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Let’s create a Dinosaur Museum!!

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1 Let’s create a Dinosaur Museum!!
Dinosaur Webquest Let’s create a Dinosaur Museum!!


3 HELLO Students!!!!!!! I need your help! I am putting together a Dinosaur Museum and I am in need of some paleontologists. It is up to you to work as a team to research a different dinosaur and present a poster that will be put in my Dinosaur Museum.

4 Process In each group, you will be assigned a dinosaur. You will be in groups of four. Within each group you will all have a specific dinosaur to research. Each of you will become a paleontologist and research all the facts about your dinosaur. You will then create a poster that will be hung in our classroom Dinosaur Museum. When you complete your poster your group will present your dinosaur.

5 What Paleontologist Are You???
Paleontologist #1 records the information onto the poster. Paleontologists # 4 is the speaker. They will present the poster in the Museum. Paleontologist # 2 finds all the pictures that will be put on the poster. Paleontologist # 3 designs the poster and adds any illustrations needed.

6 This is the official Paleontologist member badge
This is the official Paleontologist member badge. This is what you will wear on your shirt to show you are a working Paleontologist.

7 Answer the following questions??
1. What kind of diet does your Dinosaur have? 2. If you were a Dinosaur what would you want to eat and why? 3. What does your Dinosaur look like? 4. Do you think that living the daily life of a Dinosaur would be difficult? Why or why not? 5. What type of habitat does your Dinosaur live in? 6. What would the world be like today if we had Dinosaurs?

8 How Do We Find The Answers?
To research your questions travel to each of these websites to find information about your dinosaur.

9 How will you be graded? 4 Excellent 3 Good 2 Okay 1 Needs Work Total
Correct Information Effort Creativity Presentation Team Work

10 Congratulations!!!! You are now a paleontologist! After researching your Dinosaur you can now tell your friends any information they need to know about Dinosaurs!

11 What Else Can We Do? Dinosaur movie day!
Research another Dinosaur you have never heard of. Take a Field Trip to see a Dinosaur exhibit. Write a short story about a Dinosaur. Create a Dinosaur fossil

12 Illinois Learning Standards
26.A.2e Describes the relationships among media, tools/technology and processes 11.a.1f Compare observations of individual and group results 11.A.2e Report and display the results of individual and group investigations 12.A.1b Categorize living organisms using a variety of observable features (e.g. size, color, shape, back bone) 12.B.1a Describe and compare characteristics of living things in relationship to their environments. 12.B.1b Describe how living things depend on one another for survival

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