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Presentation Title Here 30pt Arial Task Force on Professionalism.

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1 Presentation Title Here 30pt Arial Task Force on Professionalism

2 Current Participants Declan Brady (ICS, Chair) Hans Frederik (NGI) Peter Federer (GI) Dirk Deschoolmeester (FAIB-FBVI) Malgorzata Kalinowska (PTI-PIPS) Marek Holynski (PTI-PIPS) Paolo Schgor (AICA) Michiel Van der Voort (BCS) Susie Kay (BCS) Fernando Piera Gomez (ATI)

3 Activities since April Meeting with EC, Brussels, Aug 4 –Andre Richier –IP3 –Presentation of CEPIS TF & Discussion of EC view –Emphasis on importance of convergent view –Invitation to eSkills conference Workshop, Amsterdam, Sept 27 –Policy and Programme –eSkills Conference –CEPIS/IFIP Accord, WCC Declaration & IP3

4 Activities since April eSkills Conference, Thessaloniki, Oct 9, 10 –Intervention in “The ICT Professional, e-Skills Certification and Training” parallel stream –Fostered interest in December Workshop with EC Considerable electronic discussion! –“Policy and Programme” document, 1 st draft

5 CEPIS on Professionalism Acknowledges special position of IT in Society Supports a convergent, evolving definition, based on Common Characteristics Obliges CEPIS to –Champion –Consult with Members –Operate a supportive Programme –Publish progress regularly Strongly encourages Members to –Adopt policy and make concrete effort to support aims and objectives –Support a common aspiration to common view –Become exemplars

6 Programme for Professionalism Stage 1: Member Society Engagement –Understand local view –First draft “Common Characteristics” Stage 2: Positive Help –To Societies able to subscribe to core aspects Stage 3: Continued Encouragement –Continued Support –Special support for societies not in Stage 2 Continuous programme –Two-year cycle –Different societies at different stages of journey

7 CEPIS and IP3 The Task Force has proposed terms for CEPIS joining IP3. The elements of this are: –IFIP/CEPIS member societies should have priority on a national basis for IITP accreditation etc. –That in keeping with CEPIS budgetary limitations, that the "fee" be proposed as €6.5k pa payable over 6 years –That CEPIS' membership be seen as much as representative of CEPIS member societies (particularly the smaller ones) as much as it is seen as representative of CEPIS itself CEPIS would become a member of IP3 Task Force within IFIP on same basis as available to other IFIP members, and with same standing as IFIP, BCS, CIPS, ACS, IEEE/CS for 6 years, with equivalent voting rights CEPIS membership becomes model of regional representation

8 CEPIS and IP3 Execom advice –Business Case and Plan is not visible –Support of European Member societies (within IFIP) unclear –Monitor IP3 closely, and review position in Spring Council

9 Also for Consideration by Council Endorsement of WCC Declaration Endorsement of CEPIS/IFIP Accord

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