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Spring, 2012 Enrichment Clusters Sunset Park Center for Accelerated Studies.

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1 Spring, 2012 Enrichment Clusters Sunset Park Center for Accelerated Studies

2 K-1 Travel Around the World Miss Janice Johnson Grab your passport and prepare to travel! We will learn about and explore many places around the world. Whether we are creating origami or tasting a gyro, this will be an adventure you do not want to miss!

3 K-1 Creation Station Mrs. Sally Hartgrove Do you like to create things? Then “Creation Station” is the place for you! You can use your imagination to create anything you want from lots of interesting materials. If you can imagine it, you can create it!

4 K-1 Introduction to Spanish Mrs. Terry Caudle Students will engage in authentic foods, games, and dances that will be taught throughout the course. Students will engage in conversations from the concepts taught- numbers 1- 20 and basic shapes (triangles, square, rectangle, and circle). The thematic unit also taught will be “My Family/Mi Familia.”

5 K-1 Happy Feet Mrs. Julie Russell Do you like to move and groove your feet to the sound of music? Put your dance shoes on and let’s learn how to tap dance. We will have fun exercising and rolling on mats, too! Hear the beat? Let’s move those feet! Happy Feet!

6 K-1 Marvelous Math Creations Ms. Elizabeth Miller Do you love to play games? Did you know you can practice math skills while playing games? Students will participate in creating math games after a concept has been taught using dominoes, Connect 4, and Uno. Literature will also be used to help teach math concepts.

7 K-1 Just Dance Kids! Mrs. Katy Shepard Do you like to dance? Get up and moving in this fast paced Enrichment Cluster. We will be using the Wii game Just Dance Kids to learn new dances and get physically fit. We will also use other music to learn line dances such as: The Electric Slide, The Cha-Cha Slide, etc… Join us for some dancing fun!

8 K-1 Traveling Iron Chefs Mrs. Lorri Conrey Do you like to cook and try new foods? Travel around the world as we prepare and taste foods from different cultures and learn about music and geography along the way. You’ll even create your own cookbook to take home.

9 K-1 Weird Science Mrs. Sharon Beeks Want to learn about weird science? Join us as we will take ordinary materials and make weird science experiments. These will be fun and gross! This class will make you think about science in a new way!

10 K-1 Painted Hands Mrs. Meghan Switzer Do you like arts and crafts and getting your hands dirty? If so, this is the cluster for you! Each week we will create different artwork with our handprints while connecting our learning to social studies and science topics. The final product will be a beautifully painted plate perfect for display in your home. Be sure to bring your creativity and willingness to have fun!

11 K-1 Baby Dragons Mrs. Jennifer Gifford Come learn about dragons and dinosaurs with Mrs. Gifford this spring. We will find out what is real and what is make- believe and the difference between fossils and bones. You will discover many different types of dinosaurs while making a big paper mache dragon you get to take home!

12 2-3 Fingerprint Story Art Mrs. Erin LeCroy. If you love reading and painting, come paint your ART out in Fingerprint Story Art! We will look closely at some of your favorite stories, and you will create art using your thumbprints and an ink pad! You’ll learn how to represent your favorite story elements using your fingerprints.

13 2-3 Whiz Kids Ms. Jodie Dennis Students use the scientific process to carry out various investigations. We will create slime, clouds, “lava,” collect data on birds, ask and answer many questions…in other words, we will make awesome discoveries.

14 2-3 Jewel School Mrs. Debbie Davis. Students will enjoy expressing themselves by creating unique jewelry designs. Students will use a variety of materials and tools to produce original works. Elements of visual arts and world cultures will be explored through ornamental crafts.

15 2-3 Down on the Farm Mrs. Susan Westbrook. In Down on the Farm, students will experience the farm life through the study of barnyard animals, growing crops, and much more! Cows, chickens, honey bees, corn and cotton are just a few of the topics students will learn about!

16 2-3 Positively Pottery Mrs. Angie Schlauch Do you like making pottery? Students in this enrichment cluster will learn the basics of making pinch pots and coil pots. You will learn to add your own artistic flair to your pottery creation. Be ready to have fun and don’t be afraid to get a little messy!

17 2-3 Sweet Treats Miss Jenna Burris. Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, this enrichment cluster is for you! We will make a variety of foods including lollipops, a gingerbread house, Chinese morsels, fruit pizza and much more! Then, students will create their own recipe book to keep.

18 2-3 Wii Can Dance Mrs. Lori-Ann Phelan. Do you like to dance? Come move your body and have a blast. You can challenge your friends or just dance for fun. Students will use the Wii Just Dance and Michael Jackson Experience games to exercise and challenge each other in a dance off. Each week we will have a dance winner, and at the end of the cluster, we will have the “Ultimate Dance Challenge” to name our Ultimate Dancer!

