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Introducing This presentation will demonstrate the advantages of LithoCAM as a very accurate dotmeter, as well a powerful quality assurance tool in the.

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Presentation on theme: "Introducing This presentation will demonstrate the advantages of LithoCAM as a very accurate dotmeter, as well a powerful quality assurance tool in the."— Presentation transcript:

1 Introducing This presentation will demonstrate the advantages of LithoCAM as a very accurate dotmeter, as well a powerful quality assurance tool in the press room. It will illustrate that it is the most technologically advanced dotmeter available in the market. Please click mouse for all further slides.

2 The LithoCAM was created to address several market demands. 1.To make plate reading and print analysis available at an affordable price. 2.To address the inflexibility and limitations of standalone handheld devices. 3.To produce a unit that will adapt to the changes in the CtP market. Why was LITHOCAM produced?

3 IS IT EASY TO USE ? Yes: making a reading is very simple: Having placed the LithoCAM onto the target media, press the head down near the top of the unit as demonstrated in the animation… Click once to energise the camera. Click the button again for media analysis. The dot reading will then be displayed in the application window as shown.

4 LithoCAM is used to evaluate the visual data displayed from the plate or printed copy using its sophisticated digital plate reading software and the power of the host PC processor. Unlike hand held units it benefits from significantly more computing power which gives greater accuracy and functionality when compared to earlier generations of dotmeters. LithoCAM is plate independent: it can read all offset plates, no matter what the colour, screen pattern or the material of the individual plate. As a PRESS ROOM tool it is often used to identify Press Room issues such as print doubling, slur and water calcification problems, reducing costly downtime and resources. Tell me about LITHOCAM

5 LithoCAM is an all inclusive dot analyser, it is able to: read all offset plates with real time image analysis. analyse dots on plate, film & printed copy. allow the capturing, saving and e-mailing of images for technical support. interface directly to RIPs for ease of calibration. display images equivalent to 300X magnification. carry out geometric dot analysis. take measurements less than 1 second. offer exceptional accuracy: +/- 0.5%. upgrade its software, via the Internet, to remain up to date with latest plate technology. What else does LithoCAM do?

6 LithoCAM is able to read all offset plates. (Images captured using LithoCAM.) Mitsubishi DigiPlate Agfa Staccato (20 micron) Fuji LH-P1 (175lpi) What can LithoCAM read? LithoCAM is able to read plate, film and printed copy. (Images captured using LithoCAM.) Half toneFilm Printed CopyStochastic

7 LithoCAM identifies and resolves costly print problems in a few seconds: Print Room Benefits Print Doubling Slur Real image display; equivalent to a 300X magnification

8 Geometric Analysis Dot diameter Screen Angle LPI RIP interface and Geometric Analysis Direct RIP Interface (Key Direct)

9 MediaFilm, Plate, Printed Copy (mechanical dot gain) Half-tone dots100lpi – 300lpi StochasticFrom 10 micron AccuracyHalf tone & Stochastic to 20 micron: +/- 0.5% over full range of readings Stochastic:, 10 micron +/- 1% over full range of readings Repeatability+/- 0.5% ReadingsPositive & Negative Plate AnalysisDot diameter, LPI, screen angle Measurement timeLess than 1 second Aperture1.6mm x 1.2mm CCD Specification640 X 480 color RGB, 24 bit CCD Dynamic graphic displayEquivalent to 300X magnification (Std. 15” Monitor) Operating SystemsWindows XP, 2000, ME and 98 SE Save & StoreJPEG, BMP or LCP formats (LCP is specific to LithoCAM) Direct application InterfaceRIPs, spreadsheet, etc. Light SourceWhite light LED Power sourceVia USB on PC LithoCAM Specifications

10 Customer comments Stockholm September 17th 2003 Dear Sirs, We have now demonstrated the Troika LithoCAM dotmeter at the GRAFEX DPXP exhibition this September. Our customers, having tried it, have all found it very easy to handle and also liked the application. Installing and using it on a standard PC was easy. The readings were accurate and the viewed area on the screen was appreciated and useful for quality control. The very best was the possibility to measure many different types of plates. As a dealer we sell many types of plates, conventional as well as CTP-plates. The Presstek PearlDry plate has been difficult to measure with all other instruments we have used, but with the LithoCAM we got accurate readings and a sharp picture on the screen. The Mitsubishi Silver Digiplate (Polyester plate) normally is difficult to read but the LithoCAM gave sharp and accurate readings even here. The price of the LithoCAM was positive for our customers as most competitors are more expensive. From the exhibition we have now leads to follow up. With best regards Bergwalls Grafiska AB Bo Hagelqvist

11 PRODUCT COMPARISON* Troika LithoCAM Gretag Macbeth iCPlate II X-Rite CTP15(PlateDot) Media FilmYes No Litho PlateYes Printed CopyYes No Dot Evaluation Half-Tone DotsYes Stochastic (FM)Yes Extra $500.00 Measurement time (Sec)< Dynamic True Colour DisplayYes also Mono No Mono only No (Extra $1,250.00 for mono image link) Screen AngleYes No Screen RulingYes No Direct RIP InterfaceYesOptionalExtra $500.00 Image FormatJPEG, BMP N/A Device TypePC, USBHandheld, Standalone Suggested Retail Price in USD$2,395.00$4,099.00$3,600.00 * This chart was made for the United States market; therefore, prices may differ in other countries Retail Price in UK £1,250.00 + VAT Please see dealer list on website for your local dealer. Prices subject to change.

12 To purchase LithoCAM please contact us on Or to find your local dealer please search through the Dealer page on our website:

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