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November 20, 2009 9:30 AM – 10:45 AM CBC C128 Welcome! Pat returns Monday (maybe on furlough Wed.) Department Meeting.

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1 November 20, 2009 9:30 AM – 10:45 AM CBC C128 Welcome! Pat returns Monday (maybe on furlough Wed.) Department Meeting

2 1. Currently sending out email advertisements to 2,289 potential applicants from GRE list (5/20/2009-02/01/2010). 2. Will be sending out some postcards. 3. Will be sending out email advertisement to potential applicants from our old GRE lists. 4. Please let us know if you have contacts to send postcards and/or posters Annual Graduate Student Recruitment

3 5. Applications for fall 2010 are due February 1, but like UNR, we have a rolling application deadline and will consider applications until we fill all our vacancies. 6. Even though it’s impossible to pinpoint the number of vacancies, we anticipate several openings due to: 1. Several GAs are finishing. 2. Students going on probation due to unsatisfactory performance in their classes 3. Students not passing their qualifying exams 7. Goal: To substantially increase the quality of incoming graduate students and to make our GAships very competitive. 8. Hope to use 2-4 Math 95/96 PTI positions as a back-up for hiring grad students and as a pool for any GA openings (problems: covering graduate student tuition, health-care, etc.) 9. Need to compare Math 95/96 instruction between grad students and non-grad students. Annual Graduate Student Recruitment

4 UNLV GA Program Reorganization The current.proposal (see handout) includes: 1. Increases to Minimum Stipends 2. New Policies and Procedures 3. Modified Model for Distribution of State GA funds 4. Kate Korgan is scheduled to discuss this at the December 9 th ADS (Administrative Development Seminar). 5. One COS/DMS Goal: To obtain additional GAs in line with our FTEs and increase stipends (COS compared better than other colleges). 6. PTI-GAs seem to correspond to actual people and include a fixed stipend, making it impossible to increase the minimum stipend. 7. Whereas a total dollar amount corresponds to State Funded GAs, making it less difficult to change stipends. 8. Currently over ½ of our GAs are PTI-GAs).

5 Chairs’ Meetings JET (Joint Evaluation Team)– used to be Program Elimination Committee. Associate Professors Review (topic 3c on 11/6/09 Chairs’ Meeting). President’s message seems to include: motivate to move forward toward promotion, especially in research (help keep one oar in the water). candid feedback. successful applicants have been much weaker than he anticipated. I hope to meet during spring with everyone to form individual plans for the next three years.

6 General Ed Advisory Committee See center slide on handout (back of second page): Universal Undergraduate Learning Outcomes (UULOs)- 2007 retreat Dean and Associate Dean have been pushing for Science to be included (e.g. analytical and problem solving). President indicated Tuesday that he wants Science included as part of the UULOs.

7 1. AMS meeting: Saturday, April 30 & Sunday, May 1, 2011. Please apply to the AMS to organize a special session. 2. Lost Opportunities: Need feedback. Also topic 3A on 11/6/09 Chairs meeting and also discussed at EC. - How are Departments managing with budget cuts? 3. Math Diagnostics and Retention Meetings: Chair, Associate Chair, Undergraduate Coordinator, Dean, ASC, Bill Speers, Provost, etc. are heavily involved with. Partly driven by President. Mainly affects Math Placement Testing and Math 095 & 096. 4. Evaluations will be e-mailed and run November 23, 2009 through December 4, 2009. Thank you to all the faculty who submitted grant proposals! Reminders

8 Call to Order Announcements Approval of 09/18/09 Departmental Meeting Minutes Committee Reports (Merit, Advisory, Graduate, Undergraduate) Undergraduate Catalog Revision New Business Adjournment Meeting Agenda

