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Rockies Adventure 2009 Digging for Jurassic dinosaurs, rafting the Shoshone River, horseback riding in the Absaroka Range, spotting endangered wolves and.

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1 Rockies Adventure 2009 Digging for Jurassic dinosaurs, rafting the Shoshone River, horseback riding in the Absaroka Range, spotting endangered wolves and grizzly in Yellowstone, and exploring the Grand Tetons with experts.

2 Adventures to Planet Earth Rockies Adventure 2009 Overview 8 day program First class hotel and cabin accommodations Large motorcoach Dynamic mix of culture, history and science Local resource experts and naturalist guides

3 Rockies Adventure Itinerary Our route takes through the heart of the Rockies. We explore Western history, and go river rafting and dig for dinosaurs near Thermopolis Wyoming. Our journey takes us behind the scenes at Old Faithful in Yellowstone, and on wildlife safaris with experts in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

4 Brief Highlights of Program Yellowstone’s Wonders- Old Faithful, Yellowstone Falls, Endangered Species Visit Canyon, Upper Geyser Basin, Lamar Valley and Mammoth Hot Springs Expert naturalists of Yellowstone Institute

5 Brief Highlights page 2 Unearth dinosaur fossils from Jurassic Era Expert paleontologists guide the dig Can keep fossil samples of plants World’s largest mineral springs-water park with slides at Thermopolis

6 We raft the wild Shoshone River (class 1-gentle but fun) Attend a night rodeo in Cody, Wyoming and learn frontier history at Buffalo Bill Historical Center Stand in footsteps of Oregon Trail pioneers at Ft. Bridger Brief Highlights page 3

7 Earth Explore Foundation Adventures to Planet Earth Has sponsored Teacher-led educational programs since 1995 Founded by teachers and outdoor educators Mission is to connect students with their planet, its history cultures and environments More than 4 thousand students from 50 states have participated

8 Adventures to Planet Earth Fun and Learning in Inspiring Places

9 Just the Facts-Earth Explore Parents, students and teacher know one another Low adult/student ratio Credit opportunities- always hands-on World’s finest partner organizations An ideal mix of learning and fun adventure Preparation Meetings get students ready for the trip

10 Programs are mission based, emphasizing real world learning and student-nature and cultural connections Not just a Student “Tour” Study the Earth; its environments, history, people and cultures, through fun hands-on exploration Create enduring connections with the natural world Encourage young people to become share what they’ve learned with others

11 What happens when? Groups form August through November All Adventures usually full by Holidays Teacher conducts preparation sessions in late winter and spring Usually 4-6 two hour get-togethers Student receives the Naturalist newsletter quarterly, and program Adventure Guide

12 What happens when? Travel Packet arrives in May –Detailed day to day itinerary –Official program cap, field journal, photo credentials, luggage tag, T-shirt

13 Earth Explore Online PDFs to download Academic Credit Outline Fundraising Packet Program Newsletters Student Application Health Form (spring)

14 Earth Explore Adventures Student application process Applications accepted until local group is full, then waitlist is begun If student is not known to teacher, interview is required

15 Earth Explore Adventures Student application process - continued Limited number of positions for each Adventure each season Application can be mailed, faxed, or submitted online

16 Earth Explore Adventures Student application process - continued Lead teacher will have materials or they can be requested from the National Office, or downloaded online Friends or siblings can participate, if group has space

17 Our Rockies Adventure Begin in Salt Lake City with ROPES challenge course at University of Utah -fun and teambuilding Transfer to Jackson Hole and Teton Science School

18 Teton Science School Wildlife viewing, naturalist hikes, discussions and campfire programs hosted by Teton Science School. Natural science, history and cultural past of Jackson Hole and the Grand Teton range.

19 Shoshone River Adventure Rafting of red rock canyon of the Shoshone River with expert guides Frontier history, geology of river formations, wildlife viewing, river thrills

20 Dinosaur Adventures Participate in dig in Jurassic fossil bed- Morrison Formation of Wyoming Guided by paleontologists from the Wyoming Dinosaur Center Fossil lab activities include casting and fossil preparation Take home fossil sample and bone cast Digging in fossil bed

21 Hunter Peak Ranch Mountain guest ranch high in Yellowstone ecosystem Games, cookouts, nature hikes Horseback trail ride through Absaroka mountains

22 Yellowstone Adventures Viewing of endangered bison, wolves and grizzly in Lamar Valley and Tower Junction Hikes and guided programs with naturalists of the Yellowstone Institute Bison viewing-Lamar Valley

23 Mammoth Hot Springs In Yellowstone, we lodge at Mammoth Hot Springs cabins Nearby Hot Springs Terraces Wildlife hikes and viewing

24 Old Faithful and Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Yellowstone Institute led program on park geysers including Old Faithful Discussions of Parks history, geology, unique wildlife, and geothermal features Highlights include Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone Falls, Fishing Bridge At Old Faithful

25 Old Faithful The heart of Yellowstone Behind the scenes guided program at Old Faithful and Upper Geyser Basin Learn about geothermal features including geysers, mudpots, hot springs, and fumaroles from the experts Use infared instruments to test temperature of hot springs Upper Geyser Basin

26 Yellowstone’s Wildlife The Sarengetti of North America Discovery of animals found in wild only in Yellowstone, including gray wolf, bison, moose and grizzly Yellowstone Institute program of hands-on activities on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

27 Adventures in Learning Bonding, friendship, experiential discovery All activities highlight teamwork and supportive group learning

28 Science, History and Western Discovery Rockies Adventure 2009

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