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Join The Fun.

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1 Join The Fun

2 Delicious Fun Flavors NEW CABERNET|CHARDONNAY Coffee

3 About Fun Wine Fun Wine is a distinct beverage category for the masses for those individuals looking for a good tasting product that fits within their lifestyle -- active, social and alive. It is paired with ‘fun’ in all of the ways in which fun is experienced by consumers. This includes sports, dance, music, travel, exercise, food, and exploration. It is a fusion of European style and thinking, encouraging consumers to pair Fun Wine products with fun experiences rather than just food. Fun Wine is produced in southern France from premium French grapes. The vision is to excite consumers with recurring launches of new flavors of these friendly wine drinks on a regular basis.

4 A New Category Is Coming
Our vision is to create a space for a Fun Wine Drink in the beverage market Spirit Airlines In-Flight Menu

5 Benefits Of Our Fun Wine
We plan to price a 250 ml can at $1.99 retail, which is equal to $1.00 for a 4.2 oz. glass of wine. Compared to traditional single serve 187ml bottles Friends Fun Wine has 33% more product! $1 per glass of wine 75 Calories Per Serving! Increase traffic in the evening and after hours Draws in millennial customers 250 ML (33% more than other wine single serve bottle) Delicious & Friendly Taste Affordable Portable / Convenience Recyclable 2 year Shelf life

6 White & Rosé Moscato The Friends “Fun Wine” Collection
Muscat grapes are used to make a variety of sweet wines. The Muscat grape has high concentration of antioxidant flavonoids, as in red grapes, making our Moscatos as beneficial as red wine.

7 Peach & Strawberry Moscato
The Friends “Fun Wine” Collection Our Strawberry and Peach flavored Moscatos are lightly flavored to enhance the Moscato and not to take over the natural sweetness of the Muscat grapes.

8 Made with high quality premium wine and freshly chopped fruit.
Red & White Sangria The Friends “Fun Wine” Collection Made with high quality premium wine and freshly chopped fruit.

9 Cabernet Merlot | Chardonnay Sauvignon
The Friends “Just Wine” Collection Cabernet Merlot | Chardonnay Sauvignon

10 Introducing: The World’s First
COFFEE WINE We took the world’s two most growing popular drinks and put them together to deliver a wine experience like never before!

11 Cabernet | Chardonnay COFFEE THE WORLD’S FIRST

12 Marketing Materials Displays Suction cups Floor Display
Ice Tub Display Counter Display

13 Our Distribution We started distributing our “Fun Wine Collection” January 2013 Distributors: Florida – Southern Wine & Spirits Georgia – Empire Distributing Idaho – Idaho Distributing Illinois – Southern Wine & Spirits Indiana – Monarch Beverage Kentucky – Heidelberg Michigan – Kent Beverage and Fabiano Brothers Missouri – Major Brands New York – Phoenix Beverage, Try-It Distributing North Carolina – Empire Distributing Ohio - Heidelberg Oregon – Southern Wine & Spirits Tennessee – D-E-T Distributing, George Dinwiddie, Athens Distributing Texas – Glazers Vermont – Baker Distributing Virginia – Service Distributing and Associated Distributors Washington – Southern Wine & Spirits West Virginia – Associated Wine Retailers: Walmart – TX and FL Krogers - OH, KY, NC, VA Whole Foods – NY & NJ Fresh Market – FL Save A Lot – FL Winco – Idaho Wegmans – NY Tops – NY Sedanos – FL Bravo Supermarket - FL Marsh - Indiana Rite Aid – NY A&P – NY Food Lion – NC Harris Teeter – NC C-Stores 7-Eleven – FL Daily’s - FL 8 till Late - FL Gate Petroleum - FL Chevron - FL, Citgo – FL, OH Casey’s General Stores - MO Circle K - FL S&S Convenience - FL Shell - FL The Pantry Stores – MI, FL Speedway Exxon – NC, FL, OH Sunoco – FL, OH BP - MO, FL, Marathon – FL, OH Texaco – FL Stop N Go - FL In addition to the US, we are presently launching in Holland, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Panama. And in 2014 we will be launching in Japan, China, South Korea, Sweden, U.K., Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador.

14 Social Media 25K likes…we are averaging 2K likes per week and increasing as we expand into new markets.

15 Friends Fun Wine Is The Alternative Drink To Beer For Women
According to a poll conducted by Gallup in 2012, women consume 2.6 times as much wine than men, and Americans are shifting to prefer wine over beer Source:

16 FRIENDS IN THE NEWS Additional Broadcast Coverage Includes:
“Weekend Sip: Can Canned Wine Cut It” – November 21, 2013 “Interview: Friends Fun Wine In A Can CEO Joe Peleg” – October 17, 2013 “Attention grabbers on the go” – October 14, 2013 “Wine In A Can Wants to be in a Box” – June 6, 2013 “Spirit Airlines to sell wine by the can” – June 5, 2013 “SPIRIT AIRLINES STARTS SERVING WINE IN CANS” Additional Broadcast Coverage Includes: HLN and Fox News (November 23, 2013) ESPN (November 23, 2013) FOX & Friends (November 17, 2013) Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (June 10, 2013)

17 Men Like It Women LOVE It
Let the fun begin.

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