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Dinosaurs By: Angel Peralta.

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1 Dinosaurs By: Angel Peralta

2 Objective To gain an understanding of what life was like for dinosaurs. Learn about the most dominant dinosaur. To learn how and why dinosaurs do not exist today. Question? Why do you think we are learning about dinosaurs?

3 Overview of Dinosaurs Dinosaur means “Terrible, powerful, wondrous, Lizards. Dinosaurs were the dominant animals for over 160 million years The discovery of the dinosaur was done so because of fossil findings across the world Question? Why are dinosaurs so important to archaeologists(the people who search for fossils)?

4 The King of the Dinosaurs
The T-rex was regarded as the biggest and meanest of all the dinosaurs. Fossils of the T-rex have been found and dated back to 68 million years ago. It was the largest known Tyrannosaurid and one of the largest known land predators. Some of the T-rex’s measured up to 43 feet high This is why the T-rex was known as the King of Dinosaurs Question? Why do you think the other animals were afraid of the T-Rex?

5 How they Lived Dinosaurs lived on all continents
Different dinosaurs lived during different times so not all dinosaurs co-existed. If dinosaurs were herbivores their diet was mainly green, such as plants and trees. If dinosaurs were Carnivores their diet consisted of mainly other meat from other dinosaurs. Dinosaurs lived together for millions of years until becoming extinct. Question? Do you think there are more herbivores or carnivores?

6 How they became extinct
How dinosaurs became extinct is something that even some of the best scientists don’t know an exact answer to. The most popular theory is that a giant asteriod struck the earth and killed off all the dinosaurs. The truth is we probably will be searching for the answer to this questions for years to come! Question? How do you think Dinosaurs became extinct?

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