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Fred’s Excellent Adventure On November 18, 2008 Fred went on a four day business trip to Seattle, WA This presentation chronicles his most excellent adventures.

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1 Fred’s Excellent Adventure On November 18, 2008 Fred went on a four day business trip to Seattle, WA This presentation chronicles his most excellent adventures in the Pacific Northwest

2 Waiting for the ride to the airport. Let the adventure begin!

3 Limo ride to the airport.

4 Going through security at the airport.

5 Riding the escalator down to the tram.

6 Waiting for the tram.

7 Taking the tram to Concourse B.

8 Checking the departures monitors for the gate.

9 Riding the moving handrail to the gate.

10 Taking money out of the ATM for the trip.

11 Found the gate.

12 The airplane to Seattle.

13 Getting some work done while waiting.

14 Waiting for boarding to begin.

15 Going down the jet way to the plane.

16 Window seat! Can’t reach the window, bummer.

17 Getting a drink, no food though, lousy cheapskate airlines.

18 Let’s watch the movie on the dinky little screen five rows away. Journey to the Center of the Earth, not in 3D.

19 Looking at Mt Rainier.


21 Still looking at Mt Rainier.


23 Enjoying the sunset.

24 At the airport in Seattle, waiting for the tram.

25 Riding the tram to the terminal.

26 Checking out the cool dinosaur bones and eggs.

27 Checking the monitors for the rental car, it’s in J56.

28 Found the rental car.

29 Checking out the car, I think KJ-52 sang about this one, “your car is a piece of junk”.

30 “Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy! Without precise calculations we could fly right through a star, or bounce too close to a supernova and that'd end your trip real quick, wouldn't it?”

31 If you’re lucky you can win a puke yellow chick-mobile bug car at IKEA.

32 It’s already Christmas time at IKEA. Wonder whose presents these are.

33 I’m ready to move in.

34 Naptime.

35 Swedish meatballs!!!! YUMMM!!!

36 Piles of chocolate covered caramel horses for Anna.

37 Going shopping at QFC.

38 Hanging out at the University Village.

39 Checking in at the Silver Cloud Inn, University.

40 Room 338.

41 King size bed.

42 Big screen TV, yeah baby! Nothing good to watch though. Wonder if Hannah Montana is on.

43 Room service, I would like a bale of hay and a bag of oats please.

44 Time for a drink.

45 Breakfast time.

46 Arriving for work at the National Archives

47 Signing in at the office.

48 Conference call.

49 Wiring problems.

50 Working hard on the server, or hardly working?

51 Evil, horse eating scanner.

52 Big mouth printer.

53 Slight issue with loading the DVD duplicator.

54 Smart people here in Seattle, chocolate rules. That’s one fat penguin, a bit too much chocolate, huh?

55 Meeting with Kelley, the most important person at the Seattle office.

56 Cow meets turtle

57 More cows

58 Dinner at World Wraps? Maybe, maybe not.

59 Let’s go to the playground

60 Climbing a tree.

61 Getting a drink from the water fountain after playing at the play ground and climbing the tree. The University Village is a cool place.

62 WOW, candy store, I wonder if they have sugar cubes.

63 Spitting frogs, gross.

64 I guess it is slippery, should have taken the Caution sign seriously.

65 More weird animal statues.

66 So, what’s for dinner?

67 It’s the real thing.

68 Love me tender….

69 Waiting for church to start.

70 Worship at Calvary Fellowship

71 Hanging out with pastor Wayne Taylor after the service

72 The Space Needle at night.

73 Back at the hotel, warming by the fireplace.


75 It was the fire alarm, here comes the fire truck.

76 All the people are excited to see the fire truck.

77 Cool fire truck.

78 A second fire truck arrived too.

79 Really cool fire truck.

80 Waiting around outside with all the other hotel guests in the middle of the night. At least it’s not raining.

81 OK, false alarm, everyone can go back to their rooms.

82 Printer trouble, I’m stuck! Another fun day at the office.

83 Almost done.

84 Really cool movie poster.

85 Another really cool movie poster. I love Titanic, think I’m going to cry, where’s my hankie? Care for a dance Rose?

86 Wisdom straight from the horse’s mouth.

87 Hanging with Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea and York.

88 A visit with Thomas Jefferson.

89 Off to the mall, let’s go to Build-a-bear.

90 Really cool mall, they have a LEGO store!

91 Here’s what I want for Christmas, a LEGO Death Star, awesome dude!

92 Leaving for the airport.



95 The Space Needle in the daytime.

96 On the way to the airport, Mt Rainier in the distance.

97 Short visit at the Museum of Flight.

98 Good bye rental car, smell ya later.

99 Lunch at the airport.

100 The plane back to Denver.

101 Be excellent to each other… and party on, dudes!

102 Credits: Fred Wayne Taylor Kelley Yackley Director: Norbert Lakatos Producer: Norbert Lakatos Photography: Norbert Lakatos Editing: Norbert Lakatos Casting: Norbert Lakatos Art Direction: Norbert Lakatos Costumes: Norbert Lakatos Makeup: Norbert Lakatos Set Decoration: Norbert Lakatos Production Management: Norbert Lakatos Visual Effects: Norbert Lakatos Special Effects: Norbert Lakatos Lighting Technician: Norbert Lakatos Digital Image Editing: Norbert Lakatos PowerPoint Editing: Norbert Lakatos Location Manager: Norbert Lakatos Assistant to Mr. Fred: Norbert Lakatos Transportation: Norbert Lakatos Extras Coordinator: Norbert Lakatos Stunts: Fred

103 Special thanks to: Pastor Wayne Taylor, Calvary Fellowship, Seattle Kelley Yackley, National Archives Pacific Alaska Region, Seattle Susan Karren, National Archives Pacific Alaska Region, Seattle Patty McNamee, National Archives Pacific Alaska Region, Seattle Ron Nielsen, National Archives Pacific Alaska Region, Seattle National Archives and Records Administration Dynamics Research Corporation United Airlines AVIS GQ Limo TSA Silver Cloud Inn, University University Village Denver International Airport Seatac Airport City of Seattle City of Seattle Fire Department IKEA Build-A-Bear Workshop LEGO store Johnny Rockets Museum of Flight Quote from Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope used without permission

104 MMVIII © Norbert Lakatos

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