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Follow Jesus’ Way The Pulse of L.I.F.E..… “Living in Faith Everyday” “Forming Adults to Create Households of Faith”

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1 Follow Jesus’ Way The Pulse of L.I.F.E.

2… “Living in Faith Everyday” “Forming Adults to Create Households of Faith”

3 Welcome Back! January 13, 2013 Feast of the Baptism of the Lord Cycle C Luke 3:; 15-16; 21-22

4 Where L.I.F.E.has taken us most recently: November… Year of Faith Kick-Off offered us a chance to discern & share what keeps us Catholic, what forms us as Catholics, and what challenges us as Catholics. December…Mark Hoggard returns but to immerse us in the Vatican II Council as we celebrate its 50 th anniversary!

5 This month, did you…  Have a favorite insight from a homily?  Bring items to the food cart?  Try preparing for Mass by studying the readings in advance?  Look at one of the L.I.F.E-recommended websites?  Hear something about our faith that enlightened or challenged you?

6 Biblical thoughts we pondered…as we journeyed into & through Christmastide… Dec. 16…John the Baptist prepares the way and preaches good news…as we are to do. Dec. 23…Two women believe in the words of the angel and “preach “ the Incarnation”…as we are to do. Dec. 30…Jesus understood that He was to be found in His father’s house…will He also find us there? Jan. 6…Where do we expect to find the newborn king, do we go & search diligently, and… do we do Him true homage?

7 Jan. 17St. Anthony, abbot Jan. 21St. Agnes Jan. 24St. Francis de Sales Jan. 26Sts. Timothy and Titus Jan. 28St. Aquinas Jan. 31St. John Bosco Feast Days (Jan. 14-Feb.9): any favorites of yours ?

8 Feb. 2Presentation of the Lord Feb.5St. Agatha Feb. 6St. Paul Miki & Companions LENT BEGINS!

9 W e & the world contemplate and share this season… JANUARY… IS POVERTY AWARENESS MONTH and… National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month January 11National Human Trafficking Awareness Day January 20Inauguration Day January 21Martin Luther King Day January 24Islam Prophet Mohammad birthday January 26Tu B’Shvat (New Year for the respect for trees, plants, nature)

10 What is St. Augustine all about? Can you see these happening????.... Fellowship and feeding! Outreach within and beyond our borders! Formation for all…ongoing, ongoing, ongoing!

11 L.I.F.E (Living in Faith Everyday) What was St. Augustine Parish doing to bring about the reign of God during the last month? Our Food Pantry… feeding about 60-70 families this month. ***See the bulletin for special needs and requests!! Where can I find this?? ***Help the pantry: participate in Food Lion Community Rewards program Collecting and posting names, and praying for those in our church family separated from us by military service or the Peace Corps in areas of conflict and unrest. Offering funeral receptions for our bereaved. Operating a seasonal children’s clothing closet.

12 and…“Healthy Bodies and Big Smiles” come weekly… Tuesdays in St. Augustine’s parking lot ….a wonderful sight when the Bon Secours CARE-A-VAN and the VDH Dental ”Smiles” vans pull in! So very many children and adults being given good care…and such a visible sign of our support of their work!!

13 …and, on Care-a-van Tuesdays!!! JAMES HOUSE is now offering, on site, their counseling services in areas of domestic violence and sexual abuse…

14 …& a great service on Mondays! Commonwealth Catholic Charities …has individual and group counseling at St. Augustine on Mondays. Contact Ms. Rodriguez Perez at 804- 545-5951

15 …&…Caring for God’s Creation Improved recycling can become a reality! It’s not easy being Green! Are you & yours part of the effort already? What happens in your life every April 22nd? Does Earth Day happen?

16 What can you do?????...BEGIN! Begin…bring your own cup to L.I.F.E.! Begin to participate in recycling at home. Begin to buy “green” whenever possible. Begin to think “green” in all that you do and in all that you teach your children & grandchildren.

17 and…St. Augustine continues… Providing food for the Men’s Shelter Serving as mentors in local schools & reading to children at the CARE-A-VAN Buying and utilizing fair trade coffee Adopting a highway Caring for the homebound and hospitalized Providing prayer shawls for so many in need of comfort Sponsoring children and the aged within CFCA Please come join others in these ministries!

18 …and in the wider community… We continue in our role as a Red Cross disaster shelter site. We continue our involvement with CCHASM…assisting our own parishioners as well as our neighbors. We continue to pray for the needs of the wider Richmond community, joining many other Christian Churches and Richmond Hill. When?

19 Small Group Study EveryWoman: Women of all ages gather prayerfully to systematically study and share insights on worldwide efforts toward a just and peaceful world. They have continued to gather since 2010 and, this Fall, are reading Abraham, A Journey into the Heart of Three Faiths by Bruce Feiler and later will enjoy Miriam’s Kitchen: A Memoir by Elizabeth Erhlich. Ecumenical Men’s Bible Study: Men of St. Augustine and of St. John Episcopal meet 2x monthly on Saturday mornings (Deacon Eric has attended!...and breakfast is integral). Contact Darren Van Guilder here today to consider joining these men. These men and women join others in on-going small adult communities sharing & pondering our weekly Scripture readings. **Tuesday a.m. group meets after daily Mass and is open to all! Would you like to be part of small groups like this? Men & women, call Eileen!

