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Naveen All About Me Malik 8/29/11. Naveen My name is Naveen Malik, I am thirteen years old. I was born on June 11 th 1998, National Hug Day, National.

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1 Naveen All About Me Malik 8/29/11

2 Naveen My name is Naveen Malik, I am thirteen years old. I was born on June 11 th 1998, National Hug Day, National German Chocolate Cake Day, and also the birthday of famous director Gene Wilder. I’m the oldest of three kids, I have two younger brothers, eight and ten. My parents are divorced. I have one grandma. Music is my life. <3 My favorite color is and has been purple, forever. I play flute and and currently learning Tenor Saxophone. That’s about it.. My life is average.

3 Middle School The year I moved to middle school was different from anything I’d ever experienced.. We all thought, “Dang, we’re sixth graders now, we’re so fly.” We obviously weren't, seeing as we were all short, texted like our lives depended on it, and had butterflies and sharks on our clothes, yeah, that was us.. We all thought we were cool, until we realized that all the friends we’d been so close with in elementary school had formed their own cliques. Over all, I think the best decision I’d made that year was to be in band, I made a lot more friends, and the friendships I had, grew stronger.

4 Hunting The year my dad first took me hunting, I was about three. The first time I went duck hunting, my dad put me up in a one person tree stand, so I could watch. While we were leaving, I insisted on walking, so I could splash in the puddles. One puddle was really deep and the water went over my boots. I told my dad I would dump them out when we got home. And I did, right in the middle of our living room, on the white carpet. I screamed, “Hey Mommy! I had a lake in my boots!”

5 Brother.. The year my brother, Taimoor, was born was positive and negative I was very excited to hear that I was going to have a sibling., but when I found out he was going to be a boy, I was devastated and asked if I could have a pet instead, that was a no. I was okay with him once he came, but all the crying and diapers were another thing. One time I was sitting up on my moms bed, holding him while my mom was making dinner and she heard crying “Why is he crying?” She asked. “Oh, the blanket fell,” I said. “But why is he crying?” “He was in the blanket…” In 2003 my second brother, Asad, was born, by then I had the bottle feeding and diaper changing down, and I was only five. I was still mad that I didn’t have a sister, and even angrier that I wouldn’t have any more siblings… Now, I still don’t have a sister, and I’m still mad, but I guess its fine..

6 A Million Dollars It Was… I woke up to find my pet dinosaur, Sheldon, nudging at my closet door. I tiredly climbed out of bed, pulled on my dinosaur robe and slipperdrs and opened the door, to see what he was so excited about. We were in Narnia, that’s right, folks, I said Narnia. Sheldon and I wandered aimlessly for what seemed like forever, but then again, time is distorted in Narnia. After a little more walking we finally came to a junction with a sign that read “left” and another that said “right”. Being a true nerd and huge fan of adventure stories, I did the exact opposite of what the people in the books would do, I took left.

7 As I took the left I began hearing faint growls, yet being the hard headed, dinosaur loving, adventurer I am, I continued. In the distance I mad out a small grey-green pile.. I hopped on Sheldon’s back and headed toward it, little did we know, there were to ferocious unicorns preparing for attack. We dodged their sharp candy horns, screaming as we went. Eventually they backed off and headed into the distance, A few feet of walking later, and we found what they were guarding. It was one MILLION dollars! I was rich! “Oh my gosh! What am I going to do with all this money?” I thought. I thought about it as we headed back home. Suddenly, I realized that if my closet lead to Narnia, one of the pillars in front of my house, was Platform Nine and Three Quarters. As excited as I was about my notion, when we arrived home, Sheldon and I went to bed for a nap.

8 It was around One P.M. when we awoke, Mom was in the kitchen making lunch. Sheldon and I snuck past her, I know “he’s a dinosaur. How does a dinosaur sneak?” but he does, Sheldon is very special. We made our way outside and charged toward the first pillar, that wasn’t it, so we tried again, and again, and again, and again, to no avail. By then we had knocked over two pillars (one fell on my neighbors car), cracked three, and completely demolished one. We were in trouble. The world started spinning and fading all at once, and I fell to the ground. I’m not sure how much later, but my mom found me and took me to the hospital, I was very badly hurt and needed stitches in my right leg and on my forehead, my hospital stay ended up costing around 100,00 then the damage to the house and the neighbors’ car added up to be around a million dollars. Which means I got nothing. But all in all it was a fun day. THE END.

9 It would be much too dangerous to talk about.. The memories and friendships I’d made, gone. Forever.

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