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I Spy Written and Illustrated by The Brainy Bunch.

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1 I Spy Written and Illustrated by The Brainy Bunch

2 I Spy Written and Illustrated by The Brainy Bunch Gavin Logan Colin Bryan Kate Cameron Dean Alayna Brianna Tanner May Bailey Megan Karlen Ford Hayden Sarah Inspired by Jean Marzollo’s I Spy series. Copyright February 2004 The Brainy Bunch Publishing Co. Gullett Elementary School

3 Table of Contents Garden Water Barbie Board Merry Christmas Shadow Land The Weird Sky I Spy Fish and Dolphins Beachy Beach Sand Dream House Penny, Straw, House Lacy Day Western Town Eraser World I Spy Messy Room Presents, Presents, Presents Messy Town Untitled

4 Garden Water I spy a q-tip, 11 toothpicks, 3 paper clips, 5 balloons, 12 clouds, 2 push pins, a penny, a spider, a caterpillar, and 4 flower pots.

5 Barbie Board I spy a yellow baby food bottle, two white cubes, two bunny erasers, and two white shoes; A red rattle, a little red clip, a bar of soap, and a duck the color of a lip.

6 Merry Christmas I spy 5 bottles, 6 balls, a button, 12 hearts, 5 snowmen, and 4 snowflakes.

7 Shadow Land I spy 1 balloon, 5 hearts, 1 ten dollar bill, 1 person, 1 car, 1 shoe, and 6 presents.

8 Messy Seas I spy 4 Santas, 3 small jingle bells, the letters to spell B-R-Y-A-N, 3 three-eyed cats, a nose on a snowman, and a lost message.

9 The Weird Sky I spy a baby, an angel, a camel, 2 snowflakes, 4 fish, a walkie talkie, the word HAYDEN, 3 people, a candle, and a red ribbon.

10 I Spy I spy a dollar, 2 presents, 2 bears, 1 dinosaur, 3 clowns, and a hare.

11 Fish & Dolphins I spy a Kick Me sign, 4 fish, 2 dinosaurs, 2 crescent moons, 1 12, an ice cream, an R and 4 Os.

12 Beachy Beach Sand I spy a frog, 4 tens, eight crystals, a dinosaur, 2 pieces of seaweed, and 6 blue dolphins..

13 Dream House I spy a box, 2 owl eyes, a necklace, some feathers, 2 wings, and 2 holes.

14 Penny, Straw Palace I spy 3 Santa Clauses, 1 green frog, 2 snowmen, a yellow witch, 6 purple straws, and 1 eraser snowman.

15 Lacy Day I spy 2 snowflakes, a goose, a bee, a Dracula noodle head, and 4 hearts.

16 I spy a paper clip, three pieces of metal, (not including the paper clip) 16 noodles, a broken toothpick, a rubber band, and 4 tens. Western Town

17 Eraser World I spy 2 parrots, 6 pennies, 3 snowmen, 5 bunnies, ten 100s, 2 blue butterflies, 1 “Way to Go” sticker, and 1 “Super” sticker.

18 I Spy Messy Room I spy a key, a rubber band, 4 flags, the word “TANNER,” 3 green bows, 4 presents, a knife, a paperclip, a Christmas light, and a star.

19 Messy Town I spy 3 cats, 5 snowmen, 3 balloons, 3 teddy bears, 1 snowflake, 1 frog, 5 caterpillars, and 4 clowns.

20 Presents, Presents, Presents I spy a zero, 2 golden bells the same, a fish, a frog playing a game; One hidden button, 10 small read and white bells, and 2 flags.

21 I spy 3 rainbow fish, now find a seahorse and make your wish; a butterfly, a dolphin, and a teddy bear might do, now find a ten dollar bill and see what it can show you. Untitled

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