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ISYS 4453/5453 –Introduction to Enterprise Servers Wednesday evenings– 5:30 to 8:20 PM Hunt 220.

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1 ISYS 4453/5453 –Introduction to Enterprise Servers Wednesday evenings– 5:30 to 8:20 PM Hunt 220

2 What is the first thing that comes to you mind for the word mainframe?

3 Common Challenges System z is too expensive System z is legacy, stabilized and new development should be on other platforms ◦ Then, the z will eventually go away I’m afraid if I use z I will have a “single point of failure” The MF skills are all ready to retire—who will support “anything” MF going forward?

4 Myths that have to be overcome

5 ?

6 Questions In what decade was the first MF? ◦ What was its name? Last year, the world produced more transistors than grains of rice? t/f What MF name was used for the first follow on MF from above? By 2010, there will be more than 30 billion RFID tabs in circulation. t/f What version of MF would used in the 90’s? What is the major database used on MFs? There are more than 1 billion camera phones in use today? t/f What has been the most prevalent programming language on the MF? What are “modern” languages being used on the MF? Link1Link2Link1Link2 Link3Link3

7 Why take this course? Jobs ◦ Know companies like Baldor, Data-Tronics, Dillards, JB Hunt, Walmart, etc. ◦ Additional computing platform that many students do not have opportunity to learn Broading skillsets as System z becomes more open and accessible Fast growing server—appears to continue as a major computing platform RAS—Reliability, Accessibility, Scalability Did I say Jobs? Or did I say Jobs?

8 Gartner’s platform positioning 4Q08 – Platform Summary

9 Platform choice – Fit for purpose, workload and situation Many factors influence a platform selection, making it difficult to present a simple selection matrix.

10 GDPS-The Ultimate Availability Solution

11 World-Wide Corporate Users

12 The expanding System z community

13 Recent Announcements

14 Recent Announcements (cont)

15 Why are datacenters consolidating to System z ?

16 Freedom vs. Manageability

17 System z clouds achieve operational efficiency through economies of scale

18 Fractional Availability Improvements Are Important

19 Where are IT Budgets being Spent?

20 The financial benefits of System z are compelling

21 Linux on Z

22 Ft. Smith Company

23 Baldor (cont)

24 A government organization consolidates applications and data to drive down costs of hardware, software and management by 70%!

25 Interesting facts about DB2 on z/OS

26 System z With DB2 Scales Further Than Best HP Superdome Banking Benchmark, with Java

27 The Data Warehouse and BI Solution on System z

28 Advantages of Portal on z

29 New CICS 4.1 Information

30 Application Performance Characteristics – what fits on which platform? Workload performance varies by application and can be best served by different platforms or the right mix of multiple platforms.

31 Teach the teachers… System z Professor Summer Seminars

32 Faculty Spotlight in Mainframe Education

33 Reference Schools worldwide teaching System z

34 Global – Master the Mainframe Contest

35 Ocoee High School FL Mainframe Masters

36 Course Goals Be able to express the benefits of a mainframe including ◦ Z Series architectural concepts ◦ Consolidation and TCO advantages of this environment ◦ Major applications running on the mainframe as well as the type of applications for which it makes sense to put on a mainframe ◦ The role of JCL for scheduling and batch processing ◦ How z/VM exploits virtualization and allows Linux to be run as a virtual guest ◦ Know the value of Linux on the mainframe

37 Course Goals (cont) System z skills under zOS ◦ Be able to navigate TSO/ISPF and RDz environments ◦ Be able to create partitioned datasets; edit, upload, download files ◦ Be able to used selected utilities including IDCAMS to create VSAM files ◦ Be able to run simple programs that utilize files and JCL on the mainframe

38 Course Goals (cont) Linux skills using the Integrated Facility for Linux. ◦ Be able to effectively work in the Linux environment including RDz ◦ Be able to do essential system tasks ◦ Be able to work with files including creation, editing, coping, etc. ◦ Be able to write basic Linux scripts ◦ Be able to create Web sites using LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP)

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