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Days Of The Dinosaur Zilele Dinozaurilor DINO THE EXHIBITION February the 05 th – April the 25 th 2010.

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1 Days Of The Dinosaur Zilele Dinozaurilor DINO THE EXHIBITION February the 05 th – April the 25 th 2010

2 DINO / Days Of The Dinosaur – THE EXHIBITION This 3.000 square meter exhibition, that has been conceived specially thinking of being respectful of the scientific side but without turning it boring. The idea is for the audience to have a unique experience, more exiting and moving than being at a museum, recreating each scene and landscape. These DINOSAURUSES are being constructed under specific requirements. This means that we choose the species, quantities, sizes, movements and routines following the advice of our palaeontologist team. The DINOS we’ll have for the European exhibitions move many parts of their bodies, some of them even move their eyes, tongues and fingers, depending on the interaction between them we designed for each scene. While we were conceiving the exhibition, we work on both ideas: making it attractive and moving but also respecting the main scientific lines. You’ll see some of the dinosaurs less well known but where necessary to explain evolution and the wide range of animals that are classified as dinosaurs. Some of them are Paleontological icons, like Archeaopteryx or Microraptor; others are very well known by Jurassic Park. Some were included because they were found in Europe and would be more familiar for European audience.

3 The Exhibition There are 30 life size dinosaur robots distributed in 8 scenes, besides those of the interactive area. Since the audience should see it scene by scene, it is built like a dark labyrinth. Than we start to go around the maze where every scene is different and surprising with "live" scenes created with huge painted backdrops and a jungle of artificial plants and theatrical lighting effects to make all more alive. After the last scene with the giant monster Giganotosaurus (13 meters long and 9 meter high) we have an interactive playground for children with a big sand box for "excavations for archeological findings" with hidden plastic dino bones to clean with professional help and put to a skeleton puzzle. We will have a photo session for kids and families with instant framed souvenir photos with DINOs and a huge DINO Bar for the parents to wait until the kids playing. In this closing scene we also show and explain the technology behind the robots and allow the visitors to chose from a large range of souvenirs from our DINO shop. DINO CINEMA 3D is a unique experience, the movie is like a Time Machine travel 250 millions years ago. The surround sound and the special glasses are to improve the 3D cinema movies experience.

4 Venue: RomExpo – 20 & 21 Pavilions General Description: This exhibition is placed in RomExpo exhibitions Center, 20 and 21 Pavilions, indoor area of 5,000 square meters. The venue is 7 meters high from the floor to the working roof and have a secure and even surface. “Days of the Dinosaur” is a guided walking tour throughout a maze of Dino Scenes. The interactive area is full of Dino activities: Dino Interactive, Dino Riding, Dino Drawing, Dino Bar, Dino playground, Dino Cinema 3D, Dino Photo, Dino Shop.. Entrance: The tunnel-like entrance will be set as a Time Machine. It should be big enough to lodge 30/40 people standing. Each group will then be guided all the way through, by a palaeontology student. Maze: The maze consists of Layher-type tubular pipe walls covered with backdrops and curtains recreating landscapes related with each scene. 2,54-meter wide and 6- meter high Layher modules are required, covering a total of approx. 300 linear meters, depending on each venue layout. The electrical material is distributed within the structures. Parking available: The venue have a large car parking area, for more than 1.000 cars, exclusively designated for the DINO exhibition visitors.

5 Lista Dinozaurilor prezenţi în expoziţie: 1 Plateosaurus: 6m 3 Coelophysis: 2m 1 Dilophosaurus: 4,50m 1 Scelidosaurus: 3m 1 Kentrosaurus: 3m 1 Deinonychus: 2m 1 Amargasaurus: 7,50m 1 Gallimimus: 4,50m 1 Oviraptor: 2m 1 Beipaosaurus: 2,20m 1 Psittacosaurus: 2 m 1 Microraptor: 0,80m 1 Edmontosaurus: 7m 3 Troodones : 1,5m 1 Lambeosaurus: 11m 1 Carnotaurus: 7m 1 Anquilosaurus: 7m 1 Tyrannosaurus: 13m 1 Giganotosaurus: 13m 1 Spinosaurus: 14m

























30 For any other information concerning the exhibition we can be reached: RomExpo: 20&21 Pavilions, The Offices 65-67 Marasti Blvd, district 1, Bucharest, Romania Phone: +4 037 271 7838 E-mail: Or to the Modus corporate Office: 4 Dr. Russel Street, district 2, Bucharest, Romania Phone: +4 031 4050 752 Fax: +4 031 4050 753 E-mail: Cristian Stanescu – exhibition manager – +4 0729 14 14 14 E-mail:

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