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Optimise plant performance with an integrated solution Bratin Roy Vice President - Industry Service TÜV SÜD South Asia TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 1 CPP Integrated.

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1 Optimise plant performance with an integrated solution Bratin Roy Vice President - Industry Service TÜV SÜD South Asia TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 1 CPP Integrated Solution

2 Overview 1 Background 2 Steps to provide integrated solution 3 Benefit TÜV SÜD Group – Conventional Power Plant Solution 4 TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 2 CPP Integrated Solution

3 Background  In today’s changing environment, fossil-fuel plant owners face significant lifecycle management challenges  Along with existing issues like price pressures due to market liberalisation, new concerns of climate change and other environmental issues have further impacted the industry  Operation and maintenance cost reductions are needed along with performance improvements along the entire lifecycle  As a result, fossil fuel power plants need to be more flexible, reliable and efficient, while cutting emissions. In some countries, government has initiated fuel-saving or energy efficiency program, which constitutes further Market Based Instruments(MBI) for plant operators to improve efficiency and reduce their fuel consumption  In India, Govt. has already approved MBIs like PAT ( Performance, Achieve & Trade Scheme) TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 3 CPP Integrated Solution

4 Overview 1 Background 2 Steps to provide Integrated solution 3 Benefit TÜV SÜD Group – Conventional Power Plant Solution 4 TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 4 CPP Integrated Solution

5 Steps to provide integrated solution Taking an integrated approach from beginning delivers greater benefits than the traditional project stage specific approach Integrated solutions focus on operational and implementation synergies with due consideration of plant and market needs and demand, which often get missed in traditional component/ equipment specific approach  Condition Assessment  Operation & Maintenance – status assessments  Operation & Maintenance – in-service inspection  Risk-based inspection and maintenance  Performance Measurement  Efficiency and reliability improvement solutions  Integrated plant retrofits along with comprehensive Renovation & Modernisation Program TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 5 CPP Integrated Solution

6 Condition Assessment Condition Assessment These evaluations focus on establishing the current condition of assets for more precise planning of refurbishment or optimisation.  Condition assessments provide a comprehensive review of the status of all plant equipment  Risk assessments review factors influencing the operational reliability of plant components and assist in planning of refurbishment activities  Damage assessments are used after an incident to identify affected equipment and guide repair efforts  Component assessments provide an up-to-date condition status of all components and systems TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 6 CPP Integrated Solution

7 Modern maintenance and retrofit techniques  Preventive and Predictive maintenance  Condition-oriented maintenance –Inspection planning –NDT program –Monitoring methods –Calculation methods (e.g. fracture mechanics calc.) –Remaining life assessment –Repair/replacement of damaged components Full up time of the plant ensuring 100% productivity, avoiding unnecessary force shut down Operation & Maintenance – status assessment 13-01-31 Benefits Plant status assessment TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 7 CPP Integrated Solution

8 Operation & Maintenance - in-service inspection 13-01-31 Destructive Tests In-service inspection Non-destructive TestsSystems and equipment  VE Visual Examination  LP Liquid Penetrant Examination  MP Magnetic Particle Examination  UT Ultrasonic Examination  EC Eddy Current Examination  RX Radiographic Examination  MR Metallographic Replication  MPI Material Positive Identification  HM Hardness Measurements  TD Tan-Delta Test  HV High Voltage Test  DM Dimensional Examination/ Measurement  Metallographic Testing  Creep/Stress Rupture Testing  Measurement of Mechanical properties  Microbiological analysis  Metallurgical Chemistry Analysis  Review of operation and maintenance manual  Review of records  History of power plant  Hot and Cold Walk-down inspection  Civil, concrete and steel structures  Boiler  Balance of plant  Generator, Transformers  Turbine  Motors, Switch Gear Panels, Circuit Breaker, Cables, UPS, Lightning, Switchyard, Control and Instrumentation TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 8 CPP Integrated Solution

9 CPP solutions: Performance test for power plants and energy systems Performance test for power plants and energy systems Achieve guaranteed performance and maximise efficiency  Independent assessment of technical condition of plant, e.g. at the end of O & M Contract; during operation before taking decision of retrofitting or renovation  Identification of shortfall/deficiencies in the efficiency and capacity of plant  Follow international practice and test procedure like ASME, VDI  Assess results and prepared detail plan of implementation for technical mediation and moderation to attain maximum efficiency and reduce operation costs TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 9 CPP Integrated Solution