19 2-3 Around the World Mrs. Angela Petty. Come join me on a trip around the world. Play games, eat, listen to music, make crafts and experience what life is like in another country. We will travel to 7 different places on the 7 continents of the world. All you need to pack is an open mind. Get your passports ready for a journey of the mind!

20 2-3 Energy Balance Ms. Lizzie Williams. Energy Balance contributes to our health in positive ways. This cluster will focus on having enough energy to do all the things you want to do and to grow up strong and healthy; to practice balance, variety and moderation in your diet; and to be physically active for 60 minutes each day.

21 2-3 Fitness Fanatics Mrs. Cassie Kitts. Do you like to exercise? Do you dream of starring in your own workout video? Well, this is the cluster for you! In this cluster, we will explore different fitness videos and types of exercise. We will also explore the importance of exercise and how to be healthy. Then, students will produce their very own workout video for classes to use when they can not go outside for recess!

22 2-3 Fuzzy Wuzzy Masterpieces Mrs. Tara Blackwell Bend, curl, twist and swirl….come on in and let’s turn some fuzzy sticks into a dozen different creatures. Even humans…eeek!! We will use pipe cleaners to create all sorts of things like a bee, flower, bear, caterpillar, butterfly, dog, lion, tiger, dinosaur, and even people!

23 4-5 Students will use different building strategies to surpass natural disasters. They will build different structures using different materials. We will then see if they can withstand the forces of nature. Build It and Destroy It Mrs. Casey Lefler

24 4-5 Students will learn some new line dances and maybe go over some that they are familiar with during our cluster. We will learn the name of the steps and how to count the beats to the music. Put on your groove, and join the move! Shuffle to the Right…Shuffle to the Left… Ms. Carol Edwards

25 4-5 Do you like activities that make you think? Do you like to use strategies and logic skills to solve problems? This cluster will use activities that require logic and strategy skills. Activities will include analogies, math and visual puzzles, logic problems and activities such as “Set.” You will also work with classmates to solve mystery stories. You will learn to solve wuzzles, and in the end, you will create your own wuzzles. Think About It Mrs. Debbie Bostic

26 4-5 Learn the basics of rolling thin strips of paper (quilling) to design jewelry, pictures, or cards. We will also learn how to measure and create dimensional quilled animals, flowers, or diva designs. We will be applying measurement and creating shapes through a mathematical sense! Individual works of art will be created. Quilling Mrs. Susan Williams

27 Do you love basketball? Come choose your favorite players and make your own dream team then use Math skills each week to make sure your team defeats all of the others in our league! 4-5 Fantasy Basketball Mrs. Kristen Reynolds

28 Come explore the world of design through the fabulous fun of duct tape! Students will create accessories and everyday objects using only duct tape. We will investigate artistic craftsmanship and fashion design. Student’s creations will range as far as our imaginations can take us. 4-5 Designing with Duct Tape Mrs. Mary O’Grady Jones

29 This class will be fun, exciting, and will promote a range of important development skills: confidence, leadership, teamwork, and the creative “right brain” thinking recognized as critically important for success. On stage students will inspire wonder, nurture confidence and ignite imaginations. Students will perform the play, A Thousand Cranes. 4-5 Theatre at the Park Mrs. Lynn Johnson

30 Learning the art of cross-stitching (stitching X’s on Aida fabric) can be fun. This is a great introduction to an art form that has been around for a long time. You will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of patterns to suit your personality or interest. Easy to follow instructions and simple designs can get you started on your way to making some delightful “pieces” either to keep or to create as gifts for family and friends. 4-5 “C” is for Cross Stitching Ms. Clara Gray

31 Ready…Aim…This program promotes student education, physical education, and the participation in the lifelong sport of archery. This program follows the guidelines of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). 4-5 Archery Ms. Sabrina Bundy

32 Through the use of choral reading, students will broaden experiences with different genres. Materials will teach content area subject matter and reading content such as vocabulary strategies and the study of rhyme. Through repeated reading of the text, the students will become more fluent readers which allows for increased content comprehension. 4-5 Charismatic Choral Reading Ms. Cheryl Mason-Furr

33 Come explore the world of music learning to play tone chimes! Students in this cluster will learn to play tone chimes, an instrument similar to handbells. Playing technique, music reading skills, and musicianship will be taught as students learn several pieces to perform 4-5 Tone Chime Ringers Mrs. Tiffany Young

34 4-5 We will travel the globe exploring the different sports, food and music the world has to offer. Each week we will focus on a different country. We will learn the about the sports they play, food they eat and music they listen to. Globe Trotting Mrs. Michelle Werts

35 Explore the martial arts through a challenging, exciting and fun environment while developing focus, discipline, confidence, concentration, peer pressure skills, the ability to follow directions and proper social behavior. All of the above are necessary tools for our children to cope with an ever-changing world. 4-5 Martial Arts with AMA

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