20 WINGS started back up Jan. 9! “Women in God’s Spirit” …a ministry of encouragement & enrichment for women of all ages who seek to deepen their faith and grow in their relationship with God and one another …groups will meet weekly during the school year & have 3 different seasons, focusing on three areas of spiritual growth: 1) Catholic teachings; 2) Scripture; 3) Spiritual witness talks.

21 St. Augustine Formation Events Summary… Daytime Learning Opportunities Tuesday:Bible study after daily Mass in Room PC 1-2 Wednesday: WINGS 9:45a.m.-11:30 a.m. in Room PC 1-2 (in the Fall) Thursday: Women’s Scripture Group in individual homes Saturday:Men’s Breakfast Study Group (every other week) Evening Learning Opportunities Tuesdays (2 nd and 4 th ): “EveryWoman” …for every woman and about every woman! (reading/issues study group resuming the Fall in PC 1-2) Outreach activities are a part of this group’s focus!

22 Upcoming St. A’s Events **( YEAR of FAITH: Oct. 2012-Oct. 2013) Jan. 15Holy Hour 7p.m. Jan. 19Funeral Pre-planning session 9-11a.m. Jan. 20Welcoming & Orientation for New 10a.m. Parishioners with POOR BOX BREAKFAST Jan. 25Volunteer Party Jan. 27Men’s Shelter 6p.m. Jan. 29-Parenting by Chesterfield County March 19 Feb. 3Families in Action Outreach 10a.m. to 11a.m. “Donuts and Donations” Feb. 10Rite of Sending 9a.m. Feb. 13Ash Wednesday Feb. 17 Rite of Election at Cathedral 2p.m.

23 Great Area-wide Opportunities Jan. 21 Martin Luther King Day of Service through HandsOn Greater Richmond Jan. 22-23 Pilgrimage to the March for Life Washington, D.C. Jan. 31 Catholic Advocacy Day Feb. 19- Lenten Lunch Series at St. Michael Catholic Church Mar. 26 11:30a.m. Lunch & 12:15p.m. speakers Feb. 13 Week St. Paul Episcopal Church Lenten Lunch series Mar. 25 Week Lunch with varied speakers each week

24 Website of the Month HandsON Greater Richmond To inform, inspire, and engage volunteers through meaningful service and leadership opportunities to create positive change in our community.


26 What do we see in the gospel of LUKE? The “historical context” was highlighted: it confirms dates of the events of the time. Worship and Prayer were central: Jesus was at prayer before, during, and after each significant event. A “Theology of Glory” was presented: The disciples suffer…but joyfully. Food was prominent: Jesus revises table etiquette! We are now in Year C/Luke’s Gospel

27 Father Mike and Mark Hoggard always ask of us… Remember that the Lectionary has a specific purpose in its arrangement of readings. BUT,…this often causes readings to be heard “out of context.” During this “Year of Luke” (Year C), we are challenged to gradually read Luke …chapter by chapter, verse by verse, immersing ourselves in its revelation of Jesus’ character & mission.

28 …and today???? In our continued journey through the Year of Faith, we look at… “statements of goodness”

29 Words of the Month “Statements of Goodness”

30 A Warm WELCOME! To everyone newly registered in L.I.F.E. and to all guests today

31 …and, today, for whom shall we pray?

32 …and, always, prayer for those journeying toward full initiation into the Catholic Faith!  Rebekah GugamuckCatechumen  Allie DickenInquirer

33 An invitation… If you, or someone you know, has questions about becoming Catholic, please consider a time of thoughtful inquiry, of welcomed questions, of discerning conversation… Call Eileen Brown 275-7962, ext. 1113

34 …need Adult Confirmation ? If you are a Catholic adult who has never been confirmed and would like to prepare for this sacrament of initiation, please contact: Eileen Brown at the Parish Office 275-7962, Ext. 1113 Call Eileen also if you are in need of a CATHOLIC BIBLE!

35 Where will L.I.F.E. take us in February? We continue exploring our faith in the Year of Faith…with an… “Exploration of Minor Prophets found in the readings of the current Lectionary Cycle C” **Bring a friend to a “Slice of L.I.F.E.”

36 To Adults with Youth in L.I.F.E. A reminder : the handout “Disciples at Home” is to be used in the coming week to be a source of good “faith- dialoguing” with your children in grades 7 through 12. A reminder : youth/children/adults are not to be texting or using cell phones during L.I.F.E. Do have that discussion!!

37 Reminder for all in L.I.F.E. Each July: Remember to assist the staff by returning your yearly invoices for L.I.F.E. promptly!! Postcard reminders sent…children will get books after fees are paid!

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