10 Risk-based inspection and maintenance 13-01-31 TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 10 CPP Integrated Solution Risk-based inspection and maintenance Achieve safe and cost-efficient operation of your power plants  Our TÜV-RoiM strategy combines reliability and risk assessments with information extracted from expert judgment, physical models, and plant-specific and generic data  We base our qualitative and quantitative techniques on internationally accepted standards and guidelines, and tailor the solutions to your specific concerns

11 Fact  Around 70% of the world’s power plants use coal, natural gas, oil, biomass or solid waste to generate electrical energy.  7 -15 % of the power generated at fossil-fuel plants is consumed by the plant’s auxiliary systems.  Auxiliary systems are a major part of a power generation facility. They include all the drive power applications (pumps, fans, motors, drives), electrical balance of plant and instrumentation, control and optimization systems.  Much of this energy could be saved or sold to generate higher plant revenues. By improving the efficiency of each auxiliary, energy consumption of an existing facility can be reduced by 10-30% Energy Efficiency assessment Procedures Energy efficiency, productivity, reliability and stability – are intimately connected. TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 11 CPP Integrated Solution Combustion Control Optimisation  Cooling System Heat Loss Recovery  Flue Gas Heat Recovery  Low-Rank Coal Drying  Sootblower Optimisation  Steam Turbine Design Review  Condenser optimization  Improvements and optimisation of other auxiliary systems A successful energy efficiency program would require a detail technical and independent evaluation of power plant and related system evaluation, and a cost vs. benefit analysis to obtain reliable cost estimates for the options under consideration, taking into account site-specific conditions

12 Integrated Retrofitting Integrated retrofitting Optimise availability and reliability over the long term.  Component/part retrofitting is not sufficient specially when ultimate goal is total asset optimisation and highest possible generation  By organising, an integrated program that incorporates various upgrades across the plant, matching the  capabilities of any combination of main components and associate parts it delivers maximum efficiency in most cost effective life extension solution  With limited budget and timeline integrated retrofit solutions are a great way to explore hidden potential without the involvement of huge capital 13-01-31 TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 12 CPP Integrated Solution

13  Achieve rated output/higher than rated Output  Better availability of generating equipment  Improved performance / efficiency and life extension of unit  Facilitate adoption of improved operations and maintenance practices.  Improvement in emission levels from thermal power plants  Life Extension for another 15 to 20 years is possible  Increase of rated capacity 4% - 8%  Increase of efficiency 8%-10%  Review /Study of Design basics, Erection, first commissioning and O & M record/reports  Energy Audit  Performance testing  Hot and cold walk-down survey of the plant  Interaction with O & M staff  Non-destructive tests (Mechanical tests and Electrical tests on critical components, Dynamic behavior tests)  Evaluation and analysis of test results  Preparation of R & M proposal &  Cost benefit analysis Renovation & Modernisation Objective Every R & M project is unique, requiring adaptation and system expertise that depends on extensive experience. MethodsExpected Goal TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 13 CPP Integrated Solution

14 Background Steps to provide Integrated solution Benefit TÜV SÜD Group – Conventional Power Plant Solution TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 14 CPP Integrated Solution 1 2 3 4

15 Tangible benefits from integrated life cycle management CPP Integrated Solution Key Success Factors Maximum yield over the entire life cycle Designed performance Controlled risks Return of investment Lower costs, lesser risksStable cash flow Peace of Mind

16 Overview Background Steps to provide Integrated solution Benefit TÜV SÜD Group – Conventional Power Plant Solution TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 16 CPP Integrated Solution 1 2 3 4

17 Our heritage: 146 years of business success Establishment of a Mannheim-based steam boiler inspection association by 21 operators and owners of steam boilers, with the objective of protecting man, the environment and property against the risk emanating from a new and largely unknown form of technology 1866 First vehicle periodic technical inspection (PTI) 1910 1958 Development of a Bavaria-wide network of vehicle inspection centres in the late 1950s 1926 Introduction of the “TÜV mark / stamp” in Germany 1990s Conglomeration of TÜVs from the southern part of Germany to form TÜV SÜD and the expansion of business operations into Asia TÜV SÜD continues to pursue a strategy of internationalisation and growth Today 2006 Expansion of services in ASEAN by acquiring Singapore-based PSB Group 2009 Launch of Turkey-wide vehicle inspection by TÜVTURK TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 17 CPP Integrated Solution

