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Talk EARLY Talk OFTEN Get others INVOLVED Parent Forum – October 22, 2010.

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1 Talk EARLY Talk OFTEN Get others INVOLVED Parent Forum – October 22, 2010

2 What are Your Dreams??

3 Crushing dreams… Drugs & Alcohol… Prevention !

4 Average age?

5 National average: 13


7 Why do Kids Use?? Stress More freedom Curiosity Peer Pressure Transitions Environment Genetics Personality

8 What would you do?

9 Kids & Drugs Drug use triples between 6 th – 8 th grade Each day, over 15,000 kids try drugs for the first time (Nationally) DASIS 2006; BGCA, 2007; NSDUH 2006

10 So What’s the 411… Local drug trends in and around Watertown… What are the kids saying in school? What is law enforcement seeing and hearing?

11 Hot Topics…

12 Generation R x 1 in 5 teens will abuse a Rx medication Over 60% of teens report ‘easy to get from parents’ medicine cabinets’ Most commonly used Rx pain relievers: – Percocet – Vicodin – Codeine – OxyContin OxyContin abuse is leading to an increase in heroin addiction Partnership for a Drug Free America – 2005 PATS

13 Alcohol Alcohol Kids who drink are: – 22 times more likely to use marijuana – 50 times more likely to use cocaine NIAAA

14 Rite of Passage? Due to stages of brain development, teens are at an elevated risk Immature Brain May Place Teenagers at Elevated Risk to Effects of Drug Use”) *Watkins, Ellickson, Vaiana, & Hiromoto, 2006 “Window of Sensitivity”

15 Alcohol Alcohol Kills 6.5 times more kids than all other illicit drugs. By graduation, 66% are regular drinkers, 40% are frequent binge drinkers. 90% of teen drinking is binge drinkin g. Alcohol poisoning is equivalent. to an overdose.

16 16 Don't buy the ”Weed'O'Magic lie! How many other medicines that people take Why Marijuana Is NOT A Medicine Don't buy the ”Weed'O'Magic lie! How many other medicines that people take: Are smoked? = 0 Come in unmeasured doses? = 0 Have unknown strengths? = 0 Taken as often as patient think needed? = 0 In crude form (aspirin > tree bark, penicillin > bread mold, etc.)? = 0 Voted on by the public? = 0 Circumvent safety of FDA New Drug Unit testing? = 0 Contain no warnings of harm? = 0 “Recommended” by doctors, not prescribed? = 0 Medical examination NOT required = 0 Exempt from state regulations by the compliance authorities = 0 Allow a person to grow or produce their own medicine? = 0 Allow some unnamed person to hold patients medicine? = 0 ONE exception would be amazing, but all of them? U N B E L I E V A B L E ! Ed Moses

17 Drug Paraphernalia

18 Over 1000 Slang Words for Marijuana

19 Parent Involvement “ Significant parental involvement” is the most important factor in deterring young people from using drugs. White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Talking to your kids about drugs may reduce substance abuse by up to 50%! Partnership for a Drug Free America

20 …What else can you do besides talk?

21 Being aware & observe…  Drawings  Clothing  Slang

22 Say What?!?! 40 or 80…………. Abe……………... Adam…………… Are you anywhere? Al Capone……… Amped…………. Back to back…… Bagging………... Baker…………… Bammy………… Bart Simpson…... Belushi…………. Big Harry………. Booted…………. Oxycontin $5 worth of drugs MDMA Do you smoke weed? Heroin High on Meth Using Heroin then Meth Using Inhalents Marijuana Smoker Marijuana Heroin Cocaine and Heroin Heroin High

23 Signs of drug use or typical teen age behavior? a drop in grades isolates from family poor achievement mood up and down dishonest about whereabouts dishonest about a lot of things early cigarette smoking change in peer group draws pot leaves, drugs, or drug symbols defiance of authority red, watery, or glassy eyes uses eye drops to hide red eyes late or unexplained hours rejection of parental values have found unexplained paraphernalia disappearance of money or possessions defensive about drug use antisocial behavior loss of interest in previous hobbies and activities

24 Five Questions… How often do you hear people talking about drugs at school? How many of your friends have tried marijuana? How easy is it for you to get beer or alcohol? What is the most common drug at school? When was the last time you saw someone drunk or stoned?

25 Take Action! Communicate clearly. Start communicating early and often, asking questions. Share your family history regarding drugs and alcohol if appropriate.

26 Get to know your child’s friends, their siblings and their parents. Know your kid’s room and car. No area is off- limits. Use a home drug test as a way to prevent, and if need be, intervene earlier in a teen’s drug use.

27 Local Resources School Counselors School Resource Officers Local Agencies and Organizations – Police Department programs – Support groups – Watertown Healthy Youth Coalition – Private and/or non-profit counseling agencies – Youth organizations/programs – Faith based community Watertown Family Resource Directories are available that list many helping agencies/organizations in the community.

28 Over 70% of children say parents are the leading influence in their decision to drink or not. Parents do make a difference! Thank you!

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