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Meet the Super Croc.

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1 Meet the Super Croc

2 ancient Ancient is something that is very old.
I saw pictures of an ancient fish that is now extinct. Do you know of any ancient animals?

3 hopeful You are hopeful when you think that something you want to happen may happen. We were hopeful that it would not rain on the day of the party. What are you hopeful for?

4 valid If something is valid, it can be proven.
They had valid information that the fossil was that of a dinosaur. Give an example of valid information.

5 confirm To confirm something is to show it is true based on facts.
The scientists were able to confirm that the dinosaur was 50 feet long. Why is it important for a scientist to confirm his or her findings?

6 unable If you are unable to do something, that means you cannot do it.
I was unable to go to my grandma’s house yesterday. Name a word that has the opposite meaning of unable.

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