18 TÜV SÜD TÜV SÜD in numbers: Growing from strength to strength 1 One-stop Technical Solution Provider 800 Locations Worldwide Employees Worldwide 20,200 Million Euro in Sales Revenue 2013 1,900 150 Years of Experience Note: Figures have been rounded off. CPP Integrated Solution

19 Global expertise. Local experience. Global Headquarters: Munich, Germany INTERNATIONAL 750 € mio 9,800 staff GERMANY 1,190 € mio 10,400 staff Countries with TÜV SÜD offices Regional headquarters CPP Integrated Solution

20 Footprint in South Asia  TÜV SÜD South Asia is a fully owned subsidiary of TÜV SÜD AG  Operating in India since 1995  Extensive network of over 32 offices including 14 labs across India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka  Employee strength of over 1300  Over 12000 customers TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 20 CPP Integrated Solution

21 TÜV SÜD CPP Global Competency Centre - India  TÜV SÜD’s Global Competence centre extends holistic advisory services to approach technical, regulatory, jurisdictional and economical viable measures for new and existing plant such as owners engineering in-service inspection / R&M / LE  The competence centre has highly trained and qualified team of experts, coordinated and managed from Munich, Germany  The competence centre has an international global approach, with local TÜV SÜD experts & expertise involved  The competence centre has an extensive international experience proved by the reference list, with similar jobs completed worldwide  Our empanelment by CEA as a consultant for preparation of DPR report for Renovation & Modernisation, will further assist us to deliver world class services to the industry TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 21 CPP Integrated Solution

22 Holistic solutions across the value chain From feasibility and planning through to procurement, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning, TÜV SÜD conventional power services ensure improved operational safety, reliability and overall performance of power plants for investors, engineering, procurement and construction contractors and operators. 13-01-31 CPP Integrated Solution

23 Advisory services along the capital value chain TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 23 CPP Integrated Solution Feasibility & Planning Refurbishment & Decommission Procurement Construction Commission In-service INVESTMENTOPERATION Component certification Component certification Component certification Component certification ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 Feasibility study Feasibility study Risk analysis Risk analysis EIA Calculation Simulation Calculation Simulation Construction supervision Construction supervision Welding surveillance Welding surveillance HSE inspections HSE inspections Expediting NDT Code compliance Code compliance Supplier evaluation Supplier evaluation Vendor quality assurance Vendor quality assurance Final acceptance test Final acceptance test NDT LTA F4S Repair supervision Repair supervision O & M management O & M management AIMAIM / RBIRBI AIMAIM / RBIRBI Regulated Non-regulated ISO 50001 IEE plant certification Rehabilitation/ modernization management Rehabilitation/ modernization management QA/QC Claim management Compliance certification Design review Design approval Design review Design approval Licensing & consenting Licensing & consenting Staff training / qualification Technical due diligence Performance tests Owner’s engineer Tender & contract management Tender & contract management Technical advisor Plant optimization Plant optimization Plant status assessment Pre-qualification Failure analysis (RCFA) Failure analysis (RCFA) In-service inspection In-service inspection Efficiency consultancy Efficiency consultancy Noise / vibration / emissions testing Due diligence (TDD - technical, EDD - environmental) Due diligence (TDD - technical, EDD - environmental) Site assessment

24 Increase availability, optimize performance TÜV SÜD’s experts help you obtain professional advice in performance optimization to reduce outage time and increase your return on investment. Promote efficiency, reduce emissions Our experts’ impartial perspective fosters cost efficiency in your organisation, while their comprehensive knowledge contributes to your emissions goals. Minimise risk, improve reliability We help you to reduce the risk of conventional power plant incidents, enhance safety for people and the environment, increase process transparency and eliminate interface problems. Strengthen your competitive edge Leverage on our expertise in safety and statutory compliance for legal certainty. Third-party certification by TÜV SÜD demonstrates your commitment to quality. Your Business Benefits: Maximise Profits 13-01-31 TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 24 CPP Integrated Solution

25 Contact us today. TÜV SÜD South AsiaSlide 25 CPP Integrated Solution

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