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How to escape from mosquitoes without killing them By Interrupting their scent 21.05.2014.

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1 How to escape from mosquitoes without killing them By Interrupting their scent 21.05.2014

2 Herbal Mosquito Repellent HMR “DURUMADURU” Invention of Neelaratna Geekiyanage Assisted by Ranjan Kodikara 21.05.2014

3 The oldest known mosquito with an anatomy similar to modern species was found in 79-million- year-old Canadian amber. Therefore it is believed that this creation of nature was existing in the world even before the dinosaur era. So far they have killed billions of people around the world. 21.05.2014


5 Mosquitoes are a threat to half of the world. 21.05.2014

6 Billions of dollars are spent to escape from mosquitoes but so far it has not been successful. 21.05.2014

7 Eradicating nature-created mosquitoes will not solve the problem. It will create another ecological imbalance.

8 Disturbing their scent is a successful method to escape from mosquitoes 21.05.2014

9 After many years of research work I invented a herbal mosquito repellent (HMR) called “DuruMaduru” in April 2010. 21.05.2014

10 HMR has been practically tested with many people for more than 3 years. All the tests were very successful. 21.05.2014

11 It is a very effective but a very simple low cost product. It has won the APSL–UK award in 2013. 21.05.2014

12 21.05.2014 21.05.2014

13 Careful observation shows that their behaviour in the HMR environment is very unusual. It seems they lose their scent to detect red blood. They don’t come to our ears. They don’t bite you. Therefore this method can be used to keep mosquitoes away from you.

14 21.05.2014 As a social service, I would like to share this experience with other mosquito victims. 21.05.2014

15 21.05.2014

16 Take some fresh betel leaves. 21.05.2014

17 Cut them to small pieces. 21.05.2014

18 Put them into a blender 21.05.2014

19 Add a little amount of water. 21.05.2014

20 Blend it well to make a pulp. 21.05.2014

21 Pour it into a flat plate. 21.05.2014

22 Keep it in a place where you want to repel mosquitoes from. 21.05.2014

23 Within a few minutes all mosquitoes will disappear from there. By keeping such plates in each room you can repel all mosquitoes from your dwelling place and protect your family from this deadly creature without killing them. 21.05.2014

24 Even if it goes dry, its effect will remain there for about a week. Repeat it weekly and enjoy a mosquito-free life at home. 21.05.2014

25 Thanks to HMR now no more mosquito nuisance at home! No more Dengue threat to your kids. 21.05.2014

26 Benefits of HMR Eco-friendly mosquito repellent. Save foreign exchange to the country. It provides a shield to houses to stop mosquitoes. School children can be protected from various mosquito-borne diseases. Useful for army camps. Useful for hospital wards Useful for temples Students can concentrate on studies

27 HMR stops all mosquito activities if you make it correctly. 21.05.2014

28 If you are satisfied with HMR, Please make a donation to my freelance research activities. Contact me by email: 21-05-2014 21.05.2014

29 21.05.2014

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