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The Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home Vocabulary Day 1.

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1 The Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home Vocabulary Day 1

2 Free Template from habitat The coyote blended into his natural habitat. A natural environment for native creatures

3 Free Template from habitat Example: The place (desert, plains, etc) where the animal lives is it’s habitat. Non-example: The mall is not a fox’s habitat.

4 Free Template from predators The predators are most feared animals because they are ones who hunt the weaker animals. Animals that prey on others

5 Free Template from predators Example: Lions are predators to rabbits. Crabs are predators to fish. Roadrunners are predators to lizards. Non-examples: Lizards are not predators to coyotes.

6 Free Template from canopy The canopy of the tree provided so much shade that the land below it never dried out. The high, sheltering branches of rainforest trees.

7 Free Template from canopy Example: A canopy is the top of the tree that provides shade. A canopy looks like an umbrella. Non-example: The canopy is not the trunk of the tree or the roots.

8 Free Template from extinction My brother wishes that dinosaurs wouldn’t have become extinct so that he could own one. The condition of having died out.

9 Free Template from extinction Example: The woolly mammoth is extinct. The dinosaur is extinct. Non-example: The giant panda is endangered but not extinct.

10 Free Template from observation We were a part of the observation team and our job was to look closely at the habitat and how the animals behaved in that habitat. The act of paying close attention

11 Free Template from observation Example: When you observe you look at everything around you. A principal observes your classroom. A child observes the mushrooms growing wild. Non- example: When glance, or take a quick look, you are not observing.

12 Free Template from humid The humidity made the air feel much warmer and we couldn’t get cool! Containing a large amount of water vapor.

13 Free Template from humid Example: Humidity in the air makes you sweaty and sticky. Non-example: Wind is not humidity. The sun is not humidity.

14 Free Template from dilemma We had a major dilemma because we didn’t know which way to turn and we were already running late. A situation in which one is given difficult choices to make.

15 Free Template from dilemma Example: Choosing between two things you really like is a dilemma. Non-example: Choosing what you are going to wear to school is not a dilemma.

16 Free Template from captive The soldiers were held captive during the war when they were in enemy territory. Captured; held against one’s will.

17 Free Template from Captive Example: Animals in the cages are being held captive since they can’t get out. Non-example: Animals living in the wild are not captive.

18 Free Template from genes My sister got her red hair from my dad’s genes since people on his side of the family have red hair. Tiny pieces of matter in cells that carry the blueprints for characteristics.

19 Free Template from gene Example: A puppy gets it’s coloring from the genes his parents passed down. Non-example: the jeans I wear to school are not genes!

20 Free Template from reintroduction The scientists reintroduced the animals to the area once the area was safe for them to live. The process of returning animals to their native habitats.

21 Free Template from reintroduction Example: If an animal is endangered they might raise more of those animals in captivity and then put them back into the wild. Non-example: Taking a snake from your yard to the vacant lot across the street is not reintroducing.

22 Free Template from Partner- Talk! What word seems interesting to you? Tell your partner the word and why. Be ready to tell your partner’s response! I like the word genes…

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