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MRHS Marketing TKC Dojo

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1 MRHS Marketing TKC Dojo
January 24, 2014 Hi everyone. I’ve organized the slides by sector. Each sector has two slides. You can add a third if needed but no more. Mr. B

2 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
SWOT Analysis martial arts experience -experience in different cultures - silver medalist in India -focus on core values of martial arts Set TKC apart from other dojos Time -unable to invest full time in dojo Requires additional resources Matawan/Aberdeen Day (ongoing) -Increasing aware ness of fitness -Intramural karate program -‘McDojos’ -changing economy reducing disposable income

3 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Target Market and Segments Demographics Psychographics Geographics Age: Children/teens/adults Gender : Examples: males vs. females Examples: Matawan/Aberdeen Self Defense Old Bridge Fitness Strathmore Mental Aspects Keyport Client’s different interests help you separate them and focus on their individual goals for your program Focus on an optimum target market according to your specific location allows you to offer varying classes or deals according to your client’s needs

4 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Website Issues Currently two websites – select one and take down the other Website is not completed -Make sure website is in English, not Latin -Must have mobile app (iOS and Android compatible) Continue heavy use of eye-catching pictures in website -Include photos of demographics other than children -Include photos of your success in the Karate world Display success of the students in your dojo

5 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Website Issues, cont. Include page which discusses Pricing, Promotions Feature a Calendar of Events Show programs available Release news, similar to your Facebook page Create and maintain a blog -Have postings from yourself, students and family Post video links Cross-market with other local merchants? See for webpage from similar operation

6 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Promotions Limited Pricing: -Having deals that look limited may attract more people and make them feel more rushed to try it out. The current Groupon may not acquire this since it is year round I believe. Holiday or Seasonal discounts -Bring-a-friend Day -Potential students can get that feeling for the sport and can have a positive experience if their first-time experience is with a friend. Trips to see pro fighters - Would widely spread word throughout the communities. Summer Camp

7 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Promotions, cont. Clothing -School Products -Nothing spreads faster than information/gossip at school. If someone gets the word out that he/she goes to this dojo and that it’s cool, others will know positive things about the facility and will check it out. -Uniforms -People’s decisions are influenced by looks. If the uniforms look really cool/intimidating, greater than those of rival dojos, they may go to this dojo. -Advertising Signs -Ex: There is a gym next to Shop Rite. If signs are placed in the two only entrances of the parking lot, then anyone who attends the gym would see the signs and may consider switching to the dojo if convinced. So the signs have to be really good. Get the attention of these people who are fit and would want to get into karate.

8 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Promotions, cont. Sciences of Promotion -Know colors that attract people’s eyesight and catch their attention -Red has been tested and approved to catch people’s attention more than any other color, along with yellow. (Reason behind huge companies such as McDonalds’ choice of colors) -Use phrases/words that have also been tested to catch people’s attention more than others. - /hotwords.pdf This website gives many examples. -Be sure important information stands out. i.e: Bolding, Italicized, colored, etc. -If these strategies are applied to signs and clothing, people will involuntarily see your advertisements and products. Once their attention is focused on the given item, the special statements will keep their attention and have them read and observe the item. Once finished, they will be well informed with the dojo or where to get more information.

9 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Publicity and PR Continue Matawan Day and Aberdeen Day - Bring mat and attract attention with demonstrations (you and students) - Have laptop with webpage - Bring trophies, pictures Participate in Relay For Life charity event(s) - Form team with students, wear TKC gear Continue to convey the acheivements and abilities of you and your students wherever possible - CommunityMagazineNJ, Huskie View and others

10 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Time commitment is crucial to the effects of social media. It is beneficial to recruit a student to help you keep up with your posts on social media. Social Media Alternatives All social media can be used to expand publicity, and useful towards promotions. Twitter Facebook Vine Instagram Google Plus Linkedin Youtube A great thing that you are already doing on your facebook page is contests and giving out prizes.

11 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Social Media Alternatives, cont. You can make a twitter to give classes dates and schedules. You can also make a promotion on twitter, for example, “Follow us on twitter, for five dollars off tuition. “ You can post pictures from the dojo or customers. Facebook could be more aimed towards the parents. You can post pictures of kids in your dojo, and statuses giving out promotions, and scheduled classes. You can also include facebook polls as little surveys. You can make a vine of kids in your school doing karate moves. Kids tend to be interested in shorter videos, therefore, vine is a good tool because it only allows six second videos. An instagram could be used to display pictures of the dojo, or videos of the kids. Also, you can use instagram for pictures of your kids together to show the bond you make at the dojo. Google plus you can create a profile for your dojo to expand publicity. Create circles in your google plus profile that are set up for your customers. Post content that your customers are interested in and encourage feedback and comments. Linkedin could be used to reach parents. Create a linkedin and add your website to your link. Try to find Linkedin groups that attract a lot of your customers. Ask customers, and other businesses to provide a recommendation for you and your business. You can create a YouTube channel for the dojo and regularly add fun videos of your kids training in the dojo. You may also add “tip” videos to show the viewers some tricks to karate. Another helpful tip is to make an account and send out s of promotions and class dates and schedules to parents who don’t use social media as often.

