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Changing Practice to Achieve Pacific Success 19 April 2015 1.

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1 Changing Practice to Achieve Pacific Success 19 April 2015 1

2 Changing Practice to Achieve Pacific Success Tavita Filemoni*, John Horrocks, Lisa Wong, Seann Paurini, Arden Perrot, Manaini Cama, Aleeshea Reid Ako Aotearoa Regional Hub Fund 2

3 Overview of Presentation  Introduction and Context  Research Question  Methodology  Interim Findings  Summary and Discussion 3

4 Pacific Learners in Tertiary Education  Tertiary Education Strategies  Lifting the achievement of Pacific learners is a goal in the latest New Zealand Tertiary Education Strategies (TES)  Pacific Learner Strategy documents published by TEC, NZQA, Ministry of Education 4

5 Pacific Learners in Tertiary Education  Requirements for success - previous research  Institutional commitment to Pacific Learners and Pacific-centric teaching and learning relationships are required (Chu et al, 2013)  Community involvement acknowledged as a contributor to success (TESs)  Investigation of Pacific Policy in Tertiary Institutions - commissioned by Ako Aotearoa (Horrocks et al, 2012)  Success for all: Improving Maori and Pasifika student success in degree-level studies. (Airini et al, 2010). 5

6 Pacific Trades Initiative Established  Pacific Trades Initiative (PTI) established by TEC in 2011 to provide fee-free support for Pacific learners in the Trades  First cohort in 2012, 2nd cohort in 2013  WelTec became a PTI provider  WelTec uses this as an opportunity to drive change in how services and support are provided to this cohort of learners 6

7 PTI Recruitment Process 7 Consultation For Process Promote Pacific Communities Church Ministers Develop Nomination Forms Recommend Enrolment Work with Institutions Church Ministers Receive Nominations Formal Assessment by Institutions Final Approval By Church Ministers Award Scholarships, Blessing & Orientation

8 Research Question  Purpose  To inform better practice to improve retention and achievement for all Pacific Learners  Scope  Teaching / Learning / Support practices  Pastoral practices  Community involvement  Literacy and Numeracy  Retention and completion 8 What factors contribute to the success of PTI students at WelTec?

9 Methodology  Mixed Methods Approach  Quantitative (TEC test scores, etc)  Qualitative (interviews)  Ethical approval obtained 9

10 Methodology - Data Collected 10 PROGRAMME INFO QUANTITATIVE QUALITATIVE (interviews) Church ministers Staff PTI students Tutors Support Management TEC Tool Literacy TEC Tool Numeracy Numbers Results Ethical Approval obtained

11 Interim Findings  Students and Programme of study  Literacy and Numeracy Performance Indicators  Interviews (analysed to date)  Church ministers  PTI students  Tutors 11

12 Programme Information 12 Programme20122013 EnrolmentsPassedEnrolmentsPassed Carpentry (L3) 2318 Landscape Construction (L4) 10700 Decorating (L3) 4421 Pre-Trade Painting (L2) 121010 Plumbing & Gasfitting (L3) 1171510 Brick & Block Laying (L3) 5422 Engineering – Fabrication (L3) 0031 Totals 65504132

13 Literacy and Numeracy Indicators 13  LN Performance Indicators obtained using TEC Literacy & Numeracy Assessment Tool:  LN Percentage Assessed Indicator (Compliance)  Indicator of %age of learners who received initial and progress assessments  Indication of institutional use of the Assessment Tool  LN Gain Indicator (Significant Gain)  Indicator of difference between initial and progress scores where there is a statistically significant gain  Indication of improvement in students’ literacy and numeracy

14 Literacy and Numeracy 14 LN Percentage Assessed Indicator (Compliance) LN Assessment Tool Measures 20122013 Pacific Trades All WelTec Pacific Trades All WelTec Compliance (%) 515880.364.8  Increased compliance from:  Greater student and tutor engagement  Students could see long-term benefits in improving LN  Students were informed and part of the assessment process

15 Literacy and Numeracy 15 LN was embedded into course work and academic support in 2013 producing significant gains: 33% increase in Literacy, 11% increase in Numeracy. Professional development give to tutors by LLN Advisor and co-teaching by LLN team and Learning Support tutors contributed to the improvement LN Assessment Tool Measures 20122013 Pacific Trades All WelTec Pacific Trades All WelTec Significant (Literacy) (%) 06.73311.3 Significant (Numeracy) (%) 1610.82718.8 LN Gain Indicator (Significant Gain)

16 Interviews with Church ministers “The vision of the Ministers’ Fraternal in Wellington [is] that we believe that we can improve our children’s education by working collaboratively with tertiary education [institutions]. It has been our vision right from the start and this is how we see a way where we could lead out people to success.” (Church minister 1) “People contact and people knowledge, local knowledge, is always a much better way.” (Church minister 2) 16

17 Interviews with PTI students 17 “He was just patient for the Pacific students to move on; not just be like builders but be owners. His morals were like real good; straight up. He told us what was on his mind and what he wanted us to be. I think that inspired me just to move on keep going.” (Carpentry student about tutor.. and the aspiration for students to think ahead.. similar quotes from a Church minister.)

18 Interviews with tutors 18 “Being Pacific Islanders is something to cherish and that’s why I say to the boys, “ The actions that we do today that will echo on through for the next generation of people that come along; they’ll see why we’re successful here and what we do they’ll model it around your actions, your attendance, what you do on the course and the things you’ve taken from the course.” So yeah I do ask a lot of the boys..” (Carpentry tutor)

19 Factors contributing to success 19  Visioning  Recruitment through community links  Staff as learners  The “push” – being directive  Pastoral care  Being part of a team  Visibility  Work readiness

20 Areas for improvement 20  A Pacific strategy for WelTec  Further dialogue with Pacific ministers about their role in pastoral care during the students’ period of study  An expanded Pasifika Centre  An improved recruitment and selection process  Further support for initiatives such as the jobs passport

21 Holistic / Integrated Approach 21 Tutors Learning Commons Learning Advisors, LLN Advisors, Career, Support, Library Student Mentors Community Institution

22 Pacific Learner Journey to Success 22 Community Contributing to Economy Family, NZ, Pacific WelTec Employment Work environment Industry Students

23 Acknowledgements  Interviewees who agreed to be part of this study  WelTec staff who have contributed to the Holistic/Integrated Approach and Pacific Learner success  Funding – Ako Aotearoa Regional Hub Fund, WelTec Innovation & Research Grants Committee 23

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