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1 Confucianism

2 WHO: Confucianism is based on the teachings of Confucius, a Chinese teacher and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history. WHEN: Confucius lived 551–479 BCE, therefore Confucianism began and flourished during the 5th century BCE WHERE: Ancient China near Zou, Lu state, before his teachings spread quickly Origin

3 Core Beliefs/Ethics There are five Constants, which include:
Rén (仁, humaneness); Yì (義, righteousness or justice); Lǐ (禮, proper rite); Zhì (智, knowledge); Xìn (信, integrity). There are also four classical Sìzì: Zhōng (忠, loyalty); Xiào (孝, filial piety); Jié (節, continency); Yì (義, righteousness). Core Beliefs/Ethics

4 Religion Type Ethnic religion Chinese Traditional Religion
Stays prominent and clustered in Chinese culture, and has not moved to any other cultures Religion Type

5 Religion Structure Autonomous Structure
High interaction between families and communities with no geographical structure or hierarchy Hierarchical structure during Chinese dynasties, mostly the Han, Qin, and Tang, the emperor of China would often be considered in a prominent religious role for introducing Confucianism as the official state ideology of China. However, there were no local administrative units Religion Structure

6 Distribution Start

7 Distribution Start Explanation
Confucianism started in China and lands China controlled at the time, including modern day North and South Korea Mainly only in modern day eastern China Distribution Start Explanation

8 Distribution End

9 Distribution End Explanation
Confucianism can be now found all over modern day China There are still parts of countries that China used to control that have people that practice Confucianism, but noting significant in terms of numbers Distribution End Explanation

10 Confucianism does not have any specific holy place besides the human experience on Earth
Some places are more holy than others: The Confucian Temple in Shanghai, China China’s Mount Tai in Shandong Province Confucius’ birthplace in Qufu Confucius’ academic institutions Sacred Places

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