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© WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Advisory Services Presentation An Introduction to ProfitGyan.

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1 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Advisory Services Presentation An Introduction to ProfitGyan

2 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. What is ProfitGyan ProfitGyan is the World’s First Intelligent portfolio manager which helps you to suggest your clients what, when and HOW MUCH to trade. It helps you practice concepts like Risk Management and Diversification for your clients, ensuring your businesses success. Using ProfitGyan you can give free trial and even invite your old clients to signup, not to mention the new clients base to whom you can offer Personalized Services. You constantly loose out on clients because of lack of knowledge in your clients about Risk Management. This is the chief reason why in spite of higher accuracy you still face 30%-50% attrition each month. Any Client can be turned into a smart ProfitGyan client by practicing Risk Management for him/her and ensuring he never looses on your calls, thus ensuring your business success. This is how a typical SMS would look when sent. You can even get your own Sender ID configured. Our application allows you to send messages on SMS/Yahoo in under 5 seconds.

3 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. What is Risk Management ? No, we do not mean placing a Stop Loss when we say Risk Management. Risk Management is a term which has been under estimated in this Industry. Risk Management means defining before hand how much your client would loose in a single trade. Currently you can just inform your client to trade a particular quantity on your calls showing him a chart, but your cannot suggest him a quantity which is totally suitable for him. Risk can be defined in percentage like 1%, 2% and so on, and then ProfitGyan customizes the quantity for each client by using the formula | Quantity = (Risk% * Portfolio Size of the Client)/Stop Loss Difference Lets explain this by a simple example – You recommended to buy IDFC at Rs. 40 and kept a stop loss of Rs. 30. Your client has a portfolio of Rs. 40,000 and decided to buy 1000 shares of IDFC. Imagine your call turns around and hits the stop loss. Your client would NOT ONLY loose Rs. 10,000 but also approximately 25% of his entire capital. And just to recover this 25% loss now he needs to earn approx 33% returns on his portfolio (10,000/30,000). Risk% controls how much your clients invests where and at max how much would he loose if this call turns around. If instead you would have told him to take a Risk of 2% on his portfolio for this call then no matter what ever happens he wouldn’t loose more than 2% x 40,000 = Rs.800 on this call. And he could have bought only 80 shares which is calculated by (Rs.800/Rs.40 – Rs.30) Thus, Risk Management not only ensures that your client sustains for a longer time in the markets but also ensures that you keep on getting your renewal subscriptions as well. Every advisor, even the most perfect one has a streak of losses in his trading experience. But there is no insulation for your clients to be protected from as and when it happens. Imagine just 2 such losses of 10,000 each would have left your clients portfolio down by more than 50%, and there is no way you can get that Portfolio to break even unless you double their money, which we all know if not impossible, is a bit difficult. Also, if in a day you give 10 calls there is no way you can ensure that your client acts on all of them and if he gets stuck in even two losing calls out of 10, he would loose interest or become cautious. But you can avoid all this by informing your client a quantity which he can trade in, thus even if you have a series of 5 subsequent losses the max loss which your clients would suffer is only 11.11% of their portfolio. And Risk Management does not only help your clients, it helps you the advisor. Lets ask you a simple question what is your renewal rate, 50%, 60% or more ? You know the answer to this question. But did you even think why was the renewal rate so low when you boost of such an awesome accuracy rate ? Its simple your calls were good, worth a pat on the back but your clients wrong strategies spoilt it. Clients generally overtrade and always think they would make good profits like in our IDFC example, but it is you who has to realize that when your clients overtrade they are risking not only their capital but also are putting a big question mark on your renewal fee. We can tell you tons of stories about such clients, a simple Google search or a browse through the forums on ‘’ will reveal the picture to you.

4 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Risk Management & You The best part about Risk Management is it works for you more than for your client. Using ProfitGyan: Your clients would loose less on your loosing calls. For chart patterns occur rarely decrease the RISK% the system would automatically cut down on the Quantity being suggested to your clients. Your client would earn more on your Profit making calls. By increasing the RISK% you increase the Quantity being suggested to your clients and help them trade a larger number of shares/lots. We are very sure you might come across chart patterns which are more repetitive in nature and have high chances of success, now put a value to your confidence and help your clients. Your clients would never ever loose their entire trading capital while trading your calls. You need to have atleast 44 consecutive loosing calls before they are not even in a position to trade in 1 lot in the F&O. Your clients cannot blame you that your calls made them loose a lot in the markets, since they would never loose more than x% on each call. Over 40% of your clients face severe consequences because of the lack of knowledge about Disciplined Investing, Diversification or Risk Management thus they put your Renewal fee in danger because if they loose on your calls even once they would not come back again, without even realizing it was their fault in the first place let alone the trail marks they leave for your brand on the Internet or elsewhere. And, please do not think that you are 1 in a million advisors practicing Risk Management. It is the standard Industry practice adopted by millions of Fund Managers, Hedge Funds, Individual Traders and even the Who’s Who of the Industry. Risk Management acts as a catalyzer for your performance. If you couple Risk Management with a higher accuracy rate you derive the equation 1+1=5, because you start limiting your losses and increasing your profits. Infact you can easily increase your clients performance by 18% if you have the correct Risk Management in place. Think about it, you don’t have anything to loose and neither do your clients.