12 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Social Media Alternatives, cont. - Facebook can be used to attract people; you can invite contacts and friends to become fans. On your facebook, you have your picture with you with only younger students, try to add more older kids into the header picture so teens will be more interested. However, you do have a few teens in your photos, so that is good! Ask customers to share photos on your Facebook page that shows pictures of them at the dojo. For example, birthday parties at the dojo or a fun holiday class picture. Explore ways to update. There are three main ways to do this. 1. Information about your business: you can post information about specials, sales, and recent news. You are doing a good job of posting special deals! 2. Questions: Ask your customers questions about your product and services. As well as things they would like to see. 3. Personal Updates: Tell them about your achievements in karate.

13 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Twitter Twitter: Why use twitter? Twitter has a younger demographic than any other social media in the business. If you reach kids who are interested in martial arts, they will tell their parents, therefore creating more customers. using twitter requires time and effort in order to create and maintain an effective relationship with the target market, it will definitely be worth it in the long run. Even if twitter does not necessarily increase sales directly for your business, it will get the name of the TKC dojo out there, which is even good publicity for your business. Overall, twitter can only help you and your business. Twitter is also a good tool to help spread the message of your business: how it is a “safe space” and that it teaches core values that can be used in all aspects of life. investing a little extra time in a twitter account can make a huge difference that can and will be reflected. Advertising Tracking interest in TKC track a certain hashtag;; example #TKCdojo track mentions/replies track dm’s (direct messages) track number of clicks on your twitter page with free Recieve reports of the demographics of your twitter page visitors with

14 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Twitter, cont. Share link to twitter on other social networks to gain more followers and webpage viewers Reach out to customers Tell current customers to follow the account on twitter and to share the link of the account to increase publicity. Get the tkc name out there in any way possible Create public twitter account that is visually attractive Bio Website url Location Explain dojo,recognize achievements of dojo and shihan, and how it is different from others-values, morals, lifestyle, etc. What to tweet Converse with customers through twitter without directly trying to sell the product: focus on personal interaction Look into listening what kids and parents have to say about the dojo and martial arts in general Provide useful information about registering for lessons, etc. Respond to the questions and comments of customers/potential customers Tweet often and actively tweet Tweet the Url of the website often to get more flow towards the website

15 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Search Engine Optimization With search engine optimization if you get more websites to link your website google will deem it a more valuable website. Also try listing your site in a bunch of other directories (Ex. Blogs, Articles, and other kinds of websites) Make sure when you link your websites that it is relevant to what your industry is about. Try finding other blogs that you can see are talking about karate and offer it to the people who also take a look in the comment sections. When sponsoring local events they will link you on their website if you tell them to. Try repackaging your existing content because if you have something that can help people notice your site use it to your advantage. To see improvement check every 2 months to see if there is an increase in traffic to your website.

16 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Search Engine Optimization, cont. A strong SEO plan includes keyword research, content optimization, user experience, site design, and to have a blog that’s updated on a regular basis. People will more likely read pages that are written well as opposed to ones that are at a third grade level. Do research on how your target market searches for your services. Use Google Keyword Tool You can enter your websites URL, so Google Keyword Tool will give a list of Keyword ideas to use to best get your website seen. You can also enter your competitors’ URLs to find keywords that are getting them seen by consumers. Map keywords to the major sections of your website. ie: putting, “karate classes in Matawan.” Don’t worry about putting the most amount of tags possible, put tags in each page of your website that relate specifically to that page

17 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Search Engine Optimization, cont. Make sure your website easy to navigate for potential and current customers. You can see if your website is easy to navigate by checking your bounce rate on Google Analytics. Make sure your website is professional and updated, so it doesn’t look like spam. Wordpress has free templates to use as well as premium ones for $20 or up. With a regular blog you can put even more keywords in each post to get your blog seen by more people and A blog will let all your customers talk to you and even suggest ideas of what they would like to see change in your business.

18 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Traditional Market Research Have a website survey Conduct surveys with promotions Discount for completed survey Ask for survey after school presentations or demonstrations Survey potential students and also current students Questions to ask: How do they work out? What sports do they play? Demographics

19 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Video For your business the best way to show what you do is through a Video Link. Many other Karate places are doing Video Links. You can show personality and talk to your customers about 1. Your business and why you chose to open TKC Dojo. 2. Show them videos of your Clients showing off karate moves and also them at competitions. 3. You can also tell them about what your business has to offer. Youtube is a great place to upload videos of your business because many people use Youtube. Answer any questions Customers may have about TKC Dojo. Always include a url link to your website and Youtube page so people can see new videos. Always be sure to upload more than one video to Youtube or your website.

20 MRHS Marketing presentation to TKC Dojo
Videos of other Karate Places

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