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Trees and leaves By Paul 2007.

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1 trees and leaves By Paul 2007

2 about the project In this project I am researching trees and leaves. I want to find more about the different kinds of trees and leaves. I want to learn about the trees and leaves in B.C. because I live in B.C.

3 kinds of leaves Leaves with needles Leaves without needles

4 what is an evergreen An evergreen is a tree that keeps its needles. Most conifers are evergreens, but not all. If you didn’t know a conifer is a tree that is usually an evergreen, with cones or scale-like leaves. There is only one conifer I know that changes color in winter. That is the Tamarack.

5 about evergreen It is very easy to spot one on October in the northern forest. Evergreens are able to make food throughout the early and late parts of the growing season. Christmas tree Tamarack in summer Tamarack in winter

6 evergreen needles1 How do you know what tree your looking at? First take a look at its leaves. Does it have leaves with needles or flat non-needle leaves? Can you match any of the above to hemlocks, firs, spruces a Tamarack or a pine?

7 evergreen needles2 Coniferous trees with single leaves must have either angled needles or flat needles. If its angled it must be a White Spruce or a Black Spruce. If its flat it must be a Hemlock or a Balsam Fir.

8 whats a deciduous A deciduous tree is a tree that loses its leaves in the autumn. Before this the leaves turn red,orange or yellow. By winter it loses all of its leaves. New leaves appear in spring. Usually there called hardwood trees or botanists. The term comes from the Greek word angion (vessel) and sperma (seed). Sugar maple tree Red maple tree

9 deciduous Deciduous tree Deciduous forests
Deciduous trees come in a wide variety of shapes,sizes,forms,colors and textures. They provide food and habitat for birds and wildlife,and help filter dust and pollution from the air.

10 about deciduous Some large shrubs can be pruned into tree form. Their leaves are usually in the form of a flat blade(that is,they are not needle-like or scale-like) poplar basswood

11 deciduous pictures American Sycamore Dogwood flower & tree

12 deciduous diseases These are some deciduous tree diseases. canker
Powdery mildew wilt Heart rot Leaf spot

13 trees from dinausaur times
Chilean monkey puzzle Monkey puzzle tree During dinosaur times the monkey puzzle tree was eaten by plant-eating dinosaurs like Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus. This tree is a native of the mountains of Chile. Another name for the monkey puzzle are Chilean pine. The monkey puzzle is an evergreen.

14 arbutus tree The leaves of Arbutus trees have glossy and leathery texture. They are about 10 centimetres long. Where to find Arbutus trees? The bark of an Arbutus have a reddish brown color. It peels in flakes and strips to expose younger and smooth bark. The fruit of the Arbutus have a bright reddish color. It is 7 millimetres.

15 Ode to my favourite tree
By Ron Bazar Arbutus Tree, You have magic about thee. On bluffy heights and craggy spires Your twisted shapes inspire me! Winter and summer laden with leaves, You reach for the sun yet ride storms with ease. Bark so smooth you glisten in rain, You shed your bark again and again! Arbutus Tree, Overlooking the sea, Your blossoms exude scent divine, Your cycles amaze every time! Your red berries - a deer delicacy, Your exquisite wood - a mystery, Arbutus, you are my favorite tree, You have truly blessed me!

16 The end Trees and leaves

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