5 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. How does ProfitGyan Work  ProfitGyan’s portfolio manager allows your clients to track their investments in different financial instruments thereby maintaining a record of their holdings and overall portfolio size.  This portfolio size is then applied to a set of predefined mathematical formula’s which calculate the number of lots, shares he should trade in based on variables like risk and leverage. ProfitGyan’s Advisory Panel allows you to compose your trading message faster than your typing speed; and once you hit “Send”, the message is customized via a mathematical engine to suit your clients profile and is delivered on Yahoo or SMS with your Sender Id. “ProfitGyan values Ethics more than anything else. At no point either your Client Data or any of your Clients Financial Data can be viewed by our Teams or by any other Client/Advisor on ProfitGyan”

6 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. What’s there for Me? Happy Clients are willing to pay a premium for your services. Most of our advisors have managed to launch new advisory plans inviting clients to subscribe for 10,000 to 50,000 a month by providing exceptional services from ProfitGyan and ensuring that the clients gets his peace of mind and financial security. A Chance to differentiate yourself from the crowd. There are more than 250 advisors on the Internet but with no credibility. ProfitGyan gives you that brand and credibility, offer services which your competitors can never even think of offering to their clients. You can launch new advisory services Launch a plan for Yahoo* for all your clients since we deliver the messages on Yahoo* in less than 1sec, even faster than your typing speed or the time you take to select the group to send the message to. Only 20% traders know about the web based advisory services business and out of them only a handful of them believe in it and have never got cheated. ProfitGyan with its innovative models and focus on quality would surely increase the market share allowing you to service those clients who do not understand the dynamics of the markets or stop loss even. In the current market scenario where majority of the investors have blocked their capital, using ProfitGyan you can help them churn their existing shares by keeping their capital intact. You can view your clients holdings either collectively or individually. We offer you advisory chat rooms for holding training sessions for your clients, chat with your clients on yahoo, gtalk, msn or AIM all using a single online chat interface and manage all of them effortlessly using built in tools. Have snippets placed on your website inviting your clients for a free trial or make them lookup your past performance or even accept online registrations with your customized registration page. The best part is you can manage everything from right inside your product login including giving free trials. Currently all our advisors are offering free trials via us. And much much more…

7 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Tell Me More ProfitGyan is a sophisticated yet simple to use application. It has been designed keeping you, the modern age Advisor in mind who needs the right tools and support to keep his clients satisfied. MarketingRight ToolsBrains SupportInteractivity Old Unhappy Clients Satisfied Happy Clients “ProfitGyan allows you to invite your old clients, add new clients, give sms based trials and also add SMS only clients who have no or limited access to internet and manage them all with a single interface.”

8 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The Way you are Doing It ? After all why should you join us ? We know this question is somewhere there at the back of your mind still. After all, your clients love you the way you are and you have been delivering till date. Then why should you change and after all for something like ProfitGyan which is just a NEW BABY in your world, redefining and telling you what to do. Well, its simple: You are in an Industry which has no entry barriers, anyone and we mean anyone can create a website by spending less than Rs. 2000 and start giving calls. Well, how do you differentiate yourself then ? Every second person can stand up and say he is the best and is delivering such and such calls, how do you authenticate it then ? You tell us ? Even if one advisor starts following Risk Management and starts delivering what would you do ? Start learning about Risk Management then, or start it right now and have a head start, the first mover advantage. You look out for a Discount, Bargain or Sales every now and then, rite ? Then why do you think if we deliver so much to your clients in the same subscription fee they would not want more ? Please go through the Quick Tour at ProfitGyan to know what we offer to your clients. If you are thinking to join us because you can differentiate yourself, we are sorry you are at the Wrong Place. We only accept Advisor Registration for those advisors who are ready to help themselves and their clients GENUINELY. Out of more than 250 advisors on the net even if we are able to get atleast 10 GENUINE advisors and make them practice Risk Management, we would think our job is done. The journey to success may be rugged or you can’t see it but trust us even if one of you can see it. You have already defeated your competitor !! Call us Now – 91-79-30026040

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