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Culminating Experience TED 121 Educational Technology Dr. Steve Broskoske.

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1 Culminating Experience TED 121 Educational Technology Dr. Steve Broskoske

2 On the Next Slide… Create a title page to capture the attention of the learners: –Add a dinosaur graphic (entrance, emphasis, and exit) and animate with sound. –Add a second dinosaur graphic, and create your own custom path. Make the animations occur automatically to reduce the burden on the teacher. –Format a creative background.

3 Introduction to Dinosaurs

4 On the Next Slide… Use a washout graphic as the slide background: –Insert a graphic from Clip Art (or a graphic you have downloaded from the Web). –Format it as a washout background graphic.

5 When Did Dinosaurs Live? Dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic Era. They appeared on Earth about 250 million years ago.

6 On the Next Slide… Add animate bulleted text: –Animate the bulleted text so that it flies in with a sound. (Remember that a teacher should click to bring in each bullet.)

7 The Mesozoic Era Triassic Period: Dinosaurs appeared. Jurassic Period: Dinosaurs grew in numbers and types. Cretaceous Period: Dinosaurs dominated the Earth.

8 On the Next Slide… There are several UDL infractions on the next slide. Identify and correct them.

9 How Large Were Dinosaurs? Dinosaurs were very diverse. They ranged in size from tiny to huge. The largest dinosaurs were huge when measured in length, height, and mass. The biggest dinosaurs were the size of a school — six stories high and half a football field long. The biggest dinosaur bones, like the hips of Supersaurus, were eight feet wide. The smallest dinosaurs were comparable to the size of a chicken. They were really small! Did you ever think any dinosaurs were only that big? The average dinosaur was as big as a car. Imagine a dinosaur as large as your car or SUV!

10 On the Next Slide… Add callouts to highlight text: –Add a callout to indicate the carnivore (meat eater) and the herbivore (plant eater). –Animate the callouts.

11 Carnivores vs. Herbivores Carnivores: –Albertosaurus –Allosaurus –Tyrannosaurus Rex Herbivores: –Iguanodon –Pachycephalosaurus –Triceratops

12 On the Next Slide… Adjust the following graphic: –Set a transparent color to eliminate the orange background. –Change the resolution of the graphic (to reduce file size).

13 Dinosaurs in Museums Today

14 On the Next Slide… Create an action button to link to a spreadsheet file: –Set the action settings to open the file “dinosaur_spreadsheet.xlsx”. –Type a descriptive name on the button.

15 Explore Dinosaurs Learn about how long the dinosaurs lived, and how large they grew below:

16 On the Next Slide… Create a triggered animation: –Animate the asteroid to hit the Earth, with a sound. –Make the “flames” graphic appear after the asteroid hits. –Now make the animation sequence trigger when the user clicks on the asteroid.

17 Dinosaurs Disappeared An asteroid collision with Earth caused the extinction of the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago.

18 On the Next Slide… Create an action button to link to a Web site (URL): –Set the action settings to link to a Web site that displays a virtual dinosaur dig or a museum. –Type a descriptive name on the button.

19 Types of Dinosaur Link to the following Web site to learn more interesting information about dinosaurs!

20 On the Next Slide… Set action settings on a graphic: –Set action settings on the dinosaur graphic so that it plays a sound when the student rolls over it with the mouse.

21 Types of Dinosaur Roll over the following graphic to hear the dinosaur roar.

22 On the Next Slide… Create an invisible action button to link to the next slide. –Using an invisible button, create a “hotspot” over North America, to link to the slide that follows.

23 Where Did Dinosaurs Live? Click a continent below to see which dinosaurs lived there.

24 On the Next Slide… Use the crop tool: –Using the crop tool on the picture tools format tab on the ribbon, hide all of the graphic except North America.

25 Dinosaurs of North America

26 On the Next Slide… Trigger animations to provide feedback for correct and incorrect responses: –Go to Clip Art online and find a “happy” and a “sad” dinosaur graphic. –Add a “happy” and “sad” sound. –Trigger the appropriate animation to play when the user clicks any of the three possible responses.

27 Embedded Test Question How long were dinosaurs alive on the Earth? a) 18,000 years b) 180,000 years c) 180,000,000 years

28 On the Next Slide… 1.Create an action button that links to a video: –Locate a dinosaur video on TeacherTube or YouTube. 2.Embed a link to a dinosaur video.

29 Dinosaur Video Watch these exciting dinosaur videos!

30 To Finish… Embed the fonts into this file. Create “fancy” backgrounds on the slides. Add some slide transitions. (In the slide sorter view mode, remove the instructions screens.)

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