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United Catholic Appeal Growing in Faith to do God’s Work 2012-2013 Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo.

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1 United Catholic Appeal Growing in Faith to do God’s Work 2012-2013 Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo

2 Mission Statement of the Diocese We, the Diocese of Amarillo, the Catholic Church of the Texas Panhandle through the Word and Eucharist, prayer, formation and education, social ministries and advocacy, embrace diverse cultures throughout the diocese so that together, as the Catholic Church, we may continue the mission of Christ in the world today. The mission calls the Diocese of Amarillo to: Build unity among all peoples Discern the spiritual needs of the faithful Foster an ever-more faithful witnessing and following of Christ Build up the Body of Christ

3 About the Appeal For over 30 years the United Catholic Appeal has been raising funds to support diocesan ministries in the 26 counties of the Diocese of Amarillo. The main purpose of the appeal was to replace the antiquated system of assessing so much money per person which traditionally provided financial resources to the diocese. For the 2010-2011 the annual United Catholic Appeal funded approximately 33% of the diocesan budget.

4 How is my gift used? United Catholic Appeal 2010-2011 Allocations

5 2010-2011 UCA Allocations Bishops Office – 10% - $94,000 – Bishop’s Office – Chancellors – Archives – Bishop’s Ministries Clergy Continuing Education and Formation 13% - $123,615 – Diaconate Office – Priests Continuing Education – Priests’ Retreats Spiritual and Evangelization 5% - $50,036 – BDRC Programs – Retreat Center Operational Support Support Services 15% - $157,143 – Human Resources – Centralized Accounting – Plant and Maintenance – Business Office Social and Pastoral Ministries 24% - $221,272 – Hospital Ministry – Prison Ministry – Hispanic Ministry – Respect Life Ministry – Catholic Family Services – Tribunal – Youth Ministries – Parish and Mission Assistance – West Texas Catholic Newspaper – Office of Technology – Development Office Catholic Education 31% - $274,693 – Seminarian Education – Faith Formation – Catholic Schools Office – Campus Ministry - West Texas A&M

6 Calculating the UCA Quotas This year’s UCA percentage is 10.1%, down from 10.83% for 2011/2012. This percentage is applied to a parish’s Net Assessable Income to arrive at the annual quota. This method of calculating the UCA quotas was established in 2008 by the Presbyteral Council. The method of calculating the Net Assessable Income was established in 2000.

7 Catholic Social Services Supports God’s people through: Prison Ministries – Provides the spiritual needs of those who are incarcerated in the 7 prisons within the Diocese of Amarillo. Our Priests, Deacons, and lay volunteers ministered to over 1500 prisoners, held over 167 Masses and 298 Communion Services in 2010. Prison Ministry

8 Catholic Social Services Catholic Family Services in affiliation with Catholic Charities Over $25,000 plus is allocated to support the work of Catholic Family Service. CFS supports the value and dignity of human life by working to promote self-worth and independence, and strives to meet the ever-changing needs of the community. A few of the services provided are: InterFaith Hunger Project Emergency Youth Shelter Adult Eye Care Refugee Resettlement and many more

9 Office of Youth Ministries Supports parish leaders to help Catholic youth hear and respond to the call of Jesus Christ. Youth Ministers Training and Workshops Teen ACTS Retreats Parish Youth Ministries Diocesan Youth Rallies Thematic Retreats Youth Leader Training

10 West Texas A&M Catholic Student Center Campus Ministry fosters the total personal and spiritual growth of each person. Awakening Retreats Adoration Weds. Mass and Meal Mission Trip Monthly Community Service Project Fellowship Over 400 Young Adults participate at the Catholic Student Center in Canyon, Texas

11 Seminarian Education and Formation The Diocese of Amarillo is blessed to have six young men who have answered their call to become a priest. They are: Scott Schwind; Grant Spinhirne: Shane Weick; Adam Gonzales; Taylor Elzner; Wanjiru (George) Ndung’u. The vocation team of the diocese reviews all candidates in the discernment process of becoming a seminarian. Discernment groups are a place of spiritual formation, And guidance during their discernment, through the application process and once they are accepted and enrolled into a seminary.

12 Permanent Diaconate and Formation 17 men were ordained in 2011 The Diocese of Amarillo has 48 Permanent Deacons The Permanent Diaconate office assist the bishop in the care, guidance, and support of deacons. The Diaconate office helps with the planning, supervision, and the formation of diocesan deacons. Deacons are able to perform baptisms, celebrate marriages and perhaps more importantly, visit the sick and all those in need of pastoral care and support.

13 Office of Faith Formation Faith Formation works with our parishes and schools in passing on the Catholic faith by providing specialized training for the religious education leaders and teachers of the Diocese of Amarillo. Activities include religion certification, adult faith formation, lay ministry training and RENEW. Some annual programs provided: – Catechetical Sunday – Catechist Workshops – Rite of Election – Ongoing Leadership Training for Renew

14 Every hour of every day your gift changes lives. The unborn child is spared. Children are provided the opportunity to attend an authentically Catholic school. Men are formed as our next generation of priests. Our young adults are continuously taking another step in their Faith journey and may one day become our future community leaders, doctors, and teachers. Respect Life MinistriesCatholic Schools Answering The Call to the Priesthood

15 Growing in Faith to do God’s Work 2010 Teaching Our Faith In parish religious education programs, with 6,243 students and over 700 catechists In 5 Catholic schools with 750 students and over 60 teachers 1 Campus Ministry program at West Texas A&M with over 400 participants Population 41,016 Total Catholic Population 10,526 Identifiable registered members 3,480 Donors 2010-2011 *Information provided by the Diocesan Archive Office and Official Catholic Directory 2011 Contributing Time and Talent 6 Seminarians studying for the priesthood 2 Discerners 22 Diocesan Priests (Active) 12 External Priests (Active) 4 Religious Priests (Active) 10 Retired Priests 1 Retired Bishop 48 Permanent Deacons Celebrating the Sacraments 1,133 Baptisms (including adults) 1,265 First Communions 558 Confirmations 716 Marriages 17 Ordinations to the Permanent Diaconate 1 Ordination to the Priesthood Over 300 Catholic Funerals

16 2012-2013 United Catholic Appeal Top 5 Ways to Enhance The United Catholic Appeal 1)Be enthusiastic about how the UCA impacts people in your parish and throughout the Diocese. 2)Write a letter in the parish bulletin summarizing how the UCA has helped your parish in specific ways. 3)Encourage Stewardship as A Way of Life. 4)Ask parishioners to join you in improving and expanding our Diocesan ministries and focus your efforts on the people impacted by the UCA. 5)Make use of promotional materials, including bulletin inserts and pulpit announcements.

17 How Can I Help? Make a one-time financial donation during the campaign which runs from July —June. Pledge to give the total amount of your donation over the course of (10) ten months. All United Catholic Appeal donations & pledges should be accompanied by a pledge card. Pray for the continuing generosity of God’s people.

18 Thank you for your Support! As disciples of Jesus we are called to return to the Lord the gifts He has so generously given to each of us. As stewards, we share these gifts through our prayers, service and generous sharing of financial resources.

19 United Catholic Appeal Growing in Faith to do God’s Work 2012-2013 Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo

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