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Traditional Latin Mass

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1 Traditional Latin Mass

2 On July 7th, in the year of our Lord 2007, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, with the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum

3 established the rules for the use of the Missale Romanum

4 codified by St. Pius V in 1570

5 and reissued by Blessed John XXIII in 1962.

6 This was the Missal used during the Second Vatican Council ( )

7 This was the Missal used by many saints St. PÍVS

8 This was the Missal used by
many Popes PIVS XII

9 This was the Missal used by many cardinals and bishops

10 This was the Missal used by
many priests

11 and a way of holiness for many generations.

12 Today, and thanks to Pope Benedict XVI, this spiritual and liturgical treasure reemerges in the Church

13 and the number of masses celebrated with this Missal around the world keep growing each day

14 The Pope calls it: the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

15 and it is also known as Traditional Latin Mass.

16 Besides its spirituality, sacrality, mystery, solemnity, beauty…, it is characterized by:

17 Our Lord’s sacrifice of Himself on the Cross
- the constant remembering of the sacrificial sense of the Mass, because it is the unbloody, real, and true presentation on our altars of Our Lord’s sacrifice of Himself on the Cross

18 - The priest celebrates it facing God, ad orientem, orientated in the same direction of the faithful, enhancing the christocentric character of the liturgy of the Mass.

19 - Except for the Epistle, the Gospel and the homily, the whole Mass is in Latin, official Language of the Church, contributing to the universality of the liturgy.

20 - The priest says prayers in a low voice or in silence–especially during the Canon-, which emphasizes its mystery and sacrality.

21 And the moments where the faithful kneel down are stressed
-especially during the Canon-

22 And the communion –in the mouth-, as a sign of adoration and reverence to the Holy Sacrifice and the real presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. .

23 If you want to help to the diffusion of the Mass, you can send this to your friends and relatives
For further information (in Spanish) you can visit our webpage: or contact us by , writing to:

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