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Geological Society of America Annual Meeting and Exposition 31 October – 03 November 2010 Denver Colorado.

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1 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting and Exposition 31 October – 03 November 2010 Denver Colorado


3 An Excellent Opportunity ! to reach the geoscience community.

4 Grow Your Business with GSA: meet with customers demonstrate and sell your products and services develop new relationships

5 GSA offers you a ‘select’ crowd of more than 6,400 geoscientists.

6 Face-to-face marketing a critical component

7 OUR EXHIBITORS … Have GREAT things to say! “…GSA gives us valuable credibility…” Mountain Press Publishing “…extensive opportunities to meet our customers and launch new products…” Wiley/Blackwell Publishing “…and an opportunity to reach niche markets.” Kendall Hunt Publishing

8 “We exhibit at over 60 conferences a year and the GSA booth has been one of the most consistent at putting us in front of a high quality audience. Exhibiting at GSA positively impacts our dealer’s sales.” Rite in the Rain

9 “… we’ve designed successful new products as a direct result of being a GSA exhibitor. Another plus is that it enables us to introduce our products to students at the beginning of their geology careers. A great investment of our marketing budget.” Rite in the Rain

10 Consistent Attendance – Consistent Excellence attend the Welcoming Party (no conflicting events).

11 good foot traffic to our booth. [GSA has] always exceeded our expectations … in 10 years with you we have never been disappointed.” Meiji Techno America “GSA has aided in Meiji Techno America’s unique challenge to build a strong brand presence and brought

12 Your Competitors Are Here! Computer Hardware / Software Environmental Products / Services Educational Products Equipment / Supplies Geological / Geophysical Instrumentation Government Agencies Professional Societies / Associations Publications Services Universities / Colleges Gems / Minerals Dealers And More!

13 Reach those you are coming to see.

14 “…2010 marks our 33 rd year of exhibiting. GSA is where we show and sell our products to our best target audience.” “A key part of building our business over the years.” Nature’s Own

15 “We do only a small number of exhibits each year, but [GSA is] one of our most important, and most successful… We have exhibited every year, except once, since the early ‘80s and this meeting is a key component of our yearly marketing.” ASC Scientific specializes in the sale of research tools for the earth sciences.

16 Build lasting relationships

17 “I have been exhibiting with GSA since 1983. … have always gotten the most bang for my bucks... they are... the most loyal organization to exhibitors that I have encountered.” Geographics

18 “We have been exhibiting at GSA since 1981; it is our principal show, during which we host our annual users forum and introduce new instruments.” Thermo Fisher Scientific

19 Engage your customers, and let them learn first hand.

20 “We have been extremely pleased... an ideal resource… a way for us to keep up with the latest uses of technology.” Mala Geoscience USA, Inc. “Let’s make it visible”

21 “Year after year, GSA has helped tremendously in creating awareness for our products … [Giving us] a chance to show our newest products and allowing the opportunity for customers to actually see and touch. We will continue to support GSA and exhibit for many years to come.” Estwing Mfg. Co.

22 Get customers to your booth.



25 Engage with professionals and students across the earth sciences and in every employment sector. Easy planning with live floor plan 2010/xibits.htm Exhibitor Benefits: download complete prospectus: 2010/exhibits.htm Great value for your promotional dollars! 2010 Rates Commercial Premium $2,000 Commercial Prime $1,800 Commercial Standard $1,600 Educational Not-for-Profit $800 GSA Associated Societies $150 Rates Include 10' x 10' draped booth Booth and aisle carpet Booth sign with company name and booth number 24-hour hall security from set-up through dismantle 2 exhibit-only badges for booth staff Complimentary electronic list of pre-meeting and post-meeting attendees Sun. 31 Oct. 6-8 p.m., Mon. and Tues., 1-2 Nov., 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wed., 3 Nov., 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

26 Get started on your road to success at the 2010 GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition in Denver What’s Next? CALL GSA Exhibit Sales Cindy: +1.303.914.0695 EMAIL WEB 2010/exhibits.htm Reaching New Peaks Was Never Easier! Join Us In DENVER!

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