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GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH 2014 ANNUAL REPORT. GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH 111 Church Street P. O. Box 123 Yorktown, Virginia 23690 Church Office 898-3261 Day.

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3 GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH 111 Church Street P. O. Box 123 Yorktown, Virginia 23690 Church Office 898-3261 Day School 898-7250 Fax 890-2602 Check us out on Facebook Staff and Adjunct Staff Members Organist/Choir Director – Suzanne Daniel Director for Children & Youth Ministries – Cornelia Taylor Parish Administrator – Carol Romeo Parish Secretary – Courtney Kelley Financial Director – Bob Frady Treasurer – Karen Jackson Sexton – Kevin James Resident Spiritual Director – Elsa Bakkum Nursery Supervisor – Diane Garrison Nursery Attendant – Joanna Taylor-Wilson Day School Director – Susan Carter Parish Nurse – Nancy Sullivan The Rev. Carleton Bakkum, Rector The Rev. Dr. Connie Jones, Associate Rector

4 2014 LIFE CHANGE Our Mission Statement “For generations to come, Grace Church will be a beacon on the peninsula of the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ, celebrating the wholeness within and redeeming what is broken” Our Mission Statement “For generations to come, Grace Church will be a beacon on the peninsula of the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ, celebrating the wholeness within and redeeming what is broken” Easter Vigil, York River

5 Christian Formation Outreach Parish Life Stewardship Worship Evangelism & Communication 2014 ANNUAL REPORT The Vestry Commission System The Commission System supports Grace Church’s Mission and offers considerable opportunity for personal contributions by parishioners. The principal areas of parish activity are assigned to separate Commissions – as seen above. Each Commission is chaired by a vestry member and is composed of committee chairpersons or a designated representative. Through this system, it is the vestry’s intention to involve as many people as possible in the planning and work of the church. Vestry Commission elections are held in September and anyone age sixteen or older can hold one of these leadership positions.

6 2014 Vestry David Stephens, Sr. Warden Jerry Twigg, Jr. Warden Karen Jackson, Treasurer Bob Frady, Financial Director* Carol Romeo, Register* Commissions Stewardship – Karen Jackson & Art Boyce Evangelism & Communication – David Douglas & Hugh Brownlee Outreach – Donna Hines & Lynn Grimsley Parish Life – Nancy Pendleton & Gerry Lopez Christian Formation – Elizabeth O’Brien Worship – Gerry Smelt * Ex Officio Vestry member with no voting right

7 Vestry Leadership There are many ways to see the Spirit at work at Grace Church. For me, my second term on the vestry after being off for more than a dozen years was a real eye opener. Grace is no longer the little church on the banks of the York River that we knew in the 80’s and 90’s. The number of ministries and programs, support groups, opportunities for growth and fellowship, outreach and service have grown to the point where we are now one of the larger parishes in the Diocese. The growth is particularly impressive in view of the fact that so many of our churches are struggling to keep their doors open. Our good fortune derives from many factors including our beloved clergy, Carleton and Connie, and the extraordinary gifts that they bring, an energized and hard-working vestry, a superb staff and most importantly a congregation that is interested in more than just coming to church on Sundays. If you come by our church on any day or evening (and you can find a parking space) you will often discover multiple groups devoted to spiritual growth and helping others in our congregation, community, and beyond. We are truly pursuing our vision: “A beacon on the Peninsula.” The growth that we are experiencing comes with challenges that will require more good things coming together – with God’s help. Obvious challenges are posed by our limited worship and meeting spaces and land to build upon. Many of you remember our struggles to expand or build a new sanctuary only to have our hopes dashed by obstacles seemingly beyond our control. Not to be defeated in our quest to meet our facility needs, efforts are currently underway, led by the vestry and volunteers from the congregation, to examine options for expanding Riverview and the Parish Hall. Choosing among the various options for growth will require a serious look at our vision for Grace not only in the near term but far into the future. Toward that end, the clergy and vestry along with Elsa Bakkum and others from the congregation have drafted a strategic plan which looks at our facility needs in concert with our ministries and programs going out for the next 30 years. The realization of this plan will require resources far and above our annual budget. One approach toward meeting our future needs is the active pursuit of a Planned Giving Program. Gifts from memorials, gifts by way of a will, and gifts of capital assets may be invested in the Grace Endowment Fund depending on the wishes of the donor. The Fund is invested and provides an income stream which will ease the burden of supporting future programs and capital improvements. In our efforts to be successful in this endeavor, Grace has become a member of the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes where ideas and help are available to help us become prudent stewards of Gods bounty. As you read through this report, you will find a virtual banquet for spiritual growth, fellowship, support and opportunities to guide our hearts and minds to the service of Christ. Jump in and savor! And, speaking on behalf of myself and the vestry, I want to thank the congregation, clergy and the staff for their support in helping Grace achieve its vision: “For generations to come, Grace Church will be a beacon on the Peninsula of the Good News of Jesus Christ, celebrating the wholeness within and redeeming what is broken.” David Stephens, Senior Warden

