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Do question 1 on page 295 in your book.

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1 Do question 1 on page 295 in your book.

2 Organisms with a short generation time could be modified more rapidly than those with a long generation time. For example a bacterium with a generation time of one hour would have almost 9 million generations in 1000 years, whereas humans would have about 40 generations in a 1000 years.

3 Do question 2 on page 295 in your book.

4 There are many different environments and many different demands on species. A species adapted to one environment might fare poorly in a different environment. Also, different types of organisms are interrelated in complex ways.

5 Evolution Review

6 Which of the following is NOT true regarding Natural Selection?
It was discovered by Charles Darwin. All members of a population are identical. More individuals are produced then survive. Only the best adapted survive and reproduce.

7 b

8 Answer question #15 on page 294 in book.

9 b

10 List three types of evidence that support the theory of evolution.

11 Fossil record Biogeography Biochemistry (DNA and amino acids) Embryology Morphology Co-evolution Convergent Evolution Divergent Evolution (This will be an essay question on the test but you will also have to describe each of the 3 types of evidence you list.)

12 How does DNA act as an index of relatedness between species?

13 Species having more-similar DNA are more closely related, or share a more recent common ancestor, then species with less-similar DNA.

14 Radioisotopes tell scientists that Earth is how old?
65 million years 500 million years 4.6 billion years 13.4 billion years

15 C

16 Which step caused an aerobic atmosphere during the history of Earth?
Origin of cell membranes An energetic atmosphere Origin of anaerobic prokaryotes Origin of photosynthetic prokaryotes

17 Similar structures are present in the embryos of fish, salamanders, turtles, chickens and pigs. In fish these structures develop into gills but in the other organisms, they either disappear or develop into other body parts later in embryonic development. Which of the statements below best explains the presence of these structures in embryos of all five species? The reproductive mechanisms are similar among the adults of the three species. The five species have a common ancestor. The embryos of the five species are similar in size Breathing structures are similar among the five species

18 B

19 It is believed that during the late Cretaceous period sea levels rose drastically resulting in about a third of the Earth’s present land masses being underwater. Which of the following types of evidence supports this theory? Dinosaur and bird fossils found in swamp areas Minerals and oil found in underground deposits Corals and marine fossils found in the Great Plains Volcanoes and igneous rocks found on the ocean floor

20 C

21 Oxygen began to build up in the Earth’s atmosphere after the development of living things with the ability to Breathe air Form tissues Photosynthesize Reproduce sexually

22 C

23 Growing up, Darwin saw that farm animals with preferred traits were chosen for breeding. Those chosen animals usually produced offspring with the preferred traits. This best illustrates the process of Genetic engineering Artificial selection Natural selection Evolution

24 How does the fossil record help us understand the evolution of life on Earth?

25 By studying the age and morphology of fossils we can study how life evolved in the past.

26 Give an example of a homologous structure.

27 Bird and bat wing. Bone structures in vertebrates. Organs in mammals.

28 Give an example of how natural selection has occurred.

29 Industrial melanism DDT resistant insects Antibiotic resistant bacteria

30 Why is it useful to study the amino acid sequences or proteins from different species?

31 This is useful because DNA codes for amino acids which make up proteins. By sequencing the amino acids or proteins we are can see how different species DNA compare and we can see how closely related they are.

32 Explain how a theory is different from a law.
Explain how they are similar

33 A law tells us what nature does under certain conditions.
A theory explains why and how nature works the way it does. They are similar because both are based on large bodies of evidence that have been collected over many years or research

34 Put the following in the correct order.
The ozone developed Life was restricted to the oceans. The dinosaurs went extinct The earth stabilized Life moved on land The earliest humans appeared Photosynthetic bacteria evolved.

35 The earth stabilized Life was restricted to the ocean. Photosynthetic bacteria evolved. The ozone developed. Life moved on land. The dinosaurs went extinct. The earliest humans appeared.

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