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Mesozoic: When the Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

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1 Mesozoic: When the Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
Meirba Asencio

2 What’s Mesozoic Mesozoic means “middle animals” in Greek
It’s made up of three time periods that span from 65 mya- 250mya A time when the dinosaurs lived And when the continents made up a super continent, Pangea Giovanni Arduino was FUN FACT Mesozoic was the second choice for the name of this time era

3 TJC Triassic was the earliest part of the Mesozoic era.
The Triassic was a dry dessert like period. Jurassic was the middle part. The Jurassic was a wet, hot and sticky. Cretaceous was the end of the Mesozoic era. The Cretaceous had volcanic activity as well as the seasons were beginning to develop.

4 What was it like in the Mesozoic?
Not many other animals besides dinosaurs, some birds, and some reptiles Plant life was mostly conifer trees, pine trees, and some flowering plants Fun Fact The first dino to be named was Megalosaurus in 1824.

5 ♫Dinosaurs Fun Fact There are 700 dino’s that have been id and named.

6 Shield Dino’s Stegosaurus Ankylosaurus Fun Fact
Stegosaurus had brains the size of a walnut. Stegosaurus Ankylosaurus

7 Bonehead Dino’s Lambeosaurus Pachycephalosaurus

8 Frill heads Dino’s Triceratops Chasmosaurus Fun Fact
I was about twice the size of a rhino. Triceratops Chasmosaurus

9 Duck bill Dino’s Iguanodon Edmontosaurus

10 Long Neck Giant Dino’s Apatosaurus brachiosaurus Fun Fact
The heaviest dino was Brachiosaurus, 80 tons to be exact. Apatosaurus brachiosaurus

11 Meat Eaters Dino’s Allosaurus Tyrannosaurus Fun Fact
The fiercest dino was the Utahraptor Allosaurus Tyrannosaurus

12 Raptors Oviraptor Velociraptor Fun Fact
Did you know Oviraptor means egg stealer. Oviraptor Velociraptor

13 Common Misconceptions
Pterosaurs is NOT a dinosaurs Aquatic Reptiles were NOT dinosaurs

14 DINOactivity

15 ♪Mesozoic

16 Resources Picture Resources
Picture Resources

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