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Isle of Wight 2013 Warren Road Primary School Journey

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1 Isle of Wight 2013 Warren Road Primary School Journey

2 IOW 2013: The Basics  Why do we go to the Isle of Wight?  Coastal study work  Geology-archaeology.  Diary work  History work  PSHE work  It’s great fun.

3 The Teams.  Adults going on the trip. Week 1 (6P and 6J) 3/6 Miss Palmer (Leading), Mrs Jeremy, Miss Gibbs, Mrs Stones, Mrs Rose, Mr Tebb, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Keene, Mrs Styles, Mrs Brown. Week 2 (6T and 6M) 10/6 Miss Fletcher (Leading), Mr Thomas, Ms Millband, Miss Day, Mrs Stones, Miss McNamara Mrs Warren-Axe, Mrs Corbett, Mrs Styles, Mr Webb

4 Monday Morning  Children to arrive at 7.30 am.  Children to have a packed lunch + named water bottle.  Goodbyes to be said on the playground and children sent independently into the Davis hall.  Parents to put suitcases on the coach (on Cloonmore Ave)  Medicines to be handed in – in the corridor leading to the Davis Hall. The First Aider for your week will be sitting at a table to collect medicines and answer any medical questions.  Leave at 8am  Please stay to wave your children goodbye from the pavement.

5 Itinerary  Monday  Leave School – yippee!!  Visit HMS Victory – Look at the original cannons; where Nelson died; the surgeon’s table; some maggot-infested bread and the toilets!  Catch Ferry to the I.O.W.  Go to the Overstrand Hotel  Dinner  A chance to let off steam and play games in the grounds of the hotel.

6  Tuesday  Explore Dinosaur Island (not really an island!) – Your chance to learn about dinosaurs and go fossil hunting.  Amble along the long walk, looking at coastal features Evening  Swimming - Maybe a chance to get your costume or trunks out if the weather is fine. Wednesday  UKSA  Raft building/racing Evening  Go to the beach – more fun and games to be had here!

7  Thursday  Tennyson Down walk – another chance to show off your map skills and spot coastal features. You will need your sketchbooks and pencils.  Visit the Needles – you will enjoy a boat trip around some stacks and stumps but why are they called the Needles?  Sand filling – find out when you get there!! Evening.Disco

8  Friday  Leave Hotel  Catch ferry  D-Day Museum  Arrive at school – Give your parents/guardians a hug and tell them how much you’ve missed them.

9 Home  We are due back at 4 o'clock first week / 6 o’clock second week – due to ferry time and the IOW festival.  If we are running late we will let the school know and it will be posted on parent hotmail.  Message on the parent hotmail giving the latest information throughout the week. Number: 08447707576 Number: 08447707576 School I.D. = 46769 School I.D. = 46769 This number will also have an eta on the Friday. This number will also have an eta on the Friday.  Website! We always try, but network is very unreliable.  Follow us on Twitter  Please try to be there to meet the children as they will be looking forward to seeing you.

10 In addition to ‘diary entries’ on school website Frequent updates Can access tweets without having to sign up However, sign up and follow @wrprimary to receive tweets automatically. Account will be 1-way, no interaction. @wrprimary

11 The Hotel


13 Clothes Packing list on the web site  At least two pairs of trousers (avoid jeans, they take longer to dry.)  two pairs of shorts.  t-shirts. – Long sleeve – not sun vests.  warm sweater or fleece  waterproof (cagoule)  old trainers, deck shoes or wet suit boots.  strong comfortable walking boots or trainers (no wellies).  General:   Pyjamas  changes of underwear and socks.  gel shoes for the beach  slippers or indoor shoes  swimming costume (We will go swimming, weather permitting, in the hotel pool.)  change of clothes for the Disco- Make up ?

14  Toiletries  2 towels One large one small (The small for the beach.)  Work items  Pencil case  Coloured pencils  Book for diary and sketching.  Camera – digital is ideal, but not an expensive one. Pictures to be used in the IOW presentation  Other items  Strong backpack/rucksack (2 straps) to keep lunch and a drink in during the day.  Sun cream (Sun hats are provided)  Stamped addressed postcards for sending home on arrival  Additional stamps etc  Cuddly toy (necessity.)  Reading book (if desired)  One named water bottle  PACKED LUNCH FOR THE FIRST DAY

15  PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOT ALLOWED Mobile phones Nail varnish Electronic gamesChewing gum Aerosol sprays Hair driers/straighteners Sweets (Sweets to be provided on the coach by staff.)  MEDICATION  Please if possible hand any medication in the weeks before the trips… otherwise…  MUST BE HANDED TO MRS STONES OR MRS CORBETT- CLEARLY NAMED - ON THE MORNING OF THE JOURNEY. Sachets or tablets if possible please.

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