9 Minutes Meeting of Friday September 11, 2009, 10:00am – 11:30am in CBC C128 Department of Mathematical Sciences Present: Drs.Amei, Ananda, Bachman, Baragar, Bellomo, Bhatnagar, Burke, Catlin, Cho, Costa, Ding, DuBose, Ghosh, Ho, X. Li, J. Li, Muleshkov, Neda, Robinette, Shiue, Sun, Verma, Westveld and Yang. Staff: Erin McNamara Meeting started at 10:04a with 24 faculty in attendance. Dr. DuBose went over the following informational items: Visiting scholars (Dr. Chengyue Li and two others) 2011 AMS Spring Western Meetings at UNLV DMS Residence Enrollments Placement Test Furlough Leave FMLA leave (Brooke returns on 10/12/09 and Pat returns on December) Graduate Assistantships: 44 GAs (19 State Funded and 25 PTI-GAs) MAT 095/096 Graduate Student Orientation, Graduate Orientation Booklet and Videotape Tutor Clinic Student Flow (Student complaints to Dr. Ananda; TCE to DMS Articulator: Dr. Dalpatadu; Graduation packets, Credit-by-exam, Petitions, and etc. to Dr. Bellomo) Assessment: Academic Assessment Report due on October 30, 2009; Accreditation team will be on campus on April 19, 20, 21. Tham -- Web page link for information to DMS Faculty/Staff/GA/PTI- Dr. Bellomo (seconded by Dr. Baragar) moves to approve the March 13, 2009 departmental minutes. Approval of minutes was postponed for the next departmental meeting due to a question about the accuracy of the department alternate representative to the COS Personnel Committee. Committee Reports: Personnel Committee: Dr. Bhatnagar reports that the committee is working on three cases (two promotions and one tenure and promotion), and all the letters have not been received yet. Advisory Committee: Dr. Baragar reports that there is nothing new to report. Graduate Studies Committee: Dr. Burke circulated the roster of Fall 2009 DMS Graduate Students, and the new Graduate Advisory Committee Annual Meeting Form. Dr. Burke reports that there are 62 graduate students (39 MS students and 23 PhD students). Dr. Burke requested feedback to improve the new Graduate Advisory Committee Annual Meeting Form. Merit Committee: Dr. Ho reports that there is nothing to report. Undergraduate Studies Committee: Dr. Bellomo circulated copies of new departmental policy on credit by exam, departmental procedures on credit by exam, and the new approval form required for credit by examination. Dr. Bellomo reports that the committee is working on MAT 120 for assessment, placement test, the undergraduate catalog revisions, and the rotation of undergraduate courses for next five years. Dr. Costa moves to adjourn (seconded by Dr. Ding).

10 Minutes Meeting of Friday March 13, 2009, 10:30am – 12pm in CBC C216 Department of Mathematical Sciences Prepared by Patricia Pablo Present: Drs. Amei, Ananda, Bachman, Baragar, Bellomo, Burke, Catlin, Cho, Costa, Dalpatadu, Ding, DuBose, Ghosh, Ho, Kern, X. Li, Marcozzi, Muleshkov, Phanord, Robinette, Salehi, Shiue, Sun, Westveld and Yang. Staff: Brooke Drake, Erin McNamara and Pat Pablo The meeting started at 10:40a with 25 faculty in attendance and Dr. Ho turns the meeting over to Dr. Sandra Catlin, Chair of the Advisory Committee concerning voting information for the elections. Dr. Catlin stated that you can write in nominees for the Chair position. All votes will be done by secret ballot and the committee votes will be done by choice voting. Discussion follows. The meeting consisted of a series of elections for Officers of the Department, membership on the Department’s Standing Committees and for departmental representatives for certain COS committees. The results are listed below. Nominations for the Chair are Drs. Costa, DuBose and Phanord. Dr. Phanord removed his name from the Chair nomination. Voting of the Chair was done by secret ballot and the final counts for the Chair were as follows: Dr. Costa (9), Dr. DuBose (15), Abstain (1). Dr. DuBose’s name will be submitted to the Dean’s office as the choice of the faculty for the next Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences to be approved by the President. Dr. Doug Burke is elected by acclamation as the Department Graduate Coordinator. The Undergraduate Coordinator has 2 nominees; Drs. Bellomo and Dalpatadu. The results of the secret ballot are: Dr. Bellomo (17), Dr. Dalpatadu (8). The new undergraduate coordinator is Dr. Carryn Bellomo. Advisory Committee: Drs. Baragar, Catlin and Ding are elected by acclamation. Personnel Committee: Drs. Bhatnagar, Salehi and Shiue are elected by acclamation. Merit Committee: Drs. Dalpatadu, Ghosh, Ho, and X. Li are elected by acclamation. Departmental Representative to the COS Curriculum Committee: Dr. Robinette is elected by acclamation. Graduate Studies Committee: Drs. Cho, Muleshkov and Yang are elected by acclamation. Undergraduate Studies Committee: Dr. Bachman is elected by acclamation. Departmental Representative to the COS Academic Standards Committee: Dr. Bachman is elected by acclamation. Departmental Representative to the COS Research Council: There are 2 nominees for this representative, Drs. Sun and Westveld. The results of the secret ballot are: Dr. Sun (6), Dr. Westveld (15), Abstain (4). The new Departmental Representative to the COS Research Council is Dr. Westveld. Departmental Representative to the COS Merit Review Committee: Dr. Baragar is elected by acclamation. Departmental Alternate Representative to the COS Personnel Committee: Dr. Marcozzi is elected by acclamation. As of June 30, 2009, Dr. Ding will be the departmental representative to the COS Ad-Hoc Committee concerning FIR Policy/rules for Promotion. Dr. Bellomo moves to adjourn (seconded by Dr. Robinette).

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