8 Properties and Administration THE SANCTUARY -Last year’s report spoke about the new roof and the renovation of the steeple as well as the efforts to address the ceiling cracks. This year’s efforts completed the ceiling work after an inspection by the engineers to ensure the building is structurally sound. The Grace Historical Church Preservation Committee under the new leadership of David Miller continues to take a keen interest in maintaining the beauty and condition of the sanctuary. Of note this year has been the complete renovation of the Sacristy. The choir room has received a complete face lift with many improvements from a new floor to fresh paint. THE PARISH HALL - The major focus areas this year has been working on the Parish Hall to provide both upgrades in capabilities and restoration to the exterior windows. The Foundation: Last year’s report addressed the status of the Parish Hall foundation. There has been concern over the last few years about the mortar cracks in the wall on the east end of the building. These cracks suggested possible settling of the Parish Hall foundation. This past year we continued to monitor the cracks and consulted with the engineers to review the data and give us some recommendation on the best course of action and the urgency to take action. The latest reports are positive and the latest measurements continue to show a stabilized foundation and no action is considered necessary at this time. This situation will require continued monitoring and the means to monitor the situation into the future are in place. For now we can focus on repairing the cracks. The Exterior: Work continued throughout the year on performing a thorough restoration of all the parish hall exterior doors and windows. This effort was begun last year and continued on as weather permitted. The project involved stripping of the old paint, replacement of rotted wood with better materials and refinishing. The philosophy has been to replace entire sections of rotted wood vice “patching.” This strategy will reduce the need for follow on work and increase the life of the windows and doors. While the lions’ share has been completed it will be next spring before the entire project is complete. RIVERVIEW - As with last year, this year most efforts at Riverview centered on general maintenance. No major renovation efforts were undertaken, however, work is underway to provide the Vestry with some preliminary ideas on future renovations and upgrades to the facility. David Grimsley has volunteered to head up the group for the coming year and will be providing recommendations. It has been an enjoyable two years serving as the Junior Warden and again I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the efforts of our facilities staff and the many volunteers that have made all the successes possible. This report covers only the high points of this year’s accomplishments and as I look back I realize there are many other projects that I wish we could have accomplished. I’ll be passing them on to Vance Field, our new Junior Warden. It was truly a blessing to have had this opportunity and I ask blessing on all those who offered a helping hand and were there to support me. Jerry Twigg, Junior Warden Choir room Day School Bath Pathway to Parish Hall

