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Extinction of the dinosaurs

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1 Extinction of the dinosaurs
By Eireann and Hayley

2 What is extinction? Definition from the oxford student dictionary .
Extinction means that something is no longer living or exsisting and never will again.

3 Facts about extinction
The extinction happened about 65 million years ago. It happened to the huge dinosaurs who ruled the earth for a long time. The results of this mighty disappearances was that there was no more dinosaurs left on the earth.

4 Theories In the next few slides you will find out about what scientests think might have happened to these huge big creatures who live about 65 million years ag !!! ENJOY

5 Asteroid This is the one most scientest think caused the extinction of these huge creatures. This theory says that a massive asteroid or comet came smashing to the earth and wiped out these amazing creatures. We know this because there is a massive big hole in the gulf of Mexico !

6 Volcanic theory There was a volcano about 65 million years ago that pumped to much ash in the air that blocked the suns light and it was all dark and the dinosaurs couldn’t see at all then the big creatures were not able to survive ! OH-NO

7 Terrible Ice age Through out earths time there has been lots of ice ages. The last one ended about 10,000 years ago! A very severe ice age could have wiped the dinosaurs out because it was so bad that all the water was frozen and these creatures would not be able to survive !

8 Climate Change The earth might have just gradually changed in climate over a long period of time and the dinosaurs were not able to survive in the colder and dryer weather.

9 A disease This one is that a deadly and contagious disease came through all the dinosaurs and wiped them all out!

10 ALIENS This is the last one we have it is thought that the aliens came and abducted the dinosaurs in their funky ufo’s. This one is rarely believed but is one of the theories.

11 Some more …… There are probably other theories but this is all we have. One thing is for certain, all the dinosaurs we know are now extinct. Maybe one day we will find out exactly what happened to the dinosaurs.

12 Our view We liked doing this topic it was great fun.
The theories Hayley and I thought was that a meteoroid or comet crashed to earth and wiped out the dinosaurs. This is our topic we hope you enjoyed it.

13 Reference slide We got all of our theories from :
Our definition was from oxford student dictionary Our facts came from Our pictures `were from all different websites.

14 Quiz We hope you have been listening because its time for a quiz!
What was two theories that people thought happened to the dinosaurs? What is extinction? When did the dinosaurs disappear of the earth?

15 Answers 1 comet or asteroid crashed to earth, climate change, volcano, disease, aliens or ice age 2 extinction is when something is not living and will never live again 3 about 65 million years ago.

16 We hope you enjoyed our dinosaur slideshow thank you for watching !

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