entity under Belgium law  Reasons: growing professionalization, better accountability, stronger international position, legal liability  The new Articles of Incorporation (“statutes”) are similar to current agreements. Main change is the necessity of a formal office in Belgium (at DIV) and the legal position of the Advisory Group changed into a formal “board position”, including the EReg Chairman who is also Chairman of the Advisory Board  Revised new Rules of Procedure are under construction

26 26 Current EReg Members Members (25)Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom Other EU countries Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Moldavia, Ukraine, Georgia

27 27 EReg Topic Groups Current I. International Data Exchange II. Transfer and re-registration of vehicles within the Single Market XII. CoC Data Exchange XIII. Vehicle Mileage Registration Finished III. Vehicle end-of-life directive (finished 2009) V. Smart (card) vehicle documents (finished 2011/update and restart ’14) VI. Vehicle registration procedures & the internet (finished 2010) VII. 3 rd Directive on driving licensing (finished 2010) VIII. Chip on driving license (finished 2009) IX. CO2 Data Monitoring (finished 2011) X. Driving Licence Tourism (finished 2011) XI. Tackling Uninsured Driving (finished 2013) XIV. Normal Residence (driving licences) (finished 2013)

28 “The success of EReg depends on an active contribution of the members to the different activities and Topic Groups.” Hans van der Bruggen, Malta 8 May 2008

29 EReg General Meeting & Annual Conference EReg General Meeting  The General Meeting is the Association’s highest body. It consists of the members and decides on administrative and substantive matters  Responsibility of the General Meeting is decision making on the Association’s policies, finances, nominations of Chairman, Secretariat and Members of the Advisory Group, Work Program, the start of Topic Groups and approval of the final reports of the Topic Groups. EReg Annual Conference  The EReg Annual Conference is the main annual EReg event with interesting speakers about actual and interesting subjects  Purpose of the Annual Conference is sharing knowledge, experience, developments and progress concerning (possible new) topics and tasks. 29

30 The Vehice Chain online

31 31 EReg website

32 32 Stakeholders CORTE CIECA CEA Enforcers Expert comités EUCARIS CITA ISO European Council European Parliament European Commission Registration authorities ECR SOLVIT Etc. AAMVA

33 33 Work Program Priorities 2014  Follow up of EReg Topic Groups; proposal for 4 new TGs (Chip standardisation on Smart Cards, Fighting Vehicle Fraud and Crime, Outsourcing Vehicle Registration, Use of Private Companies for collecting Traffic Fines, renewed agenda TG1)  Extending the network (more EReg members and also partner organisations in the working field)  Improving the knowledge and expertise network between EReg members  Closer cooperation with relevant partners in the EU domain (EC, EP, CITA, CORTE, SPARKS, CEA, CIECA, ACEA, etc.) and with USA (check on import of stolen cars and motorcycles)  Strengthening the European position (closer cooperation with the European Commission)  Implementing the legal base for EReg, incl. legal accommodation  Launch of both an online and hard copy version of the Vehicle Chain  Next General Meeting and Annual Conference 2014 in June 2014  New Chairman starting from 1 July 2014 (Mr Camille Gonderinger/Lux).

34 34 Thank you for your interest Questions? For more information, please contact: Hans van der Bruggen (NL), Chairman or the Secretariat, Gera Arts (NL)

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