9 During 2014 Grace Church provided a variety of new, energetic, and engaging opportunities for worship. While there are too many worship experiences to record here, the following are some of the highlights: Grace Church once again participated in a joint Easter Vigil on the York River front with churches from the Diocese of Virginia The Easter Service was again held outside with the beautiful weather contributing to the joyful celebration shared by the over 300 attendees. Grace Church hosted confirmation Sunday where over 30 individuals from four parishes were confirmed or accepted into the Episcopal Church. Bishop David C. Jones, retired Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia served as celebrant. Another successful church picnic was held at the US Coast Guard Training Center. The first ever End-of-Summer Service was held on Labor Day weekend. The service included a relaxed, casual dress service, acolyte recognition, ministry fair, and brown bag lunch. Although the weather was cool the warmth of our love for our pets and their love for us were more than evident at the celebration of St Francis’ feast day and the Blessing of the Animals. The monthly Celtic continues to grow both in attendance and in spirit through the various forms and themes of the worship experience. It has also proven to be popular with attendees who are not members of Grace Church. During the year we also had several opportunities to celebrate the multi-national character of the worldwide Anglican community. At confirmation we were honored to have the Right Rev. Isaiah Chambala, Bishop of the Diocese of Kiteto in Tanzania in attendance. On several occasions during the summer, the Rev Barry Browning, retired Vicar of the Church of England, father of Ruth Harris, assisted as celebrant. One of these occasions was the Sunday nearest Independence Day, adding a special meaning to the service. With Carleton on sabbatical, there were opportunities for the congregation to hear the word of God from one of their own. At the church picnic, Jack Tartala, graduating senior and acolyte, delivered the sermon. During the summer, sermons were delivered by Donna Hines, Debra Boyce, Cornelia Wilson and the Rev. Lauren McDonald. Of particular note this year was the retirement of Leslie Viccellio after many years as the faithful Chair of the Altar Guild. Rose Field has graciously volunteered as the new Chair. A new Acolyte Handbook was completed and distributed this year. Finally, a compilation of a Worship Protocol Manual was completed and will serve as a single-source information document for all the individual ministries that contribute to the worship experience at Grace Church. Worship

10 CHRISTIAN FORMATION Nursery Watching over God’s little ones in the Nursery.... First steps towards entering Sunday School. “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” EYC cleanup of Riverview Christian Formation flourishes here at Grace Church. Beginning in Nursery School, through high school and adult Sunday classes, curriculum and program continue to provide opportunities for fellowship, learning God’s word and fun. Some examples for 2014 include: Regular Sunday School classes Godly Play, Grades 1-5, Rite 13(J2A), high school, EYC, and Children’s Chapel. Once a month Grace for Everyone included a talent show, the Great Bible Quiz, and Advent wreath making. Youth activities were abundant – with two groups meeting on Friday and Sunday evenings. Beginning with the New Year’s Eve lock-in and continuing with Super Bowl Hot Wing sale, Annual Council representation, Happening Youth Retreat, Youth Sunday, creation of beautiful Agape Meal crosses, Easter Egg stuffing, parents group picnic, youth confirmation retreat, and Rite 13 “Rite of Passage.” In addition, four youth attended Camp Chanco this summer and a robust Vacation Bible School was once again co-sponsored with Crooks Memorial United Methodist Church. Movies on the Cemetery Lawn were introduced for all ages with popcorn, drinks and special treats provided. Other youth activities include the Freezer Ministry which provides home cooked meals to the sick and shut-in, landscaping at Riverview, and a vegetable garden tended by youth with the harvest donated to Natasha House. Grace Church Day School This is the fifty-ninth year of operation for Grace Episcopal Day School. The school has thirty-eight students enrolled for the 2014 school year. As in the past, parents made food donations to the York County Food Closet as part of the school’s Thanksgiving celebration. The Santa Shop sponsored by the Parish Book and Gift Shop was a huge success, and the school donated an educational gift basket to the Silent Auction.

