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Reptile Scavenger Hunt. “The living fossil” RETICULATED PYTHON.

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1 Reptile Scavenger Hunt

2 “The living fossil” RETICULATED PYTHON

3 The living fossil order tuatara

4 How do reptiles conserve water? sphenodonta

5 Scientists agree on what killed the dinosaurs? Pasty feces

6 1 INVALID hypothesis on what killed the dinosaurs GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE

7 Top of the tuatara’s head lays a…. Small mammals ate all the dinosaur eggs!

8 When snakes move in a straight line 3 RD EYE

9 Land dinosaur with 3 horns RECTILINEAR MOTION


11 Small/short armed land dinosaur GALAPAGOS TORTOISE

12 Organs that detect smell T-REX

13 Horned pterosaur JACOBSON’S ORGANS

14 Snake movement with 2 pts of contact DIMORPHODAN

15 Lays eggs SIDEWINDER

16 Bacteria carrying large lizard OVIPAROUS

17 Venomous lizard KOMODO DRAGON

18 Egg water GILA MONSTER

19 Amniote diffusion membrane/waste removal AMNIOTIC FLUID

20 “modified egg” in mammals ALLANTOIS

21 Crocodilians with U-shaped snout PLACENTA

22 African croc ALLIGATOR

23 African venomous snake (aggressive) NILE CROCOCDILE

24 Venomous Australian snake/aggressive BLACK MAMBA

25 Most numerous reptile order EASTERN BROWN

26 Carapacial Order SQUAMATA

27 Ventral part of the turtle shell CHELONIA

28 Ditches the tail/survival tactic plastron

29 Indian crocodilian CAUDAL AUTOTOMY


31 Strangling Squamatan ALBUMIN

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