11 E ducation for Ministry (EfM) is a college level course for lay persons. There are no tests, but there is reading, homework and once-a-week seminar group participation. Education for Ministry continues to be a source of education, theology, and individual development for numerous persons in the diocese. Some graduates have continued into ordination paths, but many more find their ministry developed for service within their churches and communities. It has been described by some as ‘just another Bible study,’ but those who take part in the four-year study – one year at a time – know EfM to be much more than that. There is Bible study, indeed. The first two years consist of study of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Then in Years 3 and 4 ‘Church History’ and ‘Theological Choices’ are covered. Along with the reading and discussion, theological reflection takes place, and for most, this becomes the most important part of the session each week. Here at Grace Church, we have three thriving EfM groups that meet weekly. The timing of EfM continues to follow closely the school year, with an added “kick-off” meeting in August that is open to anyone interested in learning more. Please contact John Hoppe at or Janet Stephens at for Spiritual Direction with Elsa Bakkum During 2014 I have met with 14 individuals multiple times for Spiritual Direction. Sometimes these meetings take place in Riverview, other times over the phone. Only two are currently connected directly to Grace Church. This ministry reaches far beyond Yorktown to pastors and professors, lay and clergy. The Enneagram Group continues to meet monthly in Riverview. Faithfulness, creativity, support, wonder and commitment characterize the territory explored. GROUPS – Grace bustles with activities throughout the week to include the following groups that meet: Tuesday Night Men’s Group with Carleton, the Original Men’s Group that meets Wednesdays in Riverview, Taking it to the Next Level group that meets Thursdays in Riverview, Connie’s book club meets every Wednesday at 11:00 am., the EiM Group (an offshoot from EfM) that gathers Wednesday evenings, the Monday Night Readers, Transitions who meet Thursday mornings, the Knitters who gather Thursday evenings and AA twice a week. There’s something for everyone and ALL are welcome.

12 Outreach Angel Tree Grace Church hosted its first Stop Hunger Now packaging event. A new packaging record was established. We packed 10,584 meals in 48 minutes. One hundred and seven people attended the event. It was such a huge success it has become an annual outreach event. Thanks to Kathy Michaels for leading this ministry. The Angel Tree program provided 140 Christmas gifts to children of incarcerated persons in the local area. Headed up by Jim and Chris Giesken and the help of my elves. Grace Church’s Outreach commission was busy this year. Through the gifts of the spirit and led by Donna Hines and Lynn Grimsley, the following programs were supported: Angel Tree, Mitten Tree, St. Paul’s 4 th Sunday Breakfasts, Emergency Food Closet and Humane Society Supplies, People Offering Resources Together (PORT), THRIVE (previously Denbigh United Christian Outreach), Christmas is Everyday, Lackey Free Clinic, Meals on Wheels, Cyclists Ministry, Water Missions, The labyrinth continues to make its rounds among churches in the area. As part of our Evangelism Ministry, it is important that we share this special resource with the community.

13 Cyclist luncheon Thanks to the dedication and support of Grace volunteers, the bookstore was able to use profits from sales to support the following outreach programs: Providence Presbyterian Church memoriam, CNU Campus Ministry, York County Food Closet and the Associate Rector’s Discretionary Fund. The Parish Book & Gift Shop board consists of Jean Liberati, Nancy Henry, Terry Randolph, Vivian Yerby, Myrna Hirv, Karen Herdy, Merle Burgess and Peggy Bruce Cyclist Hospitality Ministry We have now completed twelve years of hosting cyclists beginning or ending their journey across America on the TransAmerica bicycle trail. This year we hosted 50+ cyclists from across the United States and from the United Kingdom and Australia. Most stayed in Riverview and several in parishioner homes when Riverview was already occupied. It is always a pleasure to show them the facilities at Riverview; common reactions are Wow!.. Really!.. The cyclists ending their journey are especially appreciative of the facilities we offer after being on the road for 60+ days. We also offer them assistance, if needed, with rides to the airport, train and bus stations, grocery stores, and bike shops. This year we again hosted a luncheon for 13 cyclist and 4 family members from the Adventure Cycling Association as they started their guided TransAmerica tour. If you would like to help with this ministry, please contact John Oppenhuizen at 988-1006 or Blessings! “We mark the start of our journey today. We’re seeking to find God on this trail and understand how to honor the story He’s gifted us with. We are so grateful to start in a place filled with His presence and grace.” – Jeff & Natasha Kleffman, Jersey City, NJ – Yorktown to Florence, OR Just an example of inspiring words left in the cyclist journal: People Offering ResourcesTogether: PORT Grace Church served the homeless through our participation in PORT at First Baptist Church, Chestnut UMC, and Resurrection Church. Dinner was provided by ten volunteers each time who made delicious baked ziti and served by eight volunteers at each church. Other volunteers checked in guests, stayed overnight and prepared and served hot breakfasts. Over eighty volunteers from Grace Church participated in PORT. Parish Book & Gift Shop

14 The beautiful gardens on the church property are lovingly maintained by volunteers headed up by Jean Kirkham. Many opportunities for weeding, mulching, planting and other soul-enriching tasks are always available so if tending God’s earth is your calling, please contact the church office and we will put you in touch with Jean. 2014 was a milestone year for Beeing Graceful - thriving colonies at Riverview and at the Williamsburg home of Roger and Lucinda Gosden produced a first honey harvest! Most of the 25 pounds that have been extracted were used in a fund-raising raffle, with a few remaining jars going to supporters of this environmental ministry, Bishop Hollerith, and friends of the Parish. In addition to honey, the Riverview hives produced a pair of swarms; these were relocated to new homes - one at the Gosden's Williamsburg apiary and the other with neighbors Jim and Carla Rice in Yorktown village. We are looking forward to caring for the colonies through the winter, and planning for next year's activities. Beekeeping Gardening at Grace Special Thank You The staff of Grace Church want to express their deep appreciation to Chip and Mary Fenno for the many hours of personal time given to updating and repairing our sometimes cranky computer system with unfailing good spirit, speed and competence. They cheerfully take our frantic calls and respond immediately to save the day and we are so very grateful for their expertise, friendship and caring.

15 Stewardship As Christians, we believe that part of our response to God's love is to support and grow the ministries of our Church. The major sources of support for Grace Church come from our Annual Giving Campaign and our Planned Giving Program. Activities in 2014 2015 Proposed Budget: In the Fall 2014, the Vestry and the Finance, Audit, and Endowment Committee developed a proposed budget to meet the requirements of our congregation and our outreach ministries. Salaries and facility requirements for long-term maintenance were included. 2015 Pledge Campaign: The Stewardship Commission, in conjunction with the Finance, Audit, and Endowment Committee, established a pledge goal of $580,000 for 2015. This target represents a modest increase over the amount received in 2014 and was motivated by the fact that Grace Church has been growing its ministries and programs in recent years to meet the needs of the congregation and expanded outreach opportunities. Planned Giving Program: Gifts to support the future ministries and needs of Grace Church and its mission. Planned Giving offers church members the opportunity to make a testament about the importance of their Christian faith, and can help ensure that resources will be available in the future to do the important work of Grace Church. In general planned gifts are made through: (1) Bequest in a will, (2) Life income gift such as a gift annuity, and (3) Gifts of special assets (real estate or stocks). The donors may direct the ultimate use of their gifts. Future ministries, capital needs, memorials, grants and the Grace Endowment Fund are often specified. Gifts to the Endowment Fund generate earnings that can be used by the Church but the corpus remains intact providing growth and revenue for years to come.

16 Sacraments Attendance Includes Sunday, weekday, and private services

17 PARISH LIFE The Parish Life Commission encompasses many areas that enrich the life of the parish. Weekly coffee hours are held between church services each week. Funeral receptions chaired by Melinda Reed provide support to families experiencing loss and transition. Exquisitely decorated tables lovingly set for the Agape Meal, Easter breakfast, Congregational Breakfast, and Annual Meeting and Burning of the Greens service, touch the lives of all who attend. Coordinated by Gerry Lopez and Nancy Pendleton, the life of the parish is full and complete with organization and thoughtful accomplishment. The Episcopal Church Women were busy this year with the following activities: United Thank Offering breakfast, which raised $692.45 of which (along with funds raised by other churches) three grants were given to provide dental health care and oral hygiene to children living in poverty, donatins to Trinity Episcopal Church, Charlottesville, to provide equipment for the church’s kitchen for their food outreach ministry and funds to the Diocese of South Sudan to provide for transportation in medical emergencies. The Colonial Pie Sale was held once again the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and raised $435.00 to be used for Outreach purposes. Toiletries were collected and delivered by John Sim to the girls of Jackson Feild Home, mittens, hats, gloves and socks were collected and mailed by Sue Gorski and Sue Kidd to children in Appalachia. The ECW enjoyed two business meetings – the Spring meeting had keynote speaker Nancy Henry provide a reinactment of the life of women in Civil War times. The Fall business meeting had a pictorial slide show of the Rev. Bakkum’s sabbatical and was well attended by twenty-three women. ECW Mardis Gras

18 Grace Historical Church Preservation Foundation Grace Church was destroyed during the Revolutionary War and again during the Civil War. Funds had to be raised to restore the building each time. Now in the 21st century, it’s our turn. With the help of Kevin James and David Miller, the Grace Historical Church Preservation Foundation has been actively fulfilling its promise to maintain and preserve the historic church building. Kevin has remodeled the choir room; patching, painting, adding shelving, and replacing the floor. New storm windows and a door were installed. He also repaired the church ceiling checking to make sure the exterior is weather-tight. Kevin and David plan to work on the interior crown molding next, then they will begin repairing the walls. Our 300 year old building has never looked better. The Preservation Foundation was created in order to assure that the church where our Founding Fathers worshipped is maintained for future generations. Contributions to continue preservation efforts are welcome. Archives and Restoration of the Church Archives The main focus of the work of our Archives this year has centered on creating our Accession Book. Not only is an accession book a vital organizational tool for any collection, it is actually a legal document that establishes ownership and chain of title for each item in our Archives. This ongoing, tedious and labor intensive project, will eventually lead to an easily searchable database. The Grace Church Archives had the privilege to take part in the York County History Fair on March 23, 2014. Not only did we have one of the best displays, but we had the very best visual aid in the show. Our Nancy Thomas “Grace Church” facade that resides in the stairwell was transported to the Freight Shed by several volunteers. Thanks to Art Boyce, Gerry Lopez, Jerry Twigg, Kevin James and others who made this possible. Many requests from the public resulted in assistance in tracing ancestors. One example of this was a referral by the Grace Book & Gift Shop to customer, Kenneth Maresco, for information on the Rev. Francis Fontaine. Since Fontaine was one of our early rectors, we had lots of information to share. The Archivist responded to multiple requests from our members like Lisa Heuvel who was looking into the possibility of an Arcadia book about Grace Church., Letty Best who had questions about the origins of the Naomi Dozier Circle, and David Miller who was interested in the age of the recently replaced church roof. Brenda Moore

19 GRACE CHURCH CEMETERY Currently all burial spaces in the cemetery are committed. However, there are spaces available for inurnments in the columbarium. Please contact a member of the Cemetery Committee for more information. Cemetery funds are currently invested in the Cemetery Endowment Fund managed by the Diocese of Southern Virginia. There remains a Cemetery Maintenance Fund available for day-to-day expenses in the care and improvement of the Cemetery. Committee Members: Frank Edwards, Chairman, Sandy Swift, Bob Stallings, Al Crane, Jerry Thompson and Don Washburn After many years as Chairman of the Cemetery Committee, Frank Edwards has turned over this ministry to Sandy Swift. Funerals were conducted for: Richard Burnett Stacpoole Margaret Munro Shrader Don Richard Davey George Joseph Trombley John Henry Burcher Richard Smith Davey Bernard Joseph Sutton, III Edward Joseph Raymond LeRoy Henry Ludi Jean Williams LaRoche Walter Milliner Marie Bird Allen “Birdie” Burcher Mary